Opening of the New “International Art Museum of America” a Huge Success – A Buddhist Shrine on Market Street

Well, about 80 people, mostly Buddhists it would seem, were on hand for the noon-time soft opening of the brand spanking new International Art Museum of America today.

No photos are allowed so I didn’t stick around too long. Anyway, the downstairs part looks like a model home in a new housing development. Everything has that new-car-smell kind of new-house-smell. Lots of gold paint about – reminds me of Bellagio in Vegas. And, I’m seriously, somebody was handing out brochures and showing swatches of marble flooring or something like that.

And there’s a flowing water exhibit downstairs, just as you might imagine after seeing shots over at Curbed SF and SFist, San Francisco’s two big local websites.

Welcome welcome. Lots of monks were on hand as well:

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And then upstairs, well it’s different. There’s at least one kind of shrine exhibit up there, it’s like a mini-mausoleum, or something, dedicated to somebody – don’t recall his name. The nice windows facing Your New San Francisco Mid-Market Area are papered over so that’s kind of a bummer.

It’s not like any museum I’ve ever seen, but why don’t you get over there and then make the call? I mean, if Angelo Alioto wants to spend millions on a Catholic kind of shrine in North Beach, there’s nothing wrong with some Buddhists having their own place on Market Street, right?

They have a expereinced museum curator Dyana Curreri-Ermatinger running the show and they have security guards with sweet (embroidered?) logos on their uniforms, but they don’t have a website up yet so oh well.

Maybe they’ll release some photos or get their Go-Daddied webpage going and then I can show you or post a link. Everybody’s very friendly – ask them a question if you’re curious about anything.

IMO, this place is more like a masoleum than a museum at this point, but that’s JMO.

UPDATE: Oh, they _do_ have some photos. Here’s one.

Credit: International Art Museum of America, 2011

I’ll get some more up later…

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