MUNI Ought to Convert These Halfway Ped Fences on Market Street to Regular Fences – Peds Love to Jaywalk, Right?

The poor cyclists of Market Street have to dodge slow-moving and unpredictable pedestrians at all times, irregardless of traffic signals. What’s the point of leaving holes in the pedestrian fences of Market Street if the bad peds are just going to walk right through?

Why not put in a proper fence and force the bad peds to use the crosswalks like everyone else? I mean, isn’t there supposed to be some bicycle revolution going on? So why do we have a fence that seems to be designed with a bunch of idling cars in mind?

Is the speed limit 10 MPH in this area? That’s too fast considering that some peds just jump into traffic without even pretending to look, like they own the place.

As seen camera left. See?

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Poor cyclists!

The jay in jaywalking:

Def.2 a foolish or gullible person

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10 Responses to “MUNI Ought to Convert These Halfway Ped Fences on Market Street to Regular Fences – Peds Love to Jaywalk, Right?”

  1. andy says:

    A few weeks ago, on my bike, outside of Van Ness station, I hit a pedestrian exiting a bus. Without looking, he entered the bike track headed for the subway entrance. I hit him hard. My bike was damaged. My own injuries took over a week to heal but the guy I hit took most of the impact. My point: some design changes at these bus stops are called for.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Testify, Andy. What’s wrong with those bad peds? Why won’t they look?

  3. sb says:

    the same could be said for bikes not stopping at stop signs.
    show some respect and get some respect

  4. guest says:

    As I recall, the “safety zones” between the islands and the curb are supposed to be accessible to pedestrians, woonerf-style. In other words, it’s not jaywalking

  5. Scott says:

    Well, was the bicycle going under 10mph in the safety zone? If not, they were breaking the law, too.

  6. terrifiedped says:

    Frankly I could say the same of cyclists: what is it with cyclists who aren’t looking in the direction they’re cycling? I’ve been run over once and nearly run over twice in the past two months – while I was crossing while using a crosswalk (15th and Kansas)! – by cyclists who (1) decide they don’t need to stop at a 4-way stop and (2) looking around, doing… I don’t know what. It’s not like there were any cars around.

  7. sfcitizen says:

    Well, I’m ignorant of that law. Seems funny that peds would have the right of way over traffic heading towards a green light at 10 MPH, that peds wouldn’t even have to look before darting into Market Street’s only inbound lane for cars without even looking and then have the damage be someone else’s fault…

  8. sfcitizen says:

    Maybe. Actually, 10 MPH feels too fast when you have a flock of peds itching to get to Old Navy or whatnot…

  9. sfmike says:

    Pedestrians in San Francisco are as spacy, terrible, and oblivious as its bicyclists and car drivers. Which is why one should be hyper-aware of what’s going on around you on San Francisco streets. People can do you a lot of damage and it’s probably going to be unintentional.

  10. Al says:

    I’m ok with these fences. They send a signal of “danger” but still allow people to pass. It’s not their fault that people fail to pay attention.

    In general, I really dislike “safety” measures that involve corralling people with impassable barriers.