Walk For Life West Coast vs. San Francisco Pro-Choice Parade 2011 – Same Day, Same Place – Saturday, Jan 22

[UPDATE: March attendance was down by about a third this year, for some reason. Some photos of 2011 here.]

This Saturday is forecast as a 63-degree dreaded sunny so that means that turnout at San Francisco’s annual dueling Roe v. Wade anniversary parades will be maximized for 2011.

Now I’ll tell you, local pro-choice groups made a conscious effort to ignore the Walk for Life West Coast a few years back, but this here poster shows that that policy has changed a bit.

Here’s the other one. (Technically, these events are in different locations, but just head over to Justin Herman Plaza and you should be able to figure this years locations tout de suite.)

Believe the WFL people will start marching up Embarcadero at the stroke of noon after a one-hour rally starting at 11:00 AM

Photos of past years below and the press release after the jump.

Pro-Choice Parade Kicks off the New Year!
Ladies and Gents, it’s been 38 years since Roe V Wade, the landmark Supreme Court case
legalizing women’ s power to choose when and if to have children – 38 years of Women in
Control of their Bodies, 38 years of Safe Abortions, 38 years of Reproductive Freedom! Come
out to our Pro-Choice Parade and celebrate 38 years of Choice!
This year we’re celebrating on the actual day of the ruling – so bring your signs, your noise
makers, your bullhorns and parade your Pro-Choice self down the Embarcadero in SF.
Meet up January 22, 2011 at Harry Bridges Plaza, the island strip in front of the SF Ferry
Building. We meet at 11 & march at 12! The event is sponsored by BACORR, the Bay Area
Coalition of Reproductive Rights.
Sadly, the anti-choice ‘Walk for Life’ will be coming into SF the same day in support of
criminalizing abortions. With a wickedly anti-choice congress coming into D.C. in January,
now, more than ever, we need to be vocal, be present and be active in our support for pro-choice
House Leader John Boehner has voted against choice 142 times – including votes on sex ed
and birth control. His staff met with Randall Terry, the anti-choice extremist calling for the
murder of abortion providers. Boehner has pledged to American for Life to uphold their agenda,
disregarding the millions of American women he was sworn in to represent.
Many think abortion rights will never be repealed, but as of today, women in the military serving
anywhere overseas still cannot obtain an abortion – from a private doctor with their own money,
states try with every election to criminalize abortion, and 87% of U.S. counties do not have an
abortion provider within their limits.
Let’ s walk tall, celebrate freedom of choice, and actively support policies of choice. If you
cannot attend, but would like to donate to the event, please contact us at Bacorr.

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3 Responses to “Walk For Life West Coast vs. San Francisco Pro-Choice Parade 2011 – Same Day, Same Place – Saturday, Jan 22”

  1. F_DA_LEFT says:

    I ask my self if 2-3 generations later ……you will not be judged like the racist south was during slavery. This is our abolitionist moment in time against you genocidal demons. We are running the underground movement. Wake up. your on the WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY AS ALWAYS. The atheistic .. socialist…comunist global movement IS A MASSIVE FAILURE. 120 MILLION MURDERED SOULS (WHERE’S THIER PRO-CHOICE) AND THE MILLIONS OF INNOCENT BABIES ARE ONLY THE BEGINING. People are waking up ….see your numbers…WE’LL see thier and compare !!!!!

  2. […] Catholic Church parishioners from Modesto.  Many more photos of the day on Facebook. The SF citizen blog-that-smells-of-sushi posted this  rag-tag rogues’ gallery.  These might be last year’s […]

  3. Lady Lou says:

    Great Job everyone that came out for the Pro-choice Parade!! We had a great time with our amazing speakers – from the SF City Council President to pioneers in the Reproductive Rights Movement. Gay Shame – you rocked the house with your dancing and rockin’ sound system. Raging Grannies – you are a staple of the Women’s Movement and you, too, got us going.
    We thank you for singing at these rallies….