Absurd: Recreation and Park Commission Goes Into Extra Innings – 7.5 Hour Meeting Results in a New Tenant at Stow Lake

Get up to speed right here. Your takeaway is that swan boats and Frank Klein-inspired food are a coming to Golden Gate Park.

[UPDATE: And Chef Chad Newton has the final word:

Long but very successful Stow Lake hearing at City Hall last night. Board approved lease with 6-1 vote, progress!”]

Among the millionaire ladies* and others on hand to testify at tonight’s Rec and Park Commission meeting** was Armand Ortega hisself, talking about how he’d improve tings at the Stow Lake Boat House.

At the end of the session (the only part I caught), Mr. Ortega, responding to the previous speaker who was speaking on behalf of the current tenant, jokingly offered to pay more rent than he’s heretofore proposed, but only if he could renege on all the other commitments he’s made.

He did that to, you know, to make a point. Now, leave us listen in to the board’s discussion after the end of public comments:

Commissioner Lee: Mr Ortega, you just offered to raise your minimum rent.

Mr. Ortega: Sure, I could offer Rec and Park $315,000 a year the same way the Stow Lake Corporation people did. Sure I could offer Costco*** food, 60-year-old boats, no preservation. But what we’re offering includes environmental measures to make it something special. What we’re offering is totally different and much much better.

Commissioner Lee Is there some halfway point where we could increase the minimum rent?

RPD’s Nick Kinsey: The RFQ emphasized capital improvements.

Commissioner Lee: This is the first I’ve heard of Mr. Ortega’s offer. Are we getting the best deal we possibly can?

Other Commissioner: If he matched apples to apples with the McClellans then he could offer more money as well. That’s a fair statement. I don’t think it’s appropriate tonight to reneogtiate the lease.

Commissioner Lee: I agree but I voted no before  because I wanted to emphasize the rent. So that’s why I will vote no tonight, for that reason and other reasons. [Golf applause.]

Direct democracy runs amok under the dome of City Hall:

All right, let’s see the vote:

Commissioner Lee opposes and all the others vote aye so that’s that.

*I swear, I’ve never not met a NIMBY who’s a millionaire. “No, I’m not a millionaire” – that’s what they all say but they’re all lying to you.  Let’s put that together now – I’ve never not met a NIMBY who’s a millionaire who claims NOT to be a millionaire. It’s uncanny. If you bought a house and didn’t move for 30 years, you’d go NIMBY yourself, prolly…

**To be fair, the issue of Stow Lake came in at the end of an already-long session. The bulk of the meeting concerned how much everybody hates some guy named Hank.

***Ouch, that’s like all I eat, the Costco food.

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