San Francisco’s Worst NIMBY-Historical-Neighborhood Group of 2010 Has Got to Be “Save Stow Lake”

I don’t know, numerous people have told me that the people behind the Save Stow Lake website/group/social movement have been paid off by the long-time tenant of the place, but I don’t have any evidence of that except for the monomaniacal focus the people behind the group manifest.

I’ve seen a lot of NIMBY / homeowner / historical groups in my day, but these people take the cake.

Could it be parody, or performance art? Maybe somebody wants to tarnish ALL historical groups? I can’t tell…

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Anyway, have at it, see if you can tell from their latest missive. Enjoy:

Save the Stow Lake Boathouse Coalition
It’s not over yet!

The lease has not yet been approved by the Board of Supervisors and there are many reasons it should not be approved.

Supervisor Eric Mar sold out thousands of his constituents and began fast tracking thedeeply flawed lease to a New Mexico based souvenir chain with no boating experienceNINE days BEFORE the Rec & Park Commission voted to approve it. In spite of overwhelming opposition from the community and a lease that gives the New Mexico chain a discount, is full full of inaccuracies and embedded with high hidden costs to the taxpayers, Mar is sponsoring this lease. WHY?
Contact Supervisor Eric Mar [Redacted]

Phil Ginsburg, Rec & Park General Manager, says “every dollar counts” and that Rec & Park has a huge deficit, which is why he lays off gardeners, rec directors for our kids… but on Dec. 2nd, Rec & Park refused the New Mexico chain’s offer to pay an extra $175k guaranteed rent each year! Clearly Rec & Park staff Phil Ginsburg & Nick Kinsey, failed to negotiate the best terms available to San Franciscans who are facing a huge budget deficit and our giving business and our boathouse to an out-of-state company.

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2 Responses to “San Francisco’s Worst NIMBY-Historical-Neighborhood Group of 2010 Has Got to Be “Save Stow Lake””

  1. Joe says:

    Its sort of like looking for the shiniest penny in the US

  2. sfcitizen says: