San Francisco Rolling Billboards Run Amok – But They All Have Expired Nevada License Plates, Why’s That?

Learn all about San Francisco’s mobile billboards right here.

O.K. then. Now, this anti-abortion advertising truck from Nevada was illegally parked on Market Street back when a huge crowd of 16,000 or  so marched up the Embarcadero.

Of course, the SFPD or a meter maid could give this Do It Outdoors” a ticket but what good would that do?

Is this how Do It Outdoors does bidness, with unregistered Nevada plates?

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Looks that way.

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7 Responses to “San Francisco Rolling Billboards Run Amok – But They All Have Expired Nevada License Plates, Why’s That?”

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  2. Dave D. says:

    …Read 5204(a) cvc : If this is a commercial motor vehicle which weighs in excess of 10,001 pounds, the current license plate tab goes on the FRONT license plate.

  3. sfcitizen says:

    So it has California plates on the front?

    What a world!

  4. Dave D. says:

    …Hard to say what plates it has on the front; you didn’t photograph the front, now did ya ? I suspect you didn’t look at the front plate because you were unaware of cvc 5204 subdivision (a).
    …Looking south from 350 miles north of you, I can’t quite see it. Mt. Shast is in the way. Maybe you better go back and check it out.

  5. sfcitizen says:

    Why would CA law apply to a NV license plate, is what I don’t understand…

    I’ll check for a shot from the front, but I prob don’t have one…

  6. Dave D. says:

    …Most state license plate/tab display laws are the same, I don’t have a Nevada vehicle code, but I supposed you could look it up on line. You are right in one respect, no reasonable cop or court is going to make a foreign registered vehicle reattach its license plates when entering California, as long as they are visible.
    …Your greater question, why isn’t it required CA registration, may be found in cvc’s 4000.4, 6700,6702 and 6703.
    ..Bottom line, anyone charging violation of 4000(a)cvc has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the vehicle spends more time here than in its licensing origin. I beat my head against that wall many times. It’s a poorly worded, labor intensive section (4000.4 cvc )
    …At some point you have to ask yourself why you are spending expensive patrol time chasing a non hazardous infraction ( actually, a tax ) when peds and bicyclist are being run over , even as I type?
    …Up here, where elephants go to die, we cited a registration scofflaw with OR registration and I spent a day getting the evidence that he 1. didn’t live where he claimed in Oregon ( empty house ) 2. voted in CA that year 3. Claimed home owmers exemption by filing a signed statement with the assessor that he was a CA resident.
    …The judge fined him $20, but didn’t make him register in CA. His daughter kept driving the car to High School in Dorris, CA. She made a point of bragging about it.
    …It’s your money. I don’t think you want it wasted on futile acts.

  7. sfcitizen says:

    $20? Wow.

    I got to get me some Oregon plates!

    If you really work on it, you can regulate rolling billboards, but it’s no picnic…