ZOMG, Rock of Ages Rocks Our Curran Theatre in Union Square! All the 1980’s-Style Fun Runs Through April 9th

Our Curran Theatre is hosting Rock of Ages all the way through April 9th, 2011. Will you get a chance to see it?

The Yelpers say this musical is “totally rad” and Karen D’Souza says it’s “awesome” but Steve Winn is somewhat less enthralled (so maybe you think he’d rather have been at home watching Two and a Half Men reruns, maybe? I mean, this is the boring part, when the credits roll.)

Oh, here we go, here’s the review from Row S:

“Rock of Ages hits you with all the great ’80s LA strip excess, reminding us that it’s all about love, sex and rock ‘n roll!  Oh, and don’t stop believing!”

So there you go.

See you there!

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