Doc Airing on KRCB Dec. 12th: “Finding Face: The Tat Marina Story” – Unsolved Acid Attack Case from Cambodia

This documentary about an unsolved crime in Cambodia is airing in the Bay Area Sunday night. Deets below.

Finding Face to air in San Francisco

Shoppers and vendors swarmed around Tat Marina as strangers beat her to the ground in a crowded Phnom Penh marketplace. She felt as if her assailants had dowsed her head with water, but as the liquid they had thrown settled, it began to rapidly burn the flesh off her face. The substance was actually nitric acid, a highly corrosive chemical oxidizer. Within minutes, Marina’sface had melted.

Portland filmmakers Skye Fitzgerald and Patti Duncan of SpinFilm portray this episode in their recent documentary Finding Face, an emotionally loaded manifesto in which victims to speak out against acid violence. The film conveys the emerging worldwide prevalence of this type of cruelty through Marina’s narration of her gruesome recovery.

Marina’s attack was an act of revenge.  She was only 16 at the time, and had become romantically involved with Svay Sitha, the powerful Undersecretary of State in Cambodia. His wife, Khoun Sophal, discovered the affair and perpetrated the assault. The documentary details the resulting fracturing of Marina’s family across national borders, as well as her family members’ disparate responses to the fact that Marina’s attackers have never been arrested and there has never been justice in her case.

Finding Face will air on KRCB December 12th at 10:30pm.

Filmmakers Skye Fitzgerald and Patti Duncan premiered the film at the Festival du Film et Forum International Sur les Droits Humains, in Geneva in 2009. The film recently won Best Documentary Feature at the prestigious San Diego Asian Film Festival.

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