Seven-Foot-Wide Elim Street, Betwixt First and Second and Market and Mission, is Having a Heck of a Year

Tiny Elim Street used to labour in obscurity, but no longer – it’s gotten a lot of attention this past year.

Anyway, it might not be long for this world. Oh well

The part between the two buildings that face First Street is just a skosh wider than six feet. (My man-hands would need to be ever so slightly larger to be able to touch both buildings at the same time.)

Anyway, the narrow part of Elim is less than eight feet wide, but, even so, a MINI Cooper could pass through* if you took off the rear view mirrors, I s’pose:

Click to expand. This is a bit of an optical delusion – the top of the brick building is at the top of the photo.

And here’s the rest of Elim, a haven for smokers near Golden Gate University, apparently.

A possible future occupant:

Looks like Jesse will be O.K. but tiny Elim is endangered.

Bon Courage, Elim Street!

*That’s about the only stunt the MINI people haven’t done in town yet.

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