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The Absurdity of Promoting Free Cab Rides or “Tipsy Tows” from AAA or a Shyster Lawyer on New Years Eve

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Blessed are the non-shyster lawyers, people like 40goingon28, who bring it all home for us:

The funny thing about all these free cab rides is people thinking they’re going to GET THROUGH TO A CAB COMPANY. Good [*]ucking luck!”

Indeed. So what’s the idea here, you’re supposed to come to the 415, get hammered, then call AAA, not just for a free(!) ride home but a free ride home for your car as well? On gridlocked streets? How long would that take per average call – about an hour? How many trucks does AAA have?

And perhaps AAA should just tell those $80-a-year-dues-paying grandmothers who need a jump start / tire change to go pound sand while drunk, Internet-savvy freeloaders take priority?

Now, maybe it makes sense for ambulance chasers around the country to promote themselves this way, but it sure doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense in this town…

Telling people about these annual marketing plans for area corporations and partnerships seems like an example of handing out bad advice…

David Chiu Throws Down: Supervisors to Pick Mayor on January 4th, 2011? Our Looming City Charter Crisis

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Luke Thomas of our Fog City City Journal has the scoop on Board of Supervisors President David Chiu‘s opinion of Mayor Gavin Newsom‘s legally questionable plans to hold over as Mayor.

Check the latest:

Chiu said he would be “surprised” if the current Board of Supervisors does not vote for an interim mayor on January 4 despite Newsom’s threat to delay his swearing in. ‘A lot of people are looking at that legal question,’ Chiu said, referring to whether Newsom can still claim to be Mayor of San Francisco when his term as Lt. Governor begins on January 3rd.”

Quite bold, non? (Of course, there will be no crisis if nobody objects to having a holdover Mayor, but these statements make it seem as if at least one person will object, anyway.

So, who’ll claim to be Mayor of San Francisco at the upcoming January 5th news conference / celebration for the America’s Cup boat race?

Who knows?

Two men say they’re Jesus/ one of them must be wrong

Via Supertramp’s Crisis, What Crisis?

(So if somebody tells you, “Here comes da Mayor,” well, you won’t know whether to look on the street for a giant straight-outta-Hollywood SUV (complete with a gasoline engine bigger than what you used to find inside a giant CultureBus and a huge, hey-look-at-me, Frisbee-shaped TV antenna on top), or in the bike lane for a black Trek quasi-electric bicycle, or in the bus lane for a MUNICan you imagine?)

And if David makes good on his talk of running for Mayor for the 2012-2016 term at the end of 2011, he’d be joining Phil Ting and Leland Yee in an unprecedented Asian-American, one-two-three, Ranked Choice Voting juggernaut that very well could electrify a good portion (the largest portion?) of the electorate come November.

So there are your political bookends for year 2011.

Happy New Year…

Numerous Recent Rainbow Sightings In San Francisco Augur Well for 2011

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Here are some shots of the Bay Bridge from The Dude:

Click to expand

Happy New Year!

Dennis Herrera Throws Down: Successfully Defends Temporary Permit Suspension for Suite 181 in the Uptown Tenderloin

Friday, December 31st, 2010

The City Attorney’s Office of San Francisco just spent a couple hours in court this afternoon to make sure that tw0-star-Yelp-rated 181 Eddy doesn’t open up as a club tonight for New Years Eve 2011.

That means that the planed MEGA NEW YEARS EVE 2011 won’t be all that mega:

But, the joint will still be open as a bar, so that’s some consolation.

All the deets, below.

San Francisco’s Happy Warrior isn’t too happy with the operators of 181 Eddy these days:

“Herrera upholds permit suspensions for violent Tenderloin nightclub over New Year’s Eve. Entertainment Commission suspended permits for ‘Suite 181’ for 48-hours because of escalating violence, public safety problems

SAN FRANCISCO (Dec. 31, 2010) — City Attorney Dennis Herrera today successfully defended the 48-hour suspension of entertainment and extended hours permits for a controversial Tenderloin nightclub over New Year’s Eve due to serious concerns about the escalating pattern of violence and public safety problems there. Lawyers for “Suite 181″ at 181 Eddy Street appeared at an emergency hearing in San Francisco Superior Court this afternoon to seek a Temporary Restraining Order against the City’s public safety suspension, which the Entertainment Commission issued yesterday. After a hearing that lasted almost two hours, Judge Richard A. Kramer issued a written ruling rejecting the club’s argument that the First Amendment prevented the City from protecting safety on New Year’s Eve. Judge Kramer held that the “rights claimed by plaintiffs are not absolute and are subject to reasonable restraints regulation in order to serve a public interest.”

“This case is about defending city officials’ duty to protect public safety when there is clear evidence for doing so,” said Herrera. “Suite 181 has required 190 police service calls in the preceding year alone, and the lawlessness and violence there have been escalating recently. The Entertainment Commission’s emergency permit suspension isn’t simply about protecting safety. It’s also about assuring fairness to the large majority of responsible entertainment venues that invest the resources necessary to keep their customers and neighborhoods safe. I applaud Judge Kramer for recognizing the serious responsibility San Francisco officials have to protect our residents and visitors.”

Herrera’s defense of the Entertainment Commission’s action, which was recommended by the San Francisco Police Department, relied on the significantly heightened risk of violent crime on New Year’s Eve, citing police estimates that San Francisco can expect at least 500,000 out-of-town visitors for the holiday. Additional evidence presented to the court established that the errant establishment had been responsible for 190 calls for service to police in the preceding year alone, including for incidents involving shootings, assaults, sexual battery and unlawful weapons possession. Lawyers for Herrera’s office argued that the Entertainment Commission was fulfilling its duty to protect public safety by suspending the club’s permits, citing Acting Executive Director Jocelyn Kane’s conclusion that “there is a substantial risk of a violent incident or other serious public safety problem occurring at Suite 181 on New Year’s Eve.” The operative period for the suspension upheld today is Dec. 31, 2010 at 3 p.m. through Jan. 2, 2011 at 3 p.m. Lawyers for the club have advised the City that the venue will be open until 2 a.m. as a bar only.

Related documents are available at

Resolved: The “MyDutchBike” Store on Market Should Change Its Name to “MyExpensive-AssDutchBike”

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

The MyDutchBike store on Market Street has bikes that are way expensive. That’s The Message, can you dig?

Now, let’s hear from Yelper Luke M:

I’ll just be honest.  I don’t get it so I don’t like it.  The first time I was in here it took me a while to figure out it was a store.  I thought it was a gallery of industrial art pieces disguised as bicycles!   I’ve you’re looking for a big hunk of a bike that costs $3000 for basic breaks and shifters–or you want to pick up a $109 handle bar bag–this might be the place for you. But really if you wanted to get down the street with more style than speed you could probably hire a troop of palanquin bearers for less than the cost of these huge bikes!  Conclusion: Not for me.

And I think the prices are up from last year. Throw in your San Francisco 10% sales tax and you’re looking at a couple grand for the most basic model. Oh well.

Cost? You have no idea how much this rig runs:

Click to expand

Oh well.

What the SFPD Says Versus What the SFPD Means When It Discusses Alcohol and New Years Eve 2010

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

You already how to interpret fortune cookies, you know, those cookies that aren’t really cookies, you know, the ones invented by that Japanese guy, right? You simply add the phrase “except in bed” at the end.

Try it out. It works, see?

Now, with the SFPD, you need to add a different phrase – it’s “in an ideal world.” Let’s take it for a spin, below.

Sometimes the SFPD will actually take away your beer and pour it out, thusly:

But Drunk Beyonce would have no reason to fear the SFPD on NYE:

All right, here we go. Be sure to change “will” to “would” as well. So this:

“Anyone who is drunk, or who operates a motor vehicle while intoxicated, will be arrested.”

Goes to this:

“Anyone who is drunk, or who operates a motor vehicle while intoxicated, would be arrested, in an ideal world.

See how that works?

I mean, the vast majority of times a drunk driver gets behind the wheel of a car for a trip in the 415, the driver doesn’t get arrested, right? I’d say 99% of the time, actually. So why would that change all of a sudden on NYE? [F. Lee Bailey reference from 1982 omitted as he’s still(!) alive – did not know that.]

The in-an-ideal-world approach kind of breaks down towards the end of this bit. (And in fact, the SFPD would love to bust you firing an automatic weapon straight up into the air on NYE.) But otherwise, it works pretty good:

“San Francisco Police Department Policy on New Year’s Eve Alcohol Consumption

During New Year’s Eve and the hours following, the San Francisco Police Department will strictly enforce the provisions of Section 21 of the Municipal Police Code for the public consumption of alcohol. Containers of alcohol and fireworks will be confiscated. Anyone who is drunk, or who operates a motor vehicle while intoxicated, will be arrested.

There will be a significant police presence, and the San Francisco Police Department will be enforcing zero-tolerance policy regarding public drinking and any other criminal activity. Discharging firearms to celebrate is both unlawful and dangerous as bullets fired into the air could strike someone upon return to the ground.

There are no planned street closures.”

Old Glory Goes Down at Civic Center – On Purpose or By Mistake, That’s the Only Question

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Here’s the scene in Civic Center Plaza these days, with the easternmost flag having trouble recently. (There’s a flagpole rag and the wind won’t stop.)

Not sure what’s going on, maybe something wore out or maybe somebody’s making a statement:

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The Men’s Wearhouse on Market Street is Located in the Mom Building, Strangly Enough

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Remember that George Zimmer guy who always hitting on people’s moms in the Bay Area back in the day? Well, his business got killed by the spread of the Grunge Movement and Casual Fridays and Casual Everydays in the workplace.

All he could do to respond was to talk about Dress Up Mondays* (or Thursdays, I forget) in order to get people back into his outlets.

Anyway, here’s a vestige of the Men’s Wearhouse Era located in the “Mom Building” at Second and Market:

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*That made-up Wiki article was initially written by somebody from the clothing industry, I guarantee it!

Good Times: Scoring 149 Grams of Mary Jane on Mission Street

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

As seen at Walgreens.

  • Mary Jane (candy), a brand name of confectionery manufactured by NECCO
  • A nickname for cannabis, from marijuana
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    ClearWire’s 4G Coverage in San Francisco Doesn’t Look All That Bad, Actually – Look at the Richmond District, For Example

    Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

    After dealing with San Francisco’s “nightmarish” process to get some antennas up in the Bernal area, it looks as if our corporate overlords are ready to get crowing about 4G in in the 415.

    Of course, some San Francisco residents recently lost against some NIMBYs, but what about the Richmond District? Look at all them operational antennas:

    Click to expand

    Now, I guess the light green areas aren’t guaranteed to have good service but this is a start, non?

    Does this mean you can get a free USB antenna dongle and $20 a month for 4G to use around the city on your laptop, netbook, iPad, whatever? I think so.

    Anyway, CLEAR wants you to know all the deets:

    “World Series Rings and a 4G Network

    Well San Francisco, first you win the World Series, then a few months later your city is lit up with a 4G network. Not a bad way to ring in the New Year! As 2010 winds down, CLEAR is pleased to formally add San Francisco to its list of cities now covered by the CLEAR 4G network.

    New customers can take advantage of CLEAR’s online-only mobile internet promotion to receive a 50% discount on their service plan for the first two months, with overnight shipping included and no activation fee. This promotion is available at for a limited time, so check it out today!

    San Francisco was not our first rodeo, but building out this network to cover 4 million new people was no easy task. In recent weeks, our tower technicians have been working day and night to ensure coverage throughout the city. That is a lot of work, but one of our technicians in San Francisco told us that “a tremendous amount of caffeine, cookies and kabobs were consumed to keep team members happy and awake, so we could get the sites on air.”

    There are now hundreds of sites in our San Francisco coverage area and we’ll continue to add sites over time to ensure we are delivering the best customer experience possible. There is a good chance you may actually have seen several of our antennas already but not noticed them, as we do our best to keep them camouflaged within the area’s surroundings. Next time you see a cross on a church or an odd-looking palm tree, it just might be one of our 4G cell sites!

    One question we often hear is, “Why would CLEAR launch a major city like San Francisco months after other smaller cities?” There are a number of factors; one obvious one being the difficulty of building the kind of state-of-the-art network required to cover a city as large, populated, and topographically unique as San Francisco.  It takes a significant amount of planning, mapping, and specialized engineering to place cell sites in specific locations to provide for optimal performance of a 4G wireless network, so we can satisfy the demands of customers whether they’re using the network at a park, on BART or in a high-rise office or apartment building. Still, we’re happy to do it if it means bringing the people of San Francisco awesome 4G speeds at a reasonable price. You can visit to take advantage of our promotion for new San Francisco customers, and start the year off right!”