Point, Counterpoint: “Save Stow Lake” vs. Reality – Board of Supervisors Vote Coming February 1st, 2011

Here we go, the last Stow Lake Boat House post you’re going to see here for at least a week. Happy?

First with the photos, then with the words.

You ever get the feeling people take too many pitchures sometimes? Anyway, this is what you get from Google images when you type in Stow Lake SF:


Oh. It’s the SL GBH clean-up crew:

And here is where the treasure is buried. “O” marks the spot:

Finally, the Boat House itself. This will be a bustling cafe soon:

Click to expand

Now, on with the show:

Not over yet!

Oh yes it is.

Rec & Park General Manager, Phil Ginsburg, negotiated a give away lease to the New Mexico souvenir chain, Ortega Family Enterprises!

Objection, badgering. In fact, a nice lady came down from Marin just to say how well things are working up there at Muir Woods. What’s the deal with “souvenir chain?”

Ortega offered $315k in rent and Ginsburg’s department refused it!

Of course this wasn’t a real offer, it was a facetious offer from Ortega saying sure, we could offer a high guaranteed rent if we didn’t have to do all the stuff that we’ve already agreed to do.

What’s going on with Ginsburg who says he has no money, and is laying off recreation directors and gardeners while he looses money and spends money he says he doesn’t have.

He looses money, huh? What a looser.

Not only did Ginsburg leave thousands of dollars on the table,

Objection, asked and answered.

he committed the taxpayers to pay all of the Ortega’s gas, water and electric bills for the next 15-20 years! Why didn’t Ginsburg demand Ortega to put in new gas, water and electric meters as part of their major remodel of the boathouse???

Uh, I don’t know. Boy you sure do know a lot about this lease for a typical no-nothing, NIMBY, grass-roots group. Hey, is there any daylight betwixt your position and the current tenant’s? No, not at all? Interesting…

Both the SF Chapter of the Sierra Club and the Golden Gate Audubon Society support us in protecting the boathouse and the fragile Stow Lake environment.

Stow Lake is fragile? Nooooope. Isn’t it some kind of artificial deal around Strawberry Hill? Yuuuup.

Armand Ortega uses the phony “Audubon International”, a group that promotes golf courses and abuses the name of the real Audubon Society, to show how “green” he is. The real Audubon Society supports us in our efforts to protect the wildlife and community at Stow Lake.

Objection, relevancy. You might have a point on that score, but it doesn’t matter anyway.

Come to the Board of Supervisor’s meeting Tuesday, February 1st at 2 pm. Everyone is needed to stop the poorly constructed lease from moving ahead.

This train has left the station. The horse has left the barn.

Public comment is closed but the Supervisors need to see the support for sending this lease back! City Hall – Room 250

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