Boycott? Struggling Harvest & Rowe vs. JapaCurry Food Truck – Will Horrible Bully Allison Rowe Win This Fight?

Boy, you think that this poorly-rated FiDi/SoMA lunch place on Second Street, Harvest & Rowe, has just a little bit of overhead? The rent’s probably a bit pricy, right?

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No matter. When a lunch truck shows up in your hood, consider welcoming it with open arms. You could do that or you could write a sneaky letter to the SFPD and to your Supervisor and only-God-knows-whom-else to try to chase it away unfairly. Your choice.

Of course, successfully persuading Supervisors to make useless distinctions betwixt competitors to favor the more-established is not unprecendented (Yick Wo v. Hopkins, 118 U.S. 356 (1886)), San Francisco history-wise. But can’t we all get along? Can’t we see how the market’s moving and adjust? Can’t we open our own damn food truck and park it in front of an existing restaurant some days and achieve the synergy ‘n stuff? Yes, Yes We Can! Harvest and Rowe could have noticed trends and started up its own gosh darn food truck and followed the rules just the way the hated competition has already done, right?  I mean, by the time a food trend is being written up in the Noo Yawk Times (check out the excellent copy and photos from San Francisco’s very own Telstar Logistics Fleet Management Officer Todd Lappin here), well, you’ve got yourself something to consider, right?

Oh what’s that? You’re not doing so hot lately with the bricks and the mortar, ‘specially on the Yelp, H&R?

Harvest and Rowe:


And here’s how the object of Allison Rowe’s ire, the harmless JapaCurry Food Truck, is doing lately, since firing up the truck late last year:

A little different, ne?

Jay Hamada’s JapaCurry truck, as seen on New Monty:

We’ll just have to wait and see how this one turns out. But today and tomorrow, days that Jay was supposed to be on Second Street, are now cancelled:

Oh well. (On Wednesday, the truck will be on New Montgomery near Mission.)

And ponder why the Golden Gate Restaurant Association has any say at all in this affair. So,  it’s not enough to follow the rules, people need to follow the rules for the right motives as far as the GGRA is concerned. Really? Hey GGRA, are you still against having sanitation letter grades outside of all restaurants the way they do in Los Angeles and elsewhere? Oh what’s that? You’re a trade association focused on protecting the weakest restaurants in town? Oh, O.K., well that makes sense.

All right, back to the latest Yelpings about mediocre Harvest & Rowe:


“The vibe on this place was kinda weird, and seeing the other reviews and the whole food truck fiasco… Well, sadly it just makes sense. When you can’t put together a SOLID breakfast/lunch offering that engenders loyalty and word of mouth to bring in new business, well you probably are going to go apes#!t when a truck with edible and affordable fare parks outside.”

“I am BOYCOTTING harvest & rowe for threatening to block the legal parking space that JapaCurry has a SF permit for!!!  There is NO reason for her selfish behavior – she doesn’t serve any food that would compete with what JapaCurry offers.  She unrealistically assumes that customers will go to her place if JapaCurry wasn’t legally parked there – she is so wrong!! I am not affiliated with JapaCurry but saw the below article and can’t believe how childish adults can be these days.  I also live nearby and will spread the word to ALL neighbors & friends!  So glad Mixt Greens is in the ‘hood!”

“I think this pretty much says it all.  Bullies suck”


The harassment campaign against the hated newcomer appears to be working, at least for today and tomorrow:

But, this will not stand. This will not stand, this aggression against JapaCarry.

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5 Responses to “Boycott? Struggling Harvest & Rowe vs. JapaCurry Food Truck – Will Horrible Bully Allison Rowe Win This Fight?”

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  2. Chris says:

    I have seen several other blogs and news stories talking about this attack by Allison Rowe on Japacurry for having a legal spot 2 days a week on the same street as her restaurant. The city of San Francisco had provided this legal spot for a vendor with great food , the folks in that area are really going to lose out on this very tasty lunch option.


  3. sfcitizen says:

    All right, easy on the rats here. Seemingly every lunch place is hopping in her part of the SoMA excepting for hers. Oh well.

  4. notallison says:

    i see lots of fraudulent phone, fax and internet orders with lunchtime delivery request to wrong addresses in Harvest and Rowes’ future.

  5. morty says:

    Mz. Rowe is barking up the wrong tree. Priorities banshee girl.