Here’s What You Need: A VeloMini Electric Folding Bicycle for Just $1000?

Or not.

Never seen one in real life. But David Herron, Green Transportation Examiner(!), has a detailed review, including a test ride on the mean streets of San Francisco.

All the deets after the jump.

I don’t know, the new VeloMini trailer has pretty small wheels – maybe a little tough on Market Street:

Can you see yourself carrying this thing around?

And here’s a shot for the ladies:

All right, choose or lose:

VeloMini® Folding Electric Bicycle with Luggage Trailer Makes Traveling via Bicycle Practical

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 31, 2011- Whether you are traveling around campus, downtown, or you are on vacation halfway around the world, having a bicycle makes the trip more enjoyable. Until recently, traveling with a bicycle has been less than practical. Most bicycles are large, cannot carry much, are expensive to ship, and are prone to theft.

With the introduction of the VeloMini folding electric bicycle and the new T-1 folding bicycle trailer/luggage, traveling with a bicycle has never been easier.

VeloMini represents the latest technology in light-weight folding electric bicycles. The powerful 180 watt brushless hub motor will transport a person 8 to 10 miles at speeds up to 12 mph. It folds to 18 inches tall and fits into its own carrying case. Its small size lets travelers take it on trips, bring it into hotel rooms, offices, or dorms where it can be charged and protected from theft.

VeloMini is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery incorporated in the durable anodized aluminum frame. VeloMini offers three choices of motion: pedal like a bike; use the throttle like a moped; or turn it on and the pedal assist mode will make pedaling easy. There is also a non-electric version for travelers on a budget.

VeloMini is not intended to replace full-size standard or electric bicycles that are designed for traveling long distances. But it is the perfect personal transportation vehicle for use in conjunction with a bus, train, subway, boat, plane, RV, or just getting around parks, cities, business or college campuses, or for running errands near home.

Combine the VeloMini with the new T-1 luggage/bike trailer and riders are ready to travel the world. The T-1 converts in seconds from a bike trailer to luggage with wheels. Like theVeloMini, the T-1 bike trailer comes with a carrying case to protect it in transit.

—  VeloMini and T-1 are small, light weight, stylish, versatile,
convenient, and durable. VeloMini and T-1 fold so small they can be
taken practically everywhere.
—  VeloMini Electric Folding Bicycle costs $995 with case, strap, tool kit
and charger.
—  VeloMini Lite Electric Folding Bicycle costs $499 with case, strap, and
tool kit.
—  T-1 Luggage/bike trailer costs $319 with case, bike connector, and flag.

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  2. Ted Johnson says:

    T-1 Trailer, eh? I’ve seen that before. It’s the trailer formerly known as the Dirty Old Monkey:

  3. […] – ?VeloMini? and T – 1 are small, weight light, elegant and versatile,comfortable and durable. ?VeloMini? and T – 1 times so small that they can besupported almost everywhere.– ?VeloMini?Bike folding electric charges $995 with the case, strap, Toolkitand charger.– ?VeloMini?Lite electric bike costs $499 with case folding, webbing, andTool kit.– ?T 1 luggage/bike trailer costs $319 cases, bike connector and the flag. This article is a revised edition, original one is at A VeloMini Electric Folding Bicycle for Just $1000? ? San Francisco Citizen. […]