How Can You Tell Who Won the Great Weekly Newspaper War If You Don’t Have All the Deets? Where’s WikiLeaks?

You know what we need, man? You know, man, we need WikiLeaks for the Bay Area, man. That’s what we need, man, to be able to see whose strategery paid off.

But I must say that the SFBG came out the winner when I compared it with the SF Weekly in late November to middish December. I think it was the interviews with the incoming supervisors that put the Guardian over the top.* I don’t regularly read them offline so I was surprised to see how thin (‘specially the Guardian) they’ve gotten.

(Now I’ll tell you, if you ever want your phone ringing off the hook, just buy an ad in one of them then the sales force from the other will hound you incessantly. No offer will be too low, I’ll tell you.)

Is this settlement (which comes from some kind of law that most Americans outside of California have managed to live without) a “great victory” for local business? Nope. And is the SF Weekly a skosh too close to this story, so much so that they’d be better off not talking about it? Yep.

So maybe it’s a “tactically inconclusive” draw.

You know, like Antietam.

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*And a few other things. Compared to the olden days, there’s not much betwixt the front pages and the entertainment/food reviews/listings.

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