Shameful Twitter Corporate Welfare Zone Update: Mirkarimi in the Sainted New York Times – Plus, Where’s the TL?

One of these days, I’ll tell you about the time I first saw Ross Mirkarimi at a fund-raiser with special guest that-Hollywood-guy-what-climbed-up-the-Golden-Gate-Bridge-to-protest-something (think that incident was around 2002 or so and the fund-raiser was back in 2003). I was thinking, “Gee, why isn’t this Mirkarimi guy famous already?”

Anywho, let’s fast-forward to 2011 and catch this bit from your District Five Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi in the SNYT:

“A Pandora’s box has already been opened,” said Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, a member of the Board of Supervisors’ budget and finance committee, who has expressed concern about tailoring legislation for one company. “We’ve been going about this the wrong way,” he said.

Yes, we certainly have, Ollie.

Moving on.

Now, can somebody explain why the Newsom / Shorenstein / Twitter building, which is right there on the way to the Costco, right there on the corner of 10th and Market, is considered a part of the Tenderloin by some?

Actually, the new Twitter building is south of Civic Center, which is south of the crime-ridden Uptown Tenderloin. How will the Twitterers get there for mandatory ethnic* lunch? Will there be a shuttle? I gots to know.

Oh, here’s the official map, from always wildly optimistic SF OEWD:

Click to expand

Who’s drawing the borders of the Twitter Mid-Market/Tenderloin Corporate District? Who decides which buildings to include? Who’s telling the map drawer how to draw the map? Is gerrymandering going on?


*I looked at the proposed Community Benefits District in a sidebar of the physical San Francisco Examiner yesterday and spotted two potential lawsuits in two seconds. I can get more specific when the details of the CBD get more specific, you know, whenever that happens…


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2 Responses to “Shameful Twitter Corporate Welfare Zone Update: Mirkarimi in the Sainted New York Times – Plus, Where’s the TL?”

  1. sfmike says:

    I think the Furniture Mart / proposed Twitter HQ is actually 9th Street and Market, but your point still stands.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    I hear you, but it stretches all the way to 10th and Market as well. It used to be quite the convention destination, back in the day…