NBC San Jose Crows About Its Beautiful New Weather Girl


I’m speechless.

I understand where you’re coming from, KNTV, but I think you’re taking things too far.

For some reason NBC’s “beautiful” San Jose affiliate sees fit to advertise itself on Market Street, San Francisco, USA

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Remember when San Francisco had the NBC? I do.

Remember when rabbit ears could get you more than two channels* (5 and 7, most of the time)?

*My decades-old Trinitron idiot box (circa 1990, Euro design from Sony, 32 incher) is down to just two channels these days, and there’s nothing on. Kell domage.

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22 Responses to “NBC San Jose Crows About Its Beautiful New Weather Girl”

  1. FREE Digital is the SHIZ says:

    As a proud owner of a 20 year old CRT who refuses to pay for a new screen, much less monthly sat/cable fees, I’m here to tell you that I have rabbit ears and get over 40 channels, thanks to the joys of my digital to analog converter box. There was a $40 off gov’t coupon program in 2009 which you missed out on, but they still only cost D2A box–>TV and voila: free digital broadcasts. Bonus: Most areas of the City get you San Josey’s NBC broadcasts
    Think you can’t get any channels, put in your address here http://www.antennaweb.org/aw/welcome.aspx and see what kind of reception you can expect.
    Power to the people!

  2. sfcitizen says:

    I hear you – got the government box but it went out after a couple months – kind of cheesy it was. I think if you live on a hill, DTV reception would be great, but if you live next to a hill, then not.

    Then I got another box off of Amazon, but that didn’t work so hot.

    I seriously doubt could ever get Channel 3 unless they moved things up to San Bruno, and even then…

    Anyway, thanks for your persective, but I think I hapen to be in a tough area of SF

  3. Bob Rogers says:

    I am with you. They are promoting this woman WAY TOO MUCH! Does not make me want to tune in at all. In fact I want to remove 11 as one of my channels.

  4. matt says:

    I have to agree as well, there is absolutely 0 reason to need to market such trash to the public to get them to watch a news broadcast

  5. fake! I call... says:

    Any wagers that the youngster is just the kid of someone who works in the station and repeating lines in exchange for a new pack of yu-gi-oh! cards.
    Wag the dog!

  6. sfcitizen says:

    I think you might be on to something. We’re through the looking-glass, people….

  7. It'sJustWeather! says:

    OMG, I can’t stand this women! Talk abot forced, contrived and ridiculous! Hey guess what, we know you have huge fake boobs, no need to practically hoist them on to the camera. She literally pops her shoulders back, sticks her ass out and turns to the side. can’t.stand.her. Screams desperate NBC

  8. SayHeyBay says:

    I guess the requirements to be called a ‘meteorologist’ are about as light as becoming a chiropractor or a podiatrist, and getting to be called ‘doctor’. Just the briefest of Google searches on “Christina Loren” produces insights to her previous stops in Bakersfield and Florida doing traffic and human interest fluff.

    She certainly appears to a ‘weather girl’, and no scientist. That earlier poster is correct–she constantly juts out her boob job and stands all perched with her legs apart just so, like she’s Supergirl about to take off.

    If a station manager or news director would request or require someone to wear such clingy clothing on air, that would be sexism and sexual harassment. So, I guess if the on-air personality voluntarily decides (or doesn’t mind being told) to wear provocative clothing, that makes it a honky-dory and win-win, so the station can advertise itself as quasi-alluring rather than capable or effective.

    I still miss KRON as the NBC affiliate. Actual TV professionals, instead of the shellacked and gag-inducing double-team of Laura Garcia-Cannon and Greg Cannon-noGarcia. If I want to watch animated action figures, I’ll stick to Robot Chicken.

    If you’re reading this and a chiropractor and podiatrist, I’m sorry, but I think you need more than two years of a glorified trade school to get to be called a doctor. JD, MD, or PhD, okay. It’s not that I deny some usefulness from chiropractic practice–it’s just that its pretentious doctor-ness stems from its 19th century quackery, and does not deserve the same level of implied respect with the doctor honorific.

    Real medicine, law, or philosophy doctors that work far longer with more arduous effort also require greater aptitude and intelligence to earn that respect.

  9. SayHeyBay says:

    Ok, fine. So, it’s *Brent* Cannon(-notGarcia).

    No less of an action figure. And for some reason, the name ‘Brent’ makes me think that he was already wearing a blazer when he was born.

  10. San Jose Sam says:

    Looks like San Francisco has their bonnets in a bunch because they are not the best anymore. Walking through the sea of uglies in the city reveals why a pretty face would appall you nimrods. Get over yourselves and get to the South Bay if you want to see pretty ladies.

  11. San Jose Mo says:

    The new weather gal is cute, charming and upbeat although the clothing she or someone selects is so obviously sexual to the point (or points) of being distracting.The other reporters dress professionally but Christina’s skirts, shirts and dresses are so tight that they are not flattering. Every day, not occasionally, but every day. I hope we haven’t sunk to exploitation to raise ratings. We’re better than that and we in the Bay expect better of our news shows!

  12. San Jose Mo says:

    . . .and what’s wrong with Brent, Laura and Mike??? Come on, give them a break! They are professional in their news casting and we enjoy a little glimpse into their personal lives when they share–after all it’s the morning news–lighten up you guys who bitch and moan! Get your coffee and mellow out.

  13. AbbyJ says:

    NBC San Jose can “crow” all it wants about how beautiful its weather girl is, but I’m actually embarrassed to watch her in the mornings. She dresses like a slut, with clothes so tight that her outfits look sprayed on. It’s really skanky for any professional person to wear attire that attempt to showcase her boobs to the extent that this woman does: as if she’s screaming, “LOOK AT MY TITS!” She looks like a skank trolling in a bar instead of a competent woman providing weather information. Look at Laura Garcia Canon; she’s a beautiful woman, dressed impeccably, and the viewing audience loves her. This other woman looks terrible, dressed completely inappropriately for her job. Please quote me directly to her. Please pass this information along. It’s shocking that no one has taken this woman aside and told her to dress like a professional since she currently looks like a whore.

  14. Peninsula Resident says:

    Wow, why are people so worked up about a weather girl? Regardless of what she looks like we still get a weather report every 10 minutes and now people actually pay a little more attention. Granted she’s not the stuffy suit and tie wearing meteorologist that people are used to but who cares? How does that really impact your life? If you’re fired up enough about her well toned body to let it ruin your day then you have a problem.

    Granted, her outfits are tight fitting and her personality is somewhat flirtatious but it’s the WEATHER people. I’d rather hear about the upcoming rain storm from a beautiful and energetic young woman than a rigid man in a suit any day. Maybe the middle aged population in the bay area can’t handle it but we 20-30 somethings appreciate the change. Look at what reporters in LA are wearing! Christina is much more tasteful.

    I say brush your shoulders off Ms. Loren. My husband and I look forward to the weather report every morning and think you’re doing a fine job. It’s always a beautiful day in the bay!

  15. Northbay Resident says:

    I really hate the way this woman dresses. She has a good broadcast voice, appears to be fairly intelligent and is attractive. Why set herself and every other professional 20/30-something woman back by dressing so sexual? It is possible to dress attractively without having your chest and rear be the focal point. Either she is being told by some pretty old-fashioned, sexist managers to dress that way or she is sadly mistaken in how to get herself taken seriously in this day and age. Face it, whether we like it or not, women who dress too provocatively are often undervalued on the brains front. And if she really wants to go anywhere in her profession, she needs to look the part of having brains and beauty. A smart, competent woman shouldn’t wear trampy clothes to get ahead. What is going to happen to her when her looks start to fade? More plastic surgery I guess. NBC in San Jose must be run by a bunch of Good Old White Boys. I never watch their news anyway. They pretty much ignore the North Bay. Now I cringe when I accidentally catch their new weather “girl”. I feel sorry for her.

  16. Nancy says:

    I can’t believe how tasteless and exploitative this ad campaign is. Explain to me why women generally make less $$ than men for the very same work, and are expected to be decorative and sexually fetching at the same time.
    This ad strikes me as fantastically backward for a city that professes itself so forward thinking. Badly done, NBC Bay Area.

  17. sfcitizen says:

    I hear you, Nancy.

    I consider this a San Jose station, actually, even though it functions as SF’s NBC affiliate. It seems a bit different…

  18. Jake says:

    Morning weather person Christina Loren just dosn’t “fit” with the rest of the crew. She is pretty, but not only is her attire distractingly inapproprate, her basic presentation skills and the basic info she is supposed to be inparting is very weak and lacking, even to the point of being hard to watch. Maybe it’s the fault of her producers and writers- I don’t know. What I do know is I’m just about to turn to Ch 2 to get the morning info I seek despite the fact that I feel Brent, Laura, Mike, and Scott are the absolute best at their jobs. Morning weather is bring it crashing down.

  19. katrina says:

    Christina Loren is really disturbing to watch. Today her white shirt is busting (pardon the pun) at the seems. Aren’t we done with this kind of sexiest marketing? I no longer want to watch this morning show due to this clueless barbie doll projection of a wanna be women.

  20. Linda says:

    Someone take this woman shopping, please!

  21. Jenny says:

    Because of her I change channels. I no longer watch the morning news.
    Switch to channel 2. I don’t take it personal, but the boobs is something
    That I can’t watch in the morning.

  22. Liz says:

    Christina makes The Barbie Doll look conservative!
    Your meteorologist is unprofessional…tasteless and clearly clueless
    Laura Garcia Canon & team does such a great job…why have you ruined the morning news with a disastrous weather “girl”?
    The slut look just doesn’t sell