Photos From the Annual “Walk for Life West Coast” 2011 and Counterprotest in San Francisco

Maybe someday the liars over at Walk For Life West Coast will explain how a march that was only two-thirds the length of last year’s (48 minutes (or so) long in 2010 and 31 minutes long in 2011*) could have 5000 more people.

It’s a miracle!?

It’s worth noting that nobody had a crowd estimate of less than 22K last year and nobody independent from the movement has a an estimate north of 20k this year. I put it at 16k and KGO 7 ABC TV is saying “about 20,000.” The organizers, under enormous pressure to claim ever growing attendance, claim 40,000+. Oh well.

Anyway, here are a few shots from this afternoon, starting with the counters.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence were on hand. I’d say 5000 souls saw this sister and a fellow sister today – they were the focus of the march, particularly on the right side of the river of people going by. Here’s your welcome to San Francisco:

The mise-en-scene:

Tax Church Property and INVESTMENTS! Sure, sounds good to me.

And here’s Frank Chu, in the middle, going on about the Galaxies, as per usual:

And here’s the main body, 16k or so marchers from all over California and beyond:

St. Patrick’s Teens, Sonora, in the hiz-ouse:

Some people from Fowler, CA? Sounds far away:

Yes We Can change:


“Flower” and “shears”:

A brace from Sacramento:

Save the human babies. Of course! Human babies, that changes everything!

And there you have it.

*We’re talking about at the start here, people. Ferry Plaza was a ghost town by 12:33 PM. If the same number of people showed up as last year, it would have taken until about 12:50 PM for everybody to get going. Obviously, the march will spread out over time and narrow due to the way the course is set up.

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18 Responses to “Photos From the Annual “Walk for Life West Coast” 2011 and Counterprotest in San Francisco”

  1. Diane Sickert says:

    I noticed a large increase in younger people on the pro-life side. Looked like at least half were under 30.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    I hear you. A lot of youth groups.

    Of course, there’s only young people in the front but they aren’t the leaders of the show or anything.

    A few years back you’d see a lot of older guys hanging about at the front…

  3. Finola Glassmoyer says:

    Just looking at these pictures…. Who look like the “normal people?” I mean that guy with his sign is a very scary being. Main stream America is pro life! The pro life side today were civilized and I could not identify with those weirdos by the farthest stretch of my imagination. I do pray for them all though.

  4. Tanya says:

    I see abortion as the ultimate use of women. Women like sex, yes, but FOR THE MOST PART they prefer sex to come with love – real love that is lasting – and also to involve motherhood. FOR THE MOST PART women love being mothers. On the other hand, it is men who are less likely to feel that sex must come with love or involve babies. Our current situation where all young women are inculcated to think that sex without love or children is normal is ideal for immature young (or old) men, as they can have sex freely with no consequences. In general, this is a situation that is more agreeable to the man than the woman – ie. sex without love or children. But MOST women want sex WITH love and WITH children. Casual sex and abortion go severely against some of their deepest feelings. So while there are surely a small percentage of women who insist they just want an abortion and are untroubled by it or by the lack of commitment in their sex life, for most women it is an example of them being badly abused.

    And one thing to remember is that no woman is forced to parent; there are so many people who want to adopt babies.

    In a culture where sex & marriage are expected to go together, one’s sex drive actually facilitates one’s development into a mature person with a fully expressed humanity. Your sex drive prompts you to make a loving commitment to one person, and to accept the demands that parenthood brings. This generally brings both men and women to new levels of loving that they didn’t know they had. They find reserves of strength and maturity that they didn’t know they had. They grow up!

  5. Allcalled2besaints says:

    Hmmm. No one mentioned the attack by the author on the organizers of the walk for life wc, calling them “liars”. Guess you didn’t because there is no author willing to sign their name to this article. Well, we might be able to determine who was attempting to mislead here, when you know that whether there were more or less people then who attended last year, there were at least 30,000 pro-lifers there and, oh, maybe 200 who attended the pro choice rally. While the pro-lifers sang, prayed and peacefully marched, the pro choicers dressed and acted outraqgeously, as you can see from the pictures. I know because I was there. Where’s good, honest journalism when you need it? Why does this media outllet side with the 200 when 30,000 rally in support of the babies? Let’s see which other media outlets report accurately on the event….

  6. sfcitizen says:

    You _know_ there were 30,000 people there because….?

    The SF Chronicle used to cover this event hard until this year, for some reason. I recognized only one MSM dude there this year and he might have been shooting primarily for the AP.

  7. rbrown says:

    Will your abortion provider tell you that your baby’s heart is beating by 21 days after conception? That he or she is fully formed by 8 weeks after conception? Will they tell you that your baby can feel pain? Will they let you see the ultrasound image of your baby before you decide? (Of course not!) Will they tell you that an abortion could make you sterile? Will they pay for your couseling when, years later, you are wrestling with unimaginable grief as you come to grips with the fact that you murdered your own child? Abortion is the supreme act of violence against women and children. It’s not a choice, it’s a child.

  8. Joseph says:

    There is no such thing as sex without consequences as the explosion in
    abortion figures, despite all the sex the world and contraception available, has shown. Increasing these simply increases the number of
    ‘unwanted’ human beings created. That’s the reality of an active hetero sex life…. human beings get created. Years ago most went for adoption, which is xmillions times more civilized, than ‘choice'( to kill). I am one of the nonaborted, adopted. Back street abortion figures were nowhere near the millions of the present day legalised ‘terminations’ and we all know these truths to be so in our heart of hearts. Stop the killing.

  9. Jeana says:

    Abortion is a right every woman has and can use without explanation or apology. If you can’t stomach the idea of abortion, get out there and hand out condoms.

    Women have abortions at the same rate, world-wide, regardless of legality. If abortions are not legal, women who get them don’t survive the procedure. Period.

    Being pro-choice means YES to children, YES to families, YES to adoption, YES to birth control and YES to safe, legal & accessible abortion!

    The majority of America is NOT anti-choice, there is no majority opinion. Pro-Choice & Anti-Choice come up equal in polls of about 1000 people.

  10. Joan says:

    Being “pro-choice” (ie: pro-abortion) not only says NO to children, but NO to women. Tanya explains it well. Your comment above is quite inane really. How is it saying yes to adoption and families if you are aborting the children that could be adopted?

  11. Joan says:

    Sorry, I see I misspelled your name Jeana.

  12. Diane says:

    The child in the womb is a human being. The consequences of an abortion will be evident upon taking one’s last breath in this life. God is both merciful and just, so we pray for his mercy upon all those who kill the child in the womb, and those who support the killing. The child in the womb is not a piece of biological material, but a human being with a soul, beloved by God.

  13. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Wow, crazy that the reactionary anti-Women’s Rights crowd can gather this many people, even in San Francisco. Sad.

  14. Lauren says:

    My body. My choice. End of story. It is no one’s buisness what goes on in or out MY body. Do you see laws going against men’s reproductive organs? no. So stay off mine and every other woman’s reproductive organs.

  15. Magnolia says:

    Tanya, “MOST women want sex WITH love and WITH children”? what area of the country do you live in? Your empirical research just isn’t enough to back up your many, many generalizations.

    Your claims that “your sex drive prompts you to make a loving commitment to one person, and to accept the demands that parenthood brings” just don’t stand up. I know you mean well, and your heart is in the right place, but you can’t speak for all women like that. In an ideal world, yes. Ask the 80,000 kids in Foster Care in California if their parents’ sex drive prompted them to make a loving commitment to one person, and to accept the demands that parenthood brought. We are a broken society, honey, but Abortion does not equal sexual Abuse.

  16. Erik says:

    Peace In The Womb!
    Peace On Earth!
    Peace To All Humanity!

  17. Shawn Hubbard says:

    Why does a newspaper – S.F. Chronicle hate human babies?

  18. jt says:

    all of the women who have used the ‘it’s my body!’ line , I guess that means that YOUR mothers have the right to do whatever they want to you. Are you an individual or did that happen the moment you were born? At what point are you willing to admit that a human being (with rights to life and all that entails just as you are claiming you have) are human?