Did Ford Motor Company Really Come to Justin Herman Plaza to Give Away a $15k Fiesta Yesterday? Yes. Limbo Limbo!

Living in San Francisco can have its challenges but one nice thing is that corporations (yeah, man, the corporations, man) come to town and start giving stuff away.

As it was yesterday in Justin Herman Plaza, where Ford gave away a car to the best limbo-er who showed up. (I would have told you about it but it was one of those Facebook deals, and it’s hard for me to get info off of the FB sometimes,* so I didn’t know about the deets even though I had a link, oh well.)

Anyway, see footage of the thrilling conclusion of the two finalists right here – it’s a punchy three minutes.

Fiesta Thunderdome: Two limber gals enter, one limber gal wins

Congratulations, winner!

*I sometimes forget my fake name and/or my password. You have to use a totally new password to give to Facebook else that oily Zuckerberg fellow will use it to log on to your Gmail and whatnot to spy on you. That’s how he rolls. I’ll tell you, I outlived the AOL** and I’ll outlive the FB**, you’ll see.

**Beloved by grandmothers and corporations both

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