Resolved: The “MyDutchBike” Store on Market Should Change Its Name to “MyExpensive-AssDutchBike”

The MyDutchBike store on Market Street has bikes that are way expensive. That’s The Message, can you dig?

Now, let’s hear from Yelper Luke M:

I’ll just be honest.  I don’t get it so I don’t like it.  The first time I was in here it took me a while to figure out it was a store.  I thought it was a gallery of industrial art pieces disguised as bicycles!   I’ve you’re looking for a big hunk of a bike that costs $3000 for basic breaks and shifters–or you want to pick up a $109 handle bar bag–this might be the place for you. But really if you wanted to get down the street with more style than speed you could probably hire a troop of palanquin bearers for less than the cost of these huge bikes!  Conclusion: Not for me.

And I think the prices are up from last year. Throw in your San Francisco 10% sales tax and you’re looking at a couple grand for the most basic model. Oh well.

Cost? You have no idea how much this rig runs:

Click to expand

Oh well.

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