Gaia Bless These Hysterical Anti Central Subway NIMBYs from – Let’s Hope They Win

Check out Katie Worth’s bit on yesterday’s presser from the SaveMUNI.

Can stereotypical NIMBY tactics save us and Federal taxpayers from the potentially disastrous Central Subway?

We’ll see….

Is this project Too Big To Fail Already?

Will this become our Big Dig, our Bridge to Nowhere?

Back last year at the premature groundbreaking:

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Date: Monday, March 28, 2011
Time: 1:00 PM
Location: St Francis of Assisi Church, 610 Vallejo Street, San Francisco
On Monday March 28, will bring out the little known facts that MTA officials have hidden from the public about the Central Subway. Speakers will direct probing questions to Mayor Ed Lee about the effects the proposed Central Subway will have on Muni operations and finances. Recent MTA financial reports show that Muni will rack up operating and maintenance deficits of $1.6 billion over the next 20 years. questions how the Mayor plans to cover these deficits and handle the inevitable cost overruns from the Central Subway. will press the Mayor to justify spending $1.58 billion on a subway that will attract only 5,000 new riders a day (an increase above current Muni ridership of just .07%) as Muni faces large and growing safety, security, operating, maintenance and capital needs. Instead of addressing these issues, the MTA has embraced a costly subway that offers few benefits to Muni riders.
A distinguished group of speakers will address Muni’s problems, clarify Muni’s critical financial situation, and lay out a strong case against the Central Subway.
Presenters invited:
San Francisco architect Howard Wong

Financial expert Tom Rubin, CPA
BART Director Tom Radulovich

President, Coalition for S.F. Neighborhoods, Judy Berkowitz

President of TRANSDEF, David Schonbrunn

The Press Conference will be moderated by public policy consultant,Bob Feinbaum. is a two year old group of transit activists, environmentalists, and neighborhood leaders working for better Muni service to Chinatown and throughout San Francisco. Our White Paper entitled, “Improving Muni Service in Chinatown,” laid out a strategy for providing better transit service to Chinatown at far less cost than the Central Subway boondoggle.
The White Paper and other information is available at:



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