Is It Really True That Dog Leash Laws on Federal Land are “Unenforceable” in San Francisco? Nooooope!

Actually, I think that’s the problem, outfits like SFDog are worried that people will start to get (more) tickets for walking doggies off-leash on federal land.

A snowy plover on Ocean Beach not being harassed by a dog:

Now, Ocean Beach Dog, ooh, somebody over there got an off-leash ticket from the Feds a looooong time ago. (Can you guess what year by looking at the website design? Sure you can.) Oh well.

Most dogs don’t bother the boids, of course:

But some do. (These aren’t actually snowy plovers near Lawton and the Great Highway but the dogs don’t know or care about that.)

(Get those Ocean Beach birds, good boy!)

So why did we give land to the Feds for them to take care of if we don’t want them to take care of it?

What makes us special that we need an exemption from federal rules, an exemption that nobody outside of the bay area expects?

That’s the question of the day.

UPDATE: Here’s more from up in the Crissy Field area and here’s the recent bit from the Chronicle that has more details

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