Will the Presidio’s Main Post Theatre Ever Reopen? Big Meeting This Monday – Plus $20 Pizza/Bowling Every Sunday!

(I’ll tell you, Ken Garcia never seems to take on the maudlin tone that’s the hallmark of a typical CW Nevius effort, so that’s good, but Garcia has some sort of Catholic school ardor that blinded him from the realities of that whole Yale Choir / Local Bully Boys / “My Boys Are Coming” New Year’s incident. So call it a wash betwixt the Frick and Frack of local commentary.)

Anyway, the big Presidio Trust meeting is coming up. Will we get a lodge? Well, who would want to operate it, who would want to deal with the Presidio Hysterical Association and the wealthy, white, weathering NIMBYs in San Francisco’s Great White North? Maybe a non-profit?

And will the 1000-seat Main Post Theatre ever get used again? Speaking of non-profits, I think it’s the San Francisco Film Society what wants to run the joint, have three screens and 600 seats, run little festivals and whatnot. (You know who funds those who oppose ever using the theatre again? The owners of neighboring theatres! Isn’t that funny! You can ask these melon farmers all about it.)

Our moribund Main Post Theatre. Don’t use it, don’t touch it, else you’ll upset area NIMBYs/HYSTERIC SOCIETIES/THEATRE OWNERS. No no, just lock it up forever and let “arrested decay” do its magic. Bode, CA, here we come:

Anyway, the Presidio Bowling Center rolls on, surprisingly resilient. (I thought the wrecking ball would have taken it down by now, shows what I know. I still think it’s doomed, long-term.) (And check out the time that Check, Please reviewed the snack bar as if it were a restaurant right here. Snooty lady walked out is what happened. Good times.)

Anyway, they have a deal for you. Check it:

Oh, here we are, the crux of the matter. Area NIMBYs will have to cool their heels before getting a chance to tell tout le monde about where they were born, how long they’ve lived on which street, where their kids went to college, etc. And then they’ll say how they’re going to move away from Cow Hollow if a lodge goes in, how Their Lives Will Be Ruined.

You’ll see:

1. Approval of Minutes
2. Board Chair’s Reports
3. Executive Director’s Report
a. Partner Reports – National Park Service and Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
4. Project Updates
a. Visitor Center Update
b. El Polin Spring Update
5. Public Comment

All the deets, it just goes on and on…

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4 Responses to “Will the Presidio’s Main Post Theatre Ever Reopen? Big Meeting This Monday – Plus $20 Pizza/Bowling Every Sunday!”

  1. TK says:

    Presidio is a nice to bowl, but it’s so fucking expensive that I was determined never to go back.

    Now, if this is unlimited bowling for $20 for 3 hours, I would strongly consider that. I don’t care that much about the pizza, but for bowling, that is a STEAL.

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  3. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    I love the Presidio Bowl! Pretty much exactly what I am looking for in a bowling alley. Bowling, Video Games, Beer and Greasy Food!

  4. sfcitizen says:

    I think it might get busy during these hours, but otherwise seems like a great deal.

    And if their parking lot gets full, the overflow lot next to the old powder magazine has 700 spaces…