Leland Yee Throws Down: His Office Will Fix His Constituent’s Expiring Interim Driver License Issues if DMV Won’t

You people, you people living in Senator Leland Yee‘s district have another option in case you’re interim drivers license is expiring and the California DMV says they can’t do nothing for you.

See below.

Oh, and hey, here’s Stu Woo’s bit in the Wall Street Journal about Leland.

The Unhappiest Place in the World:

“Senator Yee’s Office Helps Fill Void from DMV Delays

If delayed at DMV, contact Yee’s office for a temporary license

SACRAMENTO – Due to the recent redesign of the California driver’s license to address issues of forgery, combined with state worker furloughs, there is a massive backlog at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  As a result, many residents have experienced significant delays in receiving their new driver’s license.  Delays as long as three months have been reported, which goes beyond the duration of interim licenses that are provided immediately after passing the DMV test.

Fortunately, help is available for those experiencing such delays.  Today, Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco/San Mateo) encouraged residents to contact his office, where his staff will help facilitate residents receiving a 120-day temporary license to suffice until the backlog is processed at DMV.

San Francisco residents should contact Yee’s district representative Erin Keenan at 415-557-7857.  San Mateo County residents are encouraged to contact Yee’s district representative Dan Lieberman at 650-340-8840.

“My office stands ready to help all residents who are experiencing such delays in receiving their driver’s license,” said Yee.  “During this busy holiday season, residents shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not their new license will arrive before their interim license expires.”

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