OMG, Haight Ashbury Recycling Center Needs Padlocks to Chain Up Protesters! Plus CW Nevius vs. GC Newsom

Work with me here. According to simple-minded former sportswriter C.W. Nevius, our Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood Council Recycling Center has been

“…a noisy, industrial bone of contention for decades.”

O.K.? And, according to simple-minded former sportswriter C.W. Nevius, the reason why San Francisco Shadow Mayor for Life Gavin Newsom hates the Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood Council Recycling Center is because, because:

“…because the industrial recycling center doesn’t belong in Golden Gate Park.”

All right. But, hold on a second. Does this add up?

Now, maybe I’m just a simple country lawyer,* but didn’t Supervisor Gavin Newsom vote in favor of the HANC Recycling Center a decade back? Check it:

Let’s see here, isn’t the HANC RC just as noisy a “bone of contention” in Golden Gate Park now as a decade ago? Yup.

Did it move or something? Nope.

So why then would Gavin Newsom vote in favor of the hated, terrible, hated recycling center back in 2001?

Was he for it before he was against it? Mmmm.

That’s something to ponder as you read the latest missive from the HANC. Sure looks like they have something cooked up for Judgment Day, aka March 4th, 2011:


HANC Recycling, under attack for years may go out in a blaze of glory if neighborhood NIMBYs ably led by CW Nevius finally get their way. HANC is seeking to acquire thousands of feet of old chain, padlocks with or without keys, so long as they are open to accommodate the more than 1000 people expected to link up in civil disobedience on the final day.

Executive Director of HANC Recycling, Ed Dunn says, “1000 people have already pledged to chain themselves together on our last day, so we’ll need a lot. But in any case, if things work out scrap prices for steel are through the roof, so this is a good time to recycle.”

All right then, the battle is well and truly joined.

Wake me up on judgment day.

All the deets, after the jump.

* I was born on the bayou, more or less – Choctawhatchee Bay in Okaloosa County, just below Alabammy.

[Haight Ashbury Recycling Center]
7 WHEREAS, In 1973 the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council (HANC), pioneers in
8 the national recycling movement, opened the Haight Ashbury Recycling Center; and,
FILE NO. _—..:::..:OO=2=2.:::…07~ _ RESOLUTION NO. __ .3_0_-_()_1 _

WHEREAS, The Center provides environmental, recreational and educational services
10 in addition to recycling and employment opportunities to the neighborhood and larger
11 community; and,
12 WHEREAS, The Center recycles 220 tons of glass, paper, aluminum and plastic
13 materials monthly and provides recycling services to over 2000 redemption and drop off
14 customers and over 150 commercial and residential accounts and provides recycling for
15 special events at Golden Gate Park each year at no cost to the City; and,
16 WHEREAS, The Center provides educational service to two high schools and 100 to
17 200 students and teaches 40 to 50 community service workers and volunteers annually and
18 offers job skills training to San Francisco Conservation Corps interns; and,
19 WHEREAS, The Center is a tour destination for the Recreation and Parks
20 Department’s “Youth In-Action” and provides physical activity for two programs for the
21 developmentally disabled and materials for teachers and artists; and,
22 WHEREAS, The Center assists and supports the San Francisco Community Recycling
23 Center’s (SFCR) Building Resource facility at the Presidio and services SFCR’s supermarket
24 sights at Church and Market Streets, Webster and Geary Streets, and 7th and Cabrillo; and,
25 WHEREAS, HANC advocated in 1987 and 1999 for the California Bottle Bill and for the
2 source reduction and recycling element of San Francisco’s Recycling Master Plan; now,
3 therefore be it,
4 RESOLVED, that the City and County of San Francisco commends the Haight Ashbury
5 Recycling Center for their invaluable and imaginative contribution to the citizens of San
6 Francisco and the United States.

File Number: 002207 Date Passed:
Resolution commending the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council Recycling Center for their twenty
seven years of providing recycling and other services to Haight Ashbury residents and the citizens of
San Francisco.
January 2,2001 Board of Supervisors – SEVERED FROM FOR ADOPTION WITHOUT
January 2, 2001 Board of Supervisors – ADOPTED
Ayes: 11 – Ammiano, Becerril, Bierman, Brown, Katz, Kaufman, Lena, Newsom,
Teng, Yayj, Yee

Signed : Mayor Willie Brown, January 12, 2001

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8 Responses to “OMG, Haight Ashbury Recycling Center Needs Padlocks to Chain Up Protesters! Plus CW Nevius vs. GC Newsom”

  1. Erik says:

    Just because Gavin Newsom voted for something while high doesn’t mean that a recycling operation belongs in Golden Gate Park. Let the aging hippies do their thing in a light industrial space where it belongs. It’s not like there is a shortage of that kind of building in SF.

  2. Harry says:

    Erik is a total uninformed idiot, to put it mildly. He has never visited the recycling center and should watch the video with HANC recycler Danny Glover!

    Ten people have jobs with benefits here. Does he want them to be out on the street also?

  3. patrick C says:

    I’m with Erik. A light-industrial operation does not belong in GG Park, especially in this day of curbside recycling. Maybe it served a function 27 years ago, but it has outlived that function.

  4. Aggrivated says:

    Many years ago, before the city mandated advent of curbside recycling and composting, the HANC Recycling Center served an admirable function in our neighborhood, but with the implementation of curbside recycling, the center has turned to a more industrial model that does not belong in the park or the surrounding residential neighborhood. The center processes truckloads of recycling from around the city, creating noise and traffic in what is primarily a residential neighborhood. Its presence in our neighborhood encourages pilfering of curbside recycling “blue” bins (STEALING), which in turn provides cash to street thugs and illegal park campers. The ready cash provided to this transient population by the Center also supports neighborhood drug and alcohol abuse and negatively impacts the quality of life for families who live in the neighborhoods surrounding the center. The center has outlived its usefulness and has become an unwelcome neighborhood nuisance.

  5. Bluoz says:

    Commending the Haight Ashbury Recycling Center…

    The shocking document the Chronicle doesn’t want you to see, because if you link to this page or the document, they will delete it from SFGate and possibly ban you. So why would the San Francisco Chronicle not want you to see a commendation signed by …

  6. jeff says:

    hey, I went by the recycling center today to visit old friends, as I worked there 20 years ago, and everybody was at city hall today (feb 28, 2011) for another neighborhood services committee and I was told there is a vote today on it…it will be streamed live again tonight at 6pm and archived shortly….But I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough if they go on friday

  7. Matthew Levesque says:

    Dear Eric recycling is neither solely light industrial nor the purview of aging hippies. My mother recycled and she was a machine gun instructor in WW2. not what I would call a hippie, aging or otherwise. Recycling can be and is, in the main, a community based approach to energy and material conservation. it is also a vehicle that some of us choose as as an alternative to having our money taken away by yet another large corporation.
    and for your enlightenment, light industrial space in the city is nearly impossible to find or afford. So much for an informed populous being the backbone of democracy

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