Meet the INTERNATIONAL ART MUSUEM OF AMERICA – It’s Opening Soon in the Famous Twitter Corporate Welfare Zone

Well, looky here – that TCWZ is paying dividends already, or something. Here’s the newest “Chinese art museum” to hit the Mid -Market, at 1023 betwixt 6th and 7th. See?

Though there is Great Disorder Under Heaven, the Situation is Excellent for opening an art museum in the Tenderloin-ish Mid-Market area:

Nosy area provocateur The Tens is all over this sitch as was Curbed SF and SFist before him.

But what’s this? You need to contact a security guard before attempting to leave the building?

Wasn’t that how the Movementarians kept people in line? I think so.


I fear that God is Not in Heaven

In the dark of the night

The dark of the night

The I Ching

Wang Chung

I wonder why we waste our lives here
When we could run away to paradise
But I am held in some invisible vice
And I can’t forget about it
To live and die in Mid-Market

In every word that you say
I feel my freedom slip away
I feel the bars come down around me
And I can’t get away
I can’t get away
from the TCWZ

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2 Responses to “Meet the INTERNATIONAL ART MUSUEM OF AMERICA – It’s Opening Soon in the Famous Twitter Corporate Welfare Zone”

  1. Dyana Curreri-Ermatinger says:

    The new International Art Museum will indeed be opening it’s doors to the public beginning March 29. The museum will feature annual changing exhibitions of international art. During this “start-up” period, called a “soft opening”, our entrance will be at 1023 Market Street, and visitors will have access to our second floor gallery and can visit our architectural tile and art glass display, which showcases the materials used in the design of the museum.

    While I’m not sure who the “Movementarians” are, I assure you that the signage you refer to has been directed to insure that security is maintained during our construction and installation periods: workers and deliveries need to be admitted and must leave under a guard’s supervision. This is standard security procedure in a museum setting. The museum is a member of the Association of American Museums and observes all standard museum procedures.

    The museum will fully open sometime in September (date for Grand Opening, TBA in April) offering access for the public to our Chinese garden on the first floor, meeting and conference rooms downstairs and a gift shop featuring many unique items related to the museum’s exhibitions.

    We invite your readers to come by and visit during the next few months, take advantage of reduced admission fees: ($8.00 for adults/ $5.00 youth/senior and military) and enjoy the museum’s inaugural exhibition. Gallery hours during our “soft” opening period will be noon – 5 pm, Tuesday – Saturday.

    We hope you’ll stop by and see the museum for yourself. For more information, you can contact our offices at 415-376-6344 x 7001, during regular business hours (Tuesday- Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm.)

  2. sfcitizen says:

    All right, fair enough. I’ll make a post – thx for the 411