D2 Update: Mark Farrell Declares Victory Over Janet Reilly – Will Meet With Michela Soon – Preparing for Office

[UPDATE: And Janet Reilly just conceded. Read her entire statement after the jump.]

Interesting candidate Mark Farrell has pulled off his upset in District 2. That means that he’ll become a San Francisco Supervisor come January 2011.

Read all about it, below.

Big Mark Farrell (in Giants Orange) y familia at Room 48 in City Hall all the way back in August 2009:

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“As of this evening, all the votes have been counted in District 2 by the San Francisco Department of Elections and we have won the District 2 Supervisor election. With tonight’s victory, we now turn our immediate attention to preparing for office in January.  Our transition team is in place, and I will be meeting with District 2 Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier tomorrow to kick-start the transition process.  I will also finalize the hiring of my City Hall staff within the next week.

I would like to acknowledge and thank all of my opponents – Kat Anderson, Abraham Simmons, Barbara Berwick, Janet Reilly, and Vilma Guinto Peoro – for a very exciting and challenging campaign.  They are dedicated and valued public servants who are each committed to the people and neighborhoods of District 2, and I look forward to working with all of them in the future.

While the past few weeks have been challenging as the vote count continued after Election Day, I fully recognize the need for a transparent and democratic electoral process – as such, I want to thank the leadership and staff of San Francisco’s Department of Elections for their dedication and diligence in completing this difficult task.

I would also like to personally thank all of those individuals that supported my campaign, beginning with Sheriff Michael Hennessey and in particular Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier and Supervisor Sean Elsbernd. Thank you as well to the organizations which supported my campaign along the way, including the Small Property Owners of San Francisco, Plan C, UA Local 38, BOMA, the District 2 Democratic Club, IBEW Local 1245, the San Francisco Coalition for Responsible Growth and Rescue MUNI.

Thank you to my incredible staff, including Chris Lee, Margaux Kelly, David Latterman and Mark Randolph, and in particular the hundreds of volunteers who poured their time and energy into this campaign – we would not have succeeded without your enthusiasm, and I will be eternally grateful.

Most importantly, thank you to my amazing family – from my wife Liz and our children, to my parents, in-laws and brothers and sisters – we started this journey last year together as a family, and your unconditional support truly carried this campaign across the goal line.

While it was a long campaign and ultimately a close election, I am both honored and excited to represent the residents of District 2, and look forward to working to return common sense, fiscal discipline and neighborhood leadership back to City Hall.”

And here’s what Janet has to say tonight, after the jump.

Dear Friends,
After a long race, my campaign for Supervisor has ended. Although I received more first-place votes than any other candidate, I have not been elected District 2 Supervisor.
To all of my supporters who gave so much of themselves to this campaign, to the thousands of District 2 residents who gave me their votes, and to the many esteemed public servants who supported me every step of the way, I want to say “thank you.” I am humbled by your support.
I am disappointed that I will not be able to serve on the Board of Supervisors, but I have spent many years serving people outside public office — on the Golden Gate Bridge Board, at Clinic by the Bay, at Catholic Charities CYO, through our family’s high school scholarship program and at many other institutions. Now that the campaign is finished, I will be able to resume these activities.
Public service is an honor. It is an integral part of our democratic tradition for candidates to pass a series of difficult tests before earning the right to hold office. Still, I understand why many bright, capable people choose not to run for office when I see how poisonous and cynical the process can be.
In my own race, an independent expenditure committee armed with $230,000 leveled an 11th-hour smear campaign against me. They violated a litany of election laws while peddling gross distortions and outright lies. This is simply wrong. Actions like this deter many good people from public service.
That said, I am truly proud of the campaign we ran. We never wavered in the face of adversity and we continued bringing our positive message to the voters of District 2 all the way through Election Day. I encourage all who supported me to continue fighting to make San Francisco a better place. Although this campaign may have drawn to a close, our goals have never been more important to fight for. If we are to restore economic growth to the city, clean up our fiscal mess at City Hall and enhance the quality of life in our neighborhoods, it will take a committed, collective effort from all of us.
You can count on me to be fighting by your side every step of the way, for the good of the city.
With warmest thanks,
Janet Reilly

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4 Responses to “D2 Update: Mark Farrell Declares Victory Over Janet Reilly – Will Meet With Michela Soon – Preparing for Office”

  1. Harry says:

    I just can’t stand the way these politicians use their family as a prop!

    Judging by his support, Farrell sounds horrendous — as bad or worse than Michela.

    If these people had any integrity, they would run as the Republicans they are! (But they can not run and win as Republicans in SF).

  2. Happy D2 Voter says:

    So Janet is “proud” of the “positive message” in the way her husband went through his Rolodex placing angry calls to people who dared to even meet with Mark Farrell, threatening dire consequences if they endorsed anyone other than his wife? And she wonders why the voters of District 2 are tired of such electioneering …

  3. proudmom says:

    Poor Clint – your wife suffered because of your reputation…while Farrell is the best choice – perhaps Clint Reilly should now apologize to the countless women he has tormented and the hundreds of people he has alienated by his words and actions. See ya Clint, go back to real estate and if Janet is smart she will find someone else.

  4. pete says:

    Wow, I can’t believe the ugly things people say sometimes. Politics is a very competetive game and can bring out the worst in people’s nature. I’m really saddened to read these kinds of comments. Personal attacks, name calling it really makes me sick.