NBCBayArea’s Christina Loren has got to be The Most Controversial Weather Personality in San Francisco History

[UPDATE: Does Christina think that Bay Area women are generally “unkempt?“]

[UPDATE, May 2015: Christina is OUT at KNTV, per RICH LIEBERMAN 415 MEDIA – TV, Radio, Internet…dishing dirt since 2001. I’m sure he’ll have all the deets with a quickness.]

People are still upset about the San Francisco Bay Area* NBC affiliate’s new “weather girl.”

Anyway, here’s the comment from Katrina from yesterday:

Christina Loren is really disturbing to watch. Today her white shirt is busting (pardon the pun) at the seems. Aren’t we done with this kind of sexiest marketing? I no longer want to watch this morning show due to this clueless barbie doll projection of a wanna be women.”

I’m trying to see the problem here, if this is the right video snip.

Seems as if a lot of people complain about her (cause man, some of her promotional videos were over the top), but it also seems that Channel 3 has toned things down a bit lately, for what that’s worth…

(If there’s one thing I can’t stand for, it’s TV weather. They’re spending like three minutes telling people something that should take three seconds, IMO. Oh well.)

*”San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco” in that precise order – that’s the priority of KNTV, per some of the people that work there.

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239 Responses to “NBCBayArea’s Christina Loren has got to be The Most Controversial Weather Personality in San Francisco History”

  1. SF says:

    She does not come across as a “clueless barbie doll” at all. That is such a blind stereotype. Listen to what she says rather that staring with envy at her body, and you may realize that she knows what she is talking about. Nobody hates you as much as you hate yourself Katrina.

  2. Bane says:

    All I can say is “Helllllllo California girl!!!

  3. Another annoyed female says:

    Ok boys lets be real! I for one am not a size 14 and do not need to be to make a comment about Christina Loren. I watch NBC in the morning and find her outfits to be awful! They are always too tight, clingy and short. There is something to be said about looking professional, she is on TV for weather not to show us what she can squeeze into. Not only that but she is trying way too hard to fit in with her lame jokes. I like both Brent and Laura, but she makes me want to change the channel. Each morning my husband and I joke about how bad her outfit is going to be, yes my husband agrees with me. I am not say she isn’t pretty and a looker, but has she ever heard of leaving something to the imagination??? I am disappointed that NBC has not had a say in her wardrobe. She can still look nice and attract that male attention she was hired to get, but in a much classier way.

  4. Morning News Watcher says:

    Well she has competition! Kristy Siefkin on KCBS is a knock out too! Now I switch between the two stations….

  5. Another 2 Cents says:

    Just my take..
    I stopped watching. When I want sexy, I will reach for a porn.
    When I want local news, I will stick to reading about it now. Most of the stations are doing a very obvious sexual push. You can see it on almost every channel. I don’t mind sexy, but if it is to be injected into the news it had better be tasteful or I just wont watch it…at all.

    I do listen to her, and she sounds like a doof, but that’s not the deal breaker for me. It’s the overtly sexual clothes.

    In my opinion the classier she dresses the hotter she looks, but that’s not what I’m watching the weather for. Some of YOU may be and I respect that right. Easy enough for me not to watch.

  6. Tru SFnative says:

    She is so annoying! What’s with the yelling tone ? I can’t stand when she yells out “CHIEF METEOROLOGIST JEFF RANIERI” …so are you the Lieutenant? What a joke and Jeff is sometimes just as annoying with his shouting perky tone…he probably picked her because she’s the perfect “fag hag” sidekick…so typical for the hot gay boy to pick some over the top bouncy blonde to prance around with!! She is so untalented and I seriously have to turn the channel briefly every single time she appears on the screen, then back to my program. I like Jeff in general because he is fairly accurate, mostly professional and interacts with people very well and he is so excited about our Giants, how can you not find him likeable for the most part. But CHRISTINA LOREN has got to GO back to Palm Springs, she just doesn’t get it and really is not that attractive because her personality is so fake and she is not connecting with the Bay Area scene and what our vibe is all about!

  7. Westwatch 1 says:

    Christine has undeniable assets. I enjoy her suggestive remarks regarding the weather patterns and her outline isn’t bad either. Keep it up Christine, we certainly are…

  8. william says:

    I think she’s really cool. And very sexy and fun!

  9. rekzkarz says:

    Wow, I’m amazed that she is so controversial!

    Christina Loren is a talented weather reporter. Period.

    Whether (no pun intended) she is sexy, has good or bad clothes, or is too attractive is the opposite of the argument about people being too unattractive to be on TV.

    The question should be, “is she doing a good job”? The answer: YES!

    Now all the other stuff has to do with people’s insecurities, and … too bad for you. I’m a fan.


    Quick note to “NO_MORE_FATTYS” <– your insulting/derogatory usernname disqualifies you from saying anything particuarly valuable. Sorry.

  10. Jane Barton says:

    I enjoy the NBC news in the morning, but as soon as that bulging self-promoting common tart of a meteorologist appears with her forced Good Morning, I just can’t wait to change channels for the duration. I would have thought NBC would have been more concerned with professionalism in their meteorologists than with this very poor image that it presents daily. And then to add insult to injury, she turns up this a.m. with a hat, supposedly, I suppose, to be in the spirit of the royal wedding – what an insult! There’s nothing more delightful than to watch a well presented, tasteful very attractive woman doing her job – Natalie Morales for example – but sorry Ms. Loren is just not one of them. We have discovered we are not alone in this thinking And contrary to the thinking of some of this worman’s admirers, we all have high self-esteem, enjoy full lives, and are most certainly not suffering from envy!

  11. Karen says:

    I am not jealous of her. I just don’t like her approach… She talks to the audience in patronizing tones. When she does speak like a professional woman, then I like her just fine. Hopefully, she will calm down and not try so hard. Until then, I will be watching flipping the channel.

  12. Mama says:

    Don’t any of you remember Lloyd Lindsay Young on Channel 7? He would show up for his weekend shift with a mannequin leg or some other odd object to point at the weather board and finally Pete Giddings saw him as a threat and had hm banished to NY.

  13. AbbyJ says:

    Whenever women say that they feel another female is dressing inappropriately, they are accused of being jealous. I disagree completely. Christina Loren is a perfect example of a woman who has decided to play her sexuality as the top card off her deck; in so doing, she sadly diminishes the professional status of herself and other female broadcast journalists. How are women to be taken seriously when Loren looks as if she has a bullet bra on and her clothes spray painted on her body? Of course she is a generically “attractive” female. That’s not the question. What IS the question is why is a professional woman would choose to look like a hooker on the air? It’s distracting and takes away from whatever information she is trying to impart. It’s just sad that a woman in the public eye feels she has to punctuate her presence by wearing FM clothes–OMG, especially at 8 a.m. Our family would feel just as vehemently that inappropriate is inappropriate if Brian Williams showed up wearing shirts open to the navel and tight pants that showed his junk. We’d be thinking: Doesn’t he know that this is not how a professional journalist dresses if he wants to be taken seriously? So, you guys who are leering over your oatmeal, just go ahead, but just remember that it’s not the “weather” you’re tuning in for when you see Loren, and ask yourselves if you’d want your own daughter or your wife to go to work looking like she’s trawling for action. You’d throw a fit.

  14. james says:

    christine loren is very sweet and wounderful to watch and also does a outstanding job as well……please please keep her and a personal message to you christine…..dont change a thing your outdtanding

  15. NBC Weather People are LAME! says:

    Christina Loren and Jeff Raineri are trying to be entertainers and are suffering from over the top pretention. All they need to do is tell us what the day will be liket. Don’t be cute or yell the weather report to us.kust tell the facts and leave the bullshit to the politicians. The gag factor is high. Since when is weather Show Business?

  16. Craig says:

    After reading about the controversy, I had to record the newscast so I could see for myself. Christina seemed like a very good news personality. She gave the weather report well, and she was better than a cup of coffee in helping to wake up anyone up at that early hour. I feel bad for anyone who has an issue with her, because it just speaks to the critics own sad outlook on their lives. I say move Christina to a later hour so more of us can enjoy her.

  17. chiming in says:

    Thank you AbbyM!! If any of the men wore clothtes that tight EVERYONE would be changing the channel. The only issue here is that her clothes are inappropriate and not professional. They are too tight and made poorly. She is an attractive woman with very poor taste in clothes. She needs to start shoping at Nordstrom or J Crew and not at Forever21. I have seen a couple of outfits that were passable but the rest are too tight and too short. If she were working in any professional office in SF she would be causing the same buzz. Christina if you are reading, please go see a personal shopper and invest in some quality clothes. You are dressing just like the news people in SoCal, not good!

  18. DShore says:

    Weather Porn

  19. trendy says:

    I don’t even listen to the weather report. I am so distracted/appauled by what she is wearing that I can’t even listen to her. She dresses so badly that I am amazed the station allows her to go on the air looking like such a trash can. Even my husband who has no idea who/what she is/does called me over to the TV the other day to remark, “is that women really on the air dressed like that? “

  20. stacy says:

    it sounds as if you’re jealous of her and how she got her job? you mad ? quit hating

  21. NBC_watcher says:

    I didn’t watch NBC before. Because of Loren, I watch now. She’s good.

  22. J says:

    I think that she does a really amazing job and she is obviously a really intelligent woman, with education, class, sophistication, elegance, and style..The thing I keep thinking as I watch her every morning is how she is the complete opposite of the sort of jealous comments that I see being posted here- It is funny how almost all of these bad reviews are coming in from female comments.. Whatever happened to women encouraging and supporting other women of all types, colors, religions, intelligence, talents, ect? So what if she is also very beautiful? Does that mean that she should be only seen that way and not acknowledged for how hard she has worked to get to where she is today?..She is yet another woman who is working hard and is out there trying to be a role model for success, and for young women with dreams everywhere. Women supporting other women seems to be dead now

  23. Really J? says:

    education, class, sophistication, elegance? After one week you still have a lot to learn before you go jumping to conclusions. I can’t fault you though, any guy would say those things. I used to and that was even AFTER I was burned by her forecast

  24. NVRBRK says:

    Look people, haters hate! That is what they do. Just so there is no mistake, I am a man. I think Christina is a relatively attractive woman, though not necessarily my type. But with that being said the venom being spewed about this lady is ridiculous. This woman has earned her B.A., an official Meteorological Certification, and has completed one year of graduate studies, in addition to receiving an Emmy nomination. So let’s take off the table of her not being talented. So that leaves us with presentation. When it comes to clothing I do think that it is hit or miss and a personal stylist could help in this area, she is a SoCal girl, with SoCal tendencies, get over it. When it comes to her personality I do not have a problem. I do not know her one on one, as do none of the previous commenters, so for someone to assume that she is fake is being very presumptuous. And, can we please quit playing the “she has set back womankind” card, this is truly absurd. This young lady has done nothing but put her best foot forward and who out there hasn’t taken some missteps…I’m waiting…thats what I thought! My mother always told me “that if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say it at all”. Let’s first try a little introspection before we criticize. If you still find yourself at odds, utilize your right to change the channel.

  25. L says:

    I like to watch Today on the Bay, in case Marla Tellez is anchoring. Christina Loren is just an added feature, but Marla is beautiful.

    They are both part of the “modernizing” being done after Comcast purchased NBC. Have you noticed that they even sent Brent Cannon off to the 7PM new on CH36?

    But, back to Christina, she is just like the SoCal women on TV [which is not bad!]. It is just that NorCal TV News does not show as much skin.

  26. L says:

    One other note. I don’t consider the “weatherperson” a true journalist per se. They check and read the weather app, like I do on my Android phone. They also check the satellite picture like I do. I can make some predictions also by checking out of my widow here at work.

  27. Sjjazz says:

    This is obviously a single (not by choice) who envys and cant help but be jealous of a beautiful, blonde haired, smart women with a better job and waist than her. Sad.

  28. Rob says:

    When I first saw photo’s of her face on billboards EVERYWHERE threwout the bay area, promoting/introducing who she was, I wasn’t at all impressed. In fact, I couldn’t understand why they invested so much marketing in what I then thought was an unattractive no name. Having now seen her on television I can’t believe it was the same person. She has got to be one of the most beautiful weather forecasters to ever hold that position. I don’t know if she’s just not photogenic or if it was just a bad first impression based on some unrelated event (rush hour traffic can do that), but I take it all back. She has it all: brains, beauty, and grace! A perfect 10 in my opinion. As for her attire, usually it’s the one’s who shouldn’t reveal too much that usually do (ever accidentally been to a nudist colony?). However, I don’t find anything wrong with what she chooses to wear. She looks classy to me 😉

  29. Beatriz says:

    Yes! Cristina is very sexy and very beautiful. If you have it, why not flaunt it? How many of us women yearn to look like her (as we did in our youth, of course).
    I worried about Brent and Laura’s relationship when Cristina arrived but I also could tell how much love there is between them.
    I am now worried about Brent, since I missed why he has not been by Laura’s side in the news room. Wow! This is like a morning Soap Opera.

  30. Beatriz says:

    Be kind to Cristina!
    She looks beautiful and is pleasing to look at so early in the morning. Most importantly, she seems to do an excellent job.

  31. Kelly says:

    I loved DShore’s comment, “Weather Porn.” That says it all. Really sad that NBC, which had such class acts as Brent and Laura had to stoop to this. They are obviously trying to compete with the other weather bimbos of late when they should have kept to their usual format. I agree with some of the other comments that there is nothing wrong with a woman (or man for that matter) looking attractive but she is absolutely over the top. I just don’t think it’s the time or place for it. I’m just kind of sick of everything being sexualized, even the weather.

  32. Calavitta63 says:

    Anyone who has anything negative to say about this woman has low self esteem or doesn’t know how to use a remote control. She always gets the weather right and is one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen on telelvision. I guess that makes other women insecure.

  33. Kelly says:

    I have self-esteem, as I am sure most of the women who commented here do. It’s women without self-esteem that have to wear ultra tight clothes and stick their chests out to attain the false sense of self-worth. Maybe she does know her weather, but her demeanor and poor choice of clothes overshadow anything she has to say.

  34. Photog9898 says:

    Remember all of your repetitive hate comments will come back to bite you in the a#$. Tenfold. Do all of us a favor and focus on your own clothes. Content people don’t try to tear down others. I heard Christina Loren just re-signed with NBC for 5 years because they don’t want her going anywhere and the ratings are up like never before. She is on almost every other commercial on NBC. Go figure, many women hate Megan Fox and she is the Megan Fox of Bay Area News. Go Christina Go!

  35. BLU says:

    I no longer watch NBC Today in the Bay. Chirstina Loren is one of the most annoying person on that show. She cannot wait to come into the camera and go back — it is very distracting to listen to the weather and watch her watch herself on the green screen. The way she speaks to the viewers is as if she is talking to 1st graders. Rude

  36. Anonymous says:

    If you dont like what you see change it my word ! I happen to think shes great, sorry all you women who just dont have!!!

  37. another female says:

    are you kidding??!! look at that little video with her posing from July 13!! makes me want to color my hair black! lol

  38. another female says:

    see??? i am blonde! forgot to include the link: http://christinaloren.net/

  39. david says:

    please carefully read the negative comments below and u will be witness to what is wrong with america. to many jealous ignorant selfish busybodies tabloid mentalities who are the willing to ingest the nonsense put out on the idiot box with brainless comedies mindless crime stories and so called Reality tv wanting to see same in their wanna be news shows that drown us in casey anthony nonsense michael jackson and other brainless distractions (do u know how many people died in iraq last week?). at least the weather isnt totally subject to this or to these morons. christinas clothing choices are her own and judging by what i see on the streets she unlike u all isnt afraid to be proud of being a woman. and i bet most of u will claim to be christians. Ha!

  40. AbbyJ says:

    You guys just don’t get it! It’s not about jealousy, it’s not about hatred. It’s about how many of us believe a professional woman should attire herself in the workplace. A woman who walks in and looks like a slut will never be taken seriously as a “professional”–unless we’re talking about a professional hooker. It’s embarrassing to watch a person dressed like her at 8 a.m.

    I’m not going to itemize what is wrong with her clothing selections, but Christina Loren is not making choices about her attire based on seeing herself as a person who wishes to be regarded with respect. No, she does not look “beautiful.” No, she does not look “pretty.” She looks like a cheap lady of the night who stumbled onto a morning TV set. She dresses for the sheer “bug-eye” effect. IIt’s just plain sad that she doesn’t have enough confidence in her own meteorological skills and on-air presence to quit pushing herself as a sex doll. Her attire does not speak to her self confidence; just the opposite: that she has no confidence in her real skills, so she’s putting herself out there with her body. No one is disputing that she is an attractive female; the anger and concern are that she is selling herself as a slut on morning TV, and it sets a terrible example for women and girls to see. If she’s so smart, she should know that already.

    The men here who are slavering and drooling over Loren and leering at her at the crack of dawn, no problem, guys. Just admit that you’re not exactly watching her for weather information, but rather for a chance to see some bullet boobs and a babe in short, tight clothing. If you want to fantasize about her in the morning, just admit that you could as easily turn off the sound and just watch her boobs bounce.

    Finally, it’s shocking that an NBC affiliate would promote such an inappropriate representative to their station, under their auspices. Ask yourselves: would they dream of allowing Ann Curry, Savannah Guthrie, or Natalie Morales to dress like hookers? Not in a million years. These women dress attractively in the most beautiful ways, but they wouldn’t cheapen themselves for ten million dollars. You guys who don’t “get it” probably won’t get anything the rest of us are trying to say. You’re just in denial about how real women want and need to present themselves in the world.

    P.S. WTF about challenging us as “Christians.” WTF??? Are you kidding? Are you going to use Christina Loren to challenge our patriotism as Americans, too?? hahahahaha

  41. NAMVET527 says:

    CHRISTINA LOREN IS A VERY GOOD LOOKING LADY. All of you LOREN HATERS are just JEALOUS. She does NOT dress like a hooker. All them others dress like OLD MAIDS & I DON’T WATCH THEM. I am a CHRISTIAN & PROUD OF IT. JESUS never said to dress like an OLD FRUMP. JESUS did say a lot about HYPOCRISY, a lot then how we dress. Your HYPOCRITICAL LIBERAL DOUBLE STANDARDS & AMERICAN HATING challenges your patriotism. Take you FEMINIST HYPOCRISY to H E L L with you.

  42. david says:

    again i guarantee most of u who bash christina are “phoney christians” hypocrites all. so yes wtf is wrong with u. as for the nonsense about “professional women” not wanting to be disrespected i have seen eveyone of the women u mentioned dress much more racy than ch. your low opinion of men and your obvious hatred of your own sex is a cause for dysphoria and u know what it wouldnt surprise me if you were a conservative as well liberals true liberals would never make such stupid comments. women trying to be more like men are not liberated despite what the feminazis would say. take off your pants and try a dress

  43. laura says:

    HAHAHA David needs a little bit of schoolin’ and learnin’ of how to use punctuation — especially periods. Wonder if he ever takes a breath! Sounds really kinda uptight.
    I’m a Christian and believing in God and Jesus has nothing to do with the fact that I find Christina Loren’s choice of dress in her profession and with being on TV to be completely inappropriate.

  44. ChristinaLoverBBB says:

    Rant all you want. Do you think she or NBC will change for you? Hells NO. Do you think anyone cares what you think? Oh Hells NO. Why don’t you go try loving something instead of spending so much time on negative criticisms. It’s crystal clear that there is only one hater with 24 different names. Get a life Bi@#*

  45. ChristinaLoverBBB says:

    Found this on another blog, it proves my point, I bet her hubby LOVES Loren mornings like me:

    The negative Christina posts are by this psychotic woman who has a passion for trashing Christina on any website she can find Ms. Loren’s name on. She returns to the webpage nbc created to welcome Christina daily, only to leave hateful and generally idiotic remarks. This is a sad and very twisted woman, who obviously has no other way to cope with her jealousy than to vent on the internet. Shell say the exact same thing from post to post but claim to be a different person every time. Its actually quite comedic, check it out.

    March 15, 2011 11:27 AM

  46. david says:

    punctuation is always harder when using a cell

  47. NoCamelToe says:

    This morning Christina wore grey slacks that showed a camel toe..this is clearly not necessary or relevant to the weather forecast. I would kill to have her job! She is never right and never apologizes for it.

  48. freddie.e says:

    christrina looking GOOD KEEP THEM UP!!!!

  49. Velma V. says:

    I love Christina! She is a breath of fresh air. Those negative comments from viewers are a sign of pure jealousy! My husband and I love her weather reporting! I would love to have her cute shape! Keep up the good work!

  50. Rose Slingsby says:

    I am home sick today Aug 9 and had the unfortunate experience of watching channel 3 news here in the bay area. Can someone please hire a consultant for the on-air personalities? I have heard that these folks have to dress themselves and some of them ie Christina, have no clue. Do you ever watch the tape? Today you are in a rumpled vest and slacks that don’t fit, no belt and shirt that is a bit much.

  51. The person clowning on another annoyed female from 4/13/11 says:

    Wow! There is absolutely nothing wrong with the outfits she is wearing. If she was wearing something that was showing a ridiculous amount of cleavage, then in that event, she would be very distasteful. And on another note, if you’re husband is agreeing with you, it’s because he’s following his duty as a good husband just nodding his head up and down saying “yes dear.” Trust me…YOUR HUSBAND IS LYING TO YOU! He says those things just to make you happy and stay away from your unnecessary female jealous wrath that you have! Trust me!!!! He loves CHRISTINA LOREN!

    P.S. I’m a 31 year old female, 5’7″, 112lbs. (i’m obviously putting this on here so you can understand that I am completely unbiased.)

  52. The person clowning on another annoyed female from 4/13/11 says:

    BTW Christina, you have an amazing set of b00bs!!!

  53. Anonymous says:

    Just jealousy….plain and simple

  54. really??? says:

    seriously??? all this about a tv meteorologist? obviously, you have a computer – how about getting the weather from the internet like most people familiar with the 21st century do it?

    Christina seems smart enough for what she’s doing. If she’s really smart, she’ll use this to launch an acting career! Leave her alone & quit hating. Damn, ugly people sure know how to be ugly on the inside, too!

  55. d daga says:

    Her clothers are always 2 SIZES TOO SMALL. Do what I now do…CHANGE THE CHANNEL. She clearly needs help.

  56. Lisa says:

    I think she is pretty.
    I think she does a fairly good job.
    I wish she dressed a little more professional. It is distracting and it portrays her as unprofessional. It shows a lack of confidence. If she’s looking to advance her career to a higher level, she needs to tone down the outfits & jewelry. She needs a stylist.

  57. Ronald says:

    Women who think are pretty are jealous of women who KNOW they are pretty.

  58. MrsNavalta says:

    Bring Rob Mayeda into her time slot, send her to Orange County where she can have all the “face-time” she wants and we’ll all be happy!

  59. Debbie says:

    I think Christina’s clothes are most inappropriate for a morning news show. As much as I love Laura, I quit watching because I don’t want to support a station that uses sex to sell their program. I was reading her facebook comments and it made sick to my stomach to read all the comments from men going goo-goo over her tight ill fitting clothes. I am not jealous, I am a 67 yr. old grandmother, way past the days of being jealous over a pretty woman. She dresses like a cheap hooker and I would venture to guess that the majority of the favorable comments are written by men. Men tend to think with their you know whats.

  60. KDC says:

    who cares what she wears, its really not an issue.. from these comments you’d think she was wearing a bikini on tv. Fact is, she does a good job with her forecasting, and she relays the information to the viewer in a clear and concise manner that is easy to understand.. so she does her job well. thats all that matters

  61. facebook123 says:

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  62. Anonymous says:

    Christina….the 70’s called, they want their shirt back!

  63. Angel says:

    Christina has to go! She’s NOT controversial. She’s just plain idiotic. She does NOT have “assets.” She got a cheap boob job. Those things are as hard as concrete. Waking up to her voice is not a nice way to start my morning, she has a voice that will melt paint off walls. I’d give her some cred if only she could get one lousy forecast right!! Oh! And be able to pronounce “Los Gatos” correctly. That word is just too hard for that lil bleached brain of hers. Christina is about as useful as tits on a bull.

  64. Anonymous says:

    She’s not controversial at all. It seems like the same jealous & simple women keep posting negative comments instead of changing the channel like rational humans. Christina Loren is one of the prettiest women I have ever seen on T.V. and in person. I saw her on Santana Row in a tight top and bet gold those ta ta’s are real.

  65. ThruMyEyes says:

    Annoying, annoying, annoying! The boobs look like oranges on either side of her chest being held up by her armpits, clothes that just don’t fit, and botox that is just getting out of control. The only thing that moves is the lips! This morning her face even looked like it was lob-sided! She is doing the profession a disservice!

  66. Whitney says:

    I can’t speak for all the women who find Loren inappropriate for “first thing in the morning” viewing..but I can say, with confidence that my dislike for her is NOT out of jealousy. She is just a total drag. True she is not wearing a bikini while spitting out her “report” to us. However, I believe what some women mean when we dis her wardrobe is that it’s just not tasteful enough to be worn by someone we are suppose to trust and take seriously. Not that day to day weather is something totally critical in our lives… But it is to her. She has made a career out of it. Loren..Dress like You take it seriously, if you want us to.
    To Annonymous (above): I choose not to change the channel because I LOVE the Today Show! And speaking of the Today Show.. Take notice to how the women dress. Even Hoda & Kathy look put together and classy..even when being silly and not so serious. Bobby Thomas should lend her advice to Loren. And finally, I understand why some women like to rock their Spanx, but when I can SEE the Spanx and lingerie through your clothing…the outfit you chose is not suitable for morning news.

  67. Buffy says:

    Some just got it… and others just don’t. And she don’t.

  68. ace says:

    you sound like an angry, ugly feminist dyke

  69. chris hall says:

    she a pleasure to watch in the morning!

  70. KDC says:

    Natural beauty and brains is a tough combination for any insecure woman to accept as nonthreatening.. its understandable why these comments arise about a woman who consistently does a great job

  71. GodBlessHaters says:

    She is smart, funny, and incredibly pretty. She dresses better than anyone else on Bay Area TV. Reading all these posts merely reflect one or two very insecure women, extremely jealous, writing horrible things so they can feel better about themselves. Sorry ladies but look at her facebook page.
    She is loved by men and lovely women and doesn’t need your approval. Your parents clearly did not raise you properly. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.

  72. Lisa says:

    I think Christina looked great today. She looked attractive, feminine & professional. Today the good job she does verbally was reflected in her attire. Thank you Christina & thank you to NBC.

  73. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t noticed her boobs since her face is so latex & rubberlike.It scares my 2 year old when she smiles! Even she knows something isn’t right there.Bless the boobs & bag the face.It scares small children.

  74. […] guy I would say is the dullest tool in the shed (yes, Jon Kelly, I mean you), except for they have Christina Loren doing the weather, so there is not really any more room in that category. The jokes are bad, the news is useless and […]

  75. SayItAintMoe says:

    Love her or hate her it’s still an obsession. I think she’s fierce. Go gurrrrl! Mean people suck and are mean because their lives suck.

  76. BroadcastBabe says:

    I’ve been in the local broadcasting business for over two decades and find her frustrating at times. It’s not so much the times she looks like she’s popping out of her shirt or dress (she’s not the only one — two words: Darya Folsom), but when I’m trying to get useful data out of a weather report and she only shows the current temperatures and goes straight to the ranges of high temperatures for the day (which, given our microclimates, is useless by itself), I don’t care *what* she looks like because she’s not delivering a useful report.

  77. TiredOfCL says:

    I have put up with Christina Loren since she first came to your station. I don’t need a face and body that early in the morning. Not only is her sexy apperance annoying, but it would be better if she was an accurate real metorolgist. I do like your new morning anchor Jon Kelley. I am a Today fan and will continue to watch that program, but when Christina comes on I will click over to KTVU to get my accurate weather information.

  78. themoorethemerrier says:

    Haters are your biggest fans. Christina Loren is gorgeous and smart and women who aren’t secure with themselves (which is most) will hate. This is not rocket science. Secure people don’t complain about such trivial matters.

  79. Beverly says:

    Wow! I can’t believe how awful people are. Ewwww! I really like Christina Loren. I think these people are really envious, downright jealous and unnecessarily cruel in their comments. It’s pretty obvious what THEY are lacking, isn’t it.

  80. misskitty says:

    this has nothing to do with jealousy or envy…she is inappropriate…she is full of botax and her lips are full of injections…her jokes or comments always have a sexual inuendo in them…her clothing not appropriate for the workplace…nbc where is your HR? are ratings down?

  81. Cristina says:

    People need to stop associating negative comments on attractive women with jealousy or envy. What you are basically saying is that women do not think of anything other than how other women look… and that is quite ignorant, sexist, and downright lame.

    NBC’s morning show = crap these days. What ever happened to Brent Cannon and Laura Cannon together as anchors? They were actually intelligent, professional, and an attractive couple!

    Christina Loren, needless to say, comes across as an annoying lady. I’ve heard her say “PERFECT DAY FOR BEACH WEATHER” every morning for a week… it’s annoying!

    NBC Bay Area is using her to make the show seem more appealing… and it’s not working that way.


  82. Anonymous says:

    absolutely a tart—she plays off the men. Why not have clothes that fit, not 2 sizes too small. Definitely not a major metropolitan market person, maybe ok for topeka not Bay Area. And her jewelry is ugly and repeated too often. ANY stylist could help her.

  83. Rosana says:

    I am a woman and I enjoy looking at her. I enjoy her voice and the way she moves and speaks. I have no idea if what she says makes sense or not because what I am very distracted by what she looks like…… Having said that, I agree that the size of her ta-tas and the oh-so-tight blouses are very unprofessional.

  84. Jo says:

    She is horrible. It’s difficult focusing on whether with her boobs and bizarre stance. All she needs is a stripper pole

  85. V says:

    I agree with NVRBRK and all the Non-Haters.Go Christina!Your. perk reminds me of Robin Meade.Ill bet that bitter woman. who’s name. starts w/A doesn’t even have a man.I’ve seen this ‘championing’ hater behavior as what is Really setting back women.As for my ‘slavering’ @ the crack of dawn I do it over Dar.;) Why not sex/lust has motivated every thing on earth since the beginning and no bitter. hater is EVER gonna change that.

  86. Keester says:

    Ok Christina doesn’t do it for me,but lets level the playing field & get rid of the anchor desk & put the anchor men in some tight pants!I would definitely watch the whole news cast!
    Sisters,its just a knee jerk reaction from some men to hurtfully attack when no one else likes their pretty prettys.Like we somehow insulted their manhood by not liking what they like…Don’t take the bait.

  87. Winning says:

    Christina is one of the best meteorologist on the network. The women watching her are envious of her nice body and bubbly personality. Her weather reports are typically spot on. I periodically compare her forecast to the weather channel on my iPhone and the weather channel is usually wrong. You all need to get past the bi_ching and listen to what she has to say.

  88. Don says:

    What she was wearing in that clip was very tame. The weather girls in Miami wear mini skirts and tops that look more like body paint than clothes. I’m not complaining…but sometimes I wonder how that clothes is appropriate for any business and if their coworkers behind the camera get to dress like that too?

  89. Melissa says:

    Really! People are concerned about the presence of Christina Loren. She is beautiful and adds to the channel 3 team. Most women who are confident in themselves dress to please oneself. She exudes intelligence when she speaks and is fashionable, more power to her. Please people there are more important issues to worry about than what someone is wearing. I believe in freedom of speech and everyone’s opinion matters. My opinion is she is a wonderful, I for one miss Brent Cannon… I wish peace an good fortune to everyone. I hope that the issues people have with how people present themselves is a prejudice to all people big and small.

  90. tayloor says:

    Christina tries to hard to fit in. Her clothes are unprofessional, too tight and over the top! Of course, it doesn’t help that the camera people frame her body as they do. She doesn’t need a pointer, they just use her breasts to indiicate the location!
    Prior to Christina, everyone got along fine. The transitions from one personality to another were very smooth. Her comments cut the flow.
    She also makes rude comments about other weather people such as Al Roker, which is totally unprofessional.
    Looks aside, she just doesn’t fit!

  91. misskitty says:

    Christina stop shopping at KMart and stop buying clothes two size smaller. Bottom line she is inappropriate for that workplace. How do you expect people to take you seriously…If s you were working at a bar hey you would be the ideal employee for that setting. NBC don’t you read these comments? can’t you see we the people are not happy with your meteorologist…

  92. Martin says:

    Hmmm…. I say Haters you say what? Haters!

  93. Taj says:

    I”m a traveler, and EVERY time I’m in the bay area, I always have the NBC morning news on… silent, just to see Christina Loren. I listen to the Dan Patrick radio show in the morning. Christina is smoking hot and if not for her, I wouldn’t bother watching.
    Just like KTLA’s Mary-Beth McDade, doesn’t matter what she is saying, I’m still watching.

  94. Frod says:

    Nothing wrong at all with Christina …she may be too straight for frisco though….haha! …she is cute, funny and fun to look at while reading the weather…would you rather have a birkenstock female up there with a hippie outfit on?…no thanks …there are a few real men in the bay area who yes I’ll say it like to look at woman…and yes I am a construction worker …!! the real deal!!

  95. Bella says:

    Yes I’m a woman… Model for a popular liquor company in SF as well as popular men’s magazines… I am 24yrs old. I love watching the Today Show because I can watch it where ever I am. When I’m home in the Bay Area I see Christina Loren’s forecast in between The Today Show’s segments. I agree with those who find her obnoxious. I must be honest though as say she has gotten the dressing thing down a bit better on most days now. However there are a few things she can not change that will remain part of her persona indefinitely. For instance her shrilling voice, black diamond sloped head, cheesy poses in front of the camera, and inaccurate weather predictions. I suppose the last one I mentioned could actually improve with experience. Shes just a headache in the morning to listen to. The way she pronounces Los Gatos makes my skin crawl.. “Lass Gat-Ass” sounds ridiculous! No sweetie. You Got No Ass! But you can be a royal one most mornings.

  96. Dope says:

    Hey Cristina..!! I hear Hooters is opening soon in Sonoma! Maybe I’ll see you there…!?!

  97. PhilM. says:

    I also stopped watching their news and because of her. It’s not just what she wears, and her ridiculous banter, which I don’t want to hear, just give me the weather. But have you noticed her eye makeup on some days. She looks like a raccoon.

  98. themoorethemerrier says:

    Merry Christmas to the most beautiful weather girl ever. I only watch the news for you. There is no controversy. Its obvious that one extremely insecure person is repeatedly posting bad comments under false names. They have some horrible kharma coming.

  99. San Jose Mo says:

    Glad to see that someone at NBC was listening to viewers and that Miss Loren has classed up her attire and has eliminated the whine in her voice. The Weather report goes a bit more quickly and the sexual innuendos which were more than obvious don’t seem to exist. I don’t think in Central CA that we care whether news people are attractive or less attractive as much as we expect them to treat their audience as intelligent.

  100. Belladonna says:

    This is how I see it.. It’s just as easy for those people who say CL is a an inappropriate obnoxious portrayal of women as it is easy for those people who defend her to say that those who say they dont like CL, are all just jealous and ugly. Some gentleman above gives a good example of her “talent(s).” He remarked having seen her mug on a billboard and thought why would the news station put so much money into advertising a no name unatractive new weather girl?…until he saw her give a weather report one morning..and changed his mind…claiming now she is a 10! Why did he change his mind? In my opinion its because now he’s not looking at her face and she might as well be reciting the periodic table of elements cuz..who’s really listening? He sees big hard tits! Her outfits wouldn’t be ridiculed if she would simply have better taste. Not wear cheap fabrics. It’s obvious she’s tastefully challenged. As is those who find her at all appealing to look at. If she could pronounce Los Gatos correctly I’d have more respect for the hot mess. Until then..she is just that. A hot mess.

  101. Playgirl says:

    Hey Winning. I can’t bare to listen to Loren speak. If I did my ears would bleed and I’d wear a Tshirt while it was cold and raining outside. And to all those who say women are jealous of her confidence.. HA! She does Not portray confidence.. To me she seems very unsure of herself. If she truly represents great confidence, as many have stated.. then why did she get that crappy boob job?

  102. Johnson says:


  103. Special K says:

    Porn Barbie.

  104. B. says:

    What a bunch of jealous little girls… Haters!!!

  105. Anonymous says:

    I’m definitely not a fan at her, but perhaps instead of blaming her (since a lot of women would use the same cards to land a similar job), blame the network. Obviously the men hiring for the meteorologist position were looking for certain… assets? Also the network if they wanted to could tell her to dress more professionally, but they dont, as you can see from some of the more lustful men on here posting they tune in to watch her flounce around. In general there’s blatant sexism in all cable/network anchored TV. Usually they have a 30 something to middle aged male anchor, often overweight old or wrinkly and then a young and/or fit female glossed up. The bigger issue at hand should be addressed before she’s targeted individually for her appearance. The bigger issue than just the news that our culture in general has double standards for what a male and female should appear like on TV. All that aside though with the collagen lips, bleach blonde hair, and probable fake boobies I think she looks very porn-ish

  106. Dee Miller says:

    Christina cannot say a sentence without waving her hands all over the place. I find the low-class mispronunciation of the newscasters to be more annoying than anything. And thank goodness they got rid of Brent, been asking for that for years. Now Laura. Hasn’t anyone every told her there is an “ing” on the word “coming, going, etc.” Commin Up, is what she says. I know we are in San Jose, but couldn’t they try a little harder to be professional. And pronouncing “student” with the emphasis on the wrong syllable is also annoying. It is stud – ent, not stu-dent! Send these folks to broadcasting school.

  107. Railbird Films says:

    I might be close to a size 14, but I don’t care. I like Christina. I’ve always liked Christina. You jealous cows, skinny or otherwise, need to get over yourselves. What Christina wears is really not that important in life! The important stuff in life is that you and your loved ones have your health, money, food, and … cable TV … so that you can pick on pretty successful celebrities to make yourselves feel better about yourself. Weirdos!

  108. AbbyJ says:

    There’s nothing to “get over” with ourselves. She looks like white trash.

  109. Beth says:

    OK I must say CL is as annoying and unprofessional as it gets. She has toned it down with her revealing clothes although they are still skin tight and tasteless. Barbie doll is the perfect description for her. NBC Bay Area has gone downhill. I’m glad she stopped imitating Al Roker with “in your neck of the woods” quote but her “City by the Bay” isn’t cute or her accent. Where is she from? She would never make it in the big time world of NYC-they only hire professionals with real personalities and natural demeanors (all of the Today show people).
    What’s with the hand motions on the map like she’s Vanna White. Oh-maybe that’s wherer she got her training. Time to let her go and upgrade to a more appropriate representative of San Francisco. Maybe she can confer with Marla Tellez for some lessons in class and approachability.

  110. Ryan says:

    Really people, is this all you have to write about. Who cares, she has a job and likes what she is doing. I want to see all of you go up there and do what she does if you think its easy. she does her job and thats all you can ask for.

  111. Brian Glenn says:

    I watch Ms. Loren everyday for the weather and because she’s better than Viagra

  112. Kathy says:

    Wow, so many unclasp remarks. It’s one thing to make these remarks in the privacy of your own home but here it just wrong. I’m not a fan of Christina but I’m glad they are dressing her less provocatively. It keeps me watching the station, instead of switching channels.

  113. Sprmcandy says:

    The girl is CUTE !

  114. SayItAintMoe says:

    NBC’s Ratings are better than ever. Your negative publicity probably helped, nice job! Everyone loves a controversy and people can easily sift through jealous comments. Christina is a STAR. Uniquely confident and beautiful. Men will love & insecure women will hate. Not rocket science.

  115. the one says:

    My girl gets upset when I tell her to stop blocking the tv.

  116. T Cam says:

    OMG – I never have even posted anything like this, but somebody made a big mistake. I’ve lived on the SF Peninsula (SM County) all of my life – Christina needs to go to LA or PHX, not here. Her image is not what we are looking for in a weatherman -does anyone remember Pete Giddings!!! Get Real NBC – listen to what is being said.

    I turned the channel – can’t stand to watch anymore.

  117. Anonymous says:

    wow i work hard every day

  118. Smartass says:

    If you work so hard everyday..whatcha doing here?

    The point of this site is to speak your mind and share your views on the subject. If all these posts were positive and supportive of CL then this page would be borrrring and be over in an instant. Like reality tv.. It sucks/stupid but some people watch it.. Guess most Americans enjoy watching a train wreck.

    Your girlfriend has taste..she thought you did too. That’s why she’s annoyed with you for telling her to move out the way.

    She’s whatever. Plain. Her botched boob job is what I can’t get over. Her right nipple is seriously deformed (you can clearly see the outline thru her tops) they are stuck up around her neck and don’t move at all. Looks very hard and uncomfortable. That’s all I see when she’s regurgitating her forecast. I couldn’t tell you what the weather will be like.. But I just look out the window.

    Before the airheads try to say Im just jealous.. I’ll share with you this.. I too have had a boob job. They are placed in their natural area, are perky yet you can still squeeze them. They jiggle and bounce. I’m very happy with them. if a lady wants to have her breast augmented ..that’s her choice. But it’s best to take an hour and do the homework and find a good Dr.

    Enjoy the beautiful day everybody!! It looks like its gonna be a nice one! 😉

  119. SayItAintMoe says:

    Um, Judging by your post Smartass you definitely have something to prove about your nasty fake tits. No man to spend any time with? Because you wrote a novel. Christina Loren is hotter than hell. You are an unhealthy drain on society. Misery loves company and I’m sure you have plenty.

  120. i says:

    sorry to throw a wrench into your diatribe smartass, but christina’s goods are 100% all natural

  121. El Patch-ino says:

    I think she is very smart and informative as well as good
    eye candy for someone like me who wears an eye patch. She makes Monday mornings more bearable and puts that extra pep in my morning step with her large amount of weather knowledge sophistication, and sex appeal.

  122. Really? says:

    Enough… Christina must go shopping – it is surely a fashion foul to wear the same blue dress twice a week, every week. If someone out there is her BFF, help your girl – go easy on the botox and find a stylist. Trying to help out here…For years I have watched “today in the bay” news – but continually change the local news because It has become Discomforting to view an incompetent weather meteorologist, and one can only stomach so much of the Botox and repeated “tired” wardrobe. Maybe the producers can provide constructive guidance. Good luck!

  123. SayItAintMoe says:

    Really?/Smartass- It’s painfully obvious that you are the same person posting under a multitude of different names. You say you continually change the channel, yet you know what she is wearing every day!?! Do you think you could do a better job?? Does your man find her attractive?? Do you even have a man?? People who are unhappy and jealous try to make others look bad in order to feel better about themselves. This is a classic mark of a mentally unhealthy individual. Hope you find help and more importantly love.

  124. Kim says:

    I actually know Christina from school and there is definetly something off about her; however, she is a hard worker and is one of the best at her job.

  125. Marlee says:

    Honestly guys,

    I care nothing about her attire, or what she wears, or any of that…. what she looks like is not what turns me off. What turns me off is the downright PHONINESS of her persona. I believe it was much worse when she started, and someone probably told her to tone it down a notch and thank God! I don’t feel as annoyed now when I watch the morning news. She is a good meteorologist, I just find her an odd fit for the bay area… all of the other anchors are REAL, mellow, and down to earth.

  126. Dianne says:


  127. Anonymous says:

    I agree,this poor girl comes off as phonywe need real———————

  128. Frod says:

    well …she is not gay so that leaves her at a distinct disadvantage……for working in bay area television for sure ….

  129. Bethany says:

    Read thru a lot of these posts to see if anyone noticed her fingers. Seems most people are more focused on her outfits. I can’t keep my eyes off her long crooked fingers. My Mom can’t stand her and asked if I ever noticed her weird fingers, now that’s all I see. Thanks Mom!

  130. Betty says:

    Everything about Christina is fake!! Fake boobs, fake lips, fake hair, fake lashes, fake personality. She’s so sloppy. In the morning she picks her outfit up off the floor shakes it out and says “this isnt that rinkled or have I worn it this week?” and puts it on. Only thing missing is her stripper pole so she come down like the jet stream. I can’t watch the hooker so I change the channel to watch Mike Necco on ABC.

  131. Ron Burgundy says:

    My wife and I call her “Boobs McGee” and have a good laugh every time she is on. She is joke, and an embarrassment to professional women everywhere.

  132. Anonymous says:

    She gives me wood

  133. Ted says:

    She gives me wood

  134. Joseph says:

    Christina’s forecasts for San Francisco are always inaccurate. Today, she posted 74 degrees as a high while all the other forecasters predicted high 60’s. Anyone who lives in San Francisco knows it does not get that hot, especially in the summer. She needs to focus on accurate forecasts, rather than her UNnatural looks.

  135. Nebulous says:

    She’s hot. I’m watching. What more is there to it?

  136. Jean says:

    She looks like she has been completely made over by plastic surgery. Her face, her chin and her boobs are tooo high to be natural. She’s a phony.So is that Daria. It’s difficult to watch both of them……..

  137. NM says:

    I am happy to see that other NBC viewers are disturbed by the addition of “Boobie Barbie.” I am offended by her selection, and either mute or fast forward her weather report when I need to stay on the NBC channel. I am sure some “sexist” male manager hired her. Are we back in the 60’s? She belongs in SoCal.

  138. michael p brainerd says:

    i think you are so beautiful would love love the chance to talk to you sometime im on facebook (: keep doing a great job watch you every morning (:

  139. Annoyed Viewer says:

    I think she is obnoxious and she tries to make jokes that aren’t funny. I especially am annoyed when she puts down Laura, Jon or Mike. Get her off the show – please!!!!

  140. wow says:

    Her hit on the Giants pre-game was pathetic trying to flirt with Bill Laskey. She is AWFUL on the air. I don’t get why they tried to push her so much on NBC last year. Her horrible plastic surgery and fake lips look terrible. She’s neither hot or good on air. No idea why she is employed in this big of a market.

  141. sMoKe says:

    HAHAH this whole article ummm……..jealous are we?

  142. kdc says:

    im not really understanding the haters.. i find her to be easy to watch and actually pretty funny too

  143. hey now says:

    Christina is awesome. not sure why you are so against her.

  144. carmen are says:

    I too felt surprised when she appeared replacing Ron Mayeda. I thought that she didn’t know how to dress professionally and her clothes looked mega cheap and southern california cheesy. I quit watching and no I’m not ugly, I have always been told that I am beautiful so don’t call me names. I even called the station and asked where they had found a hooker/weather girl because her clothes were so shocking…..Maybe she just has bad taste. She has indicated she’s from southern Cali, so there is definitely a cultural divide regardin fashion within our state. Having seen her recently, it appears that someone got her a wardrobe consutant-took her shopping and bought her some SF/Bay Area style sophisticated dresses. Wow, she needed that!

  145. larry says:

    Why do ugly fat women hate beautiful women (just don’t understand)

  146. Anonymous says:

    She’s really aged in the past year, face is looking a little haggard

  147. gresdale says:

    shes gorgeous.. love this girl!

  148. jaca says:

    Cristina does a wonderful job reporting the weather. I tune in every morning she is by far my favorite meterologist

  149. Anonymous says:

    Oh I cannot stand this woman. Half of the things that come out of her mouth are CLEARLY not in her script. It’s as if she thinks she is God’s gift. She is highly obnoxious to watch AND listen to. Her wardrobe is only the tip of the iceberg here… Her clothes NEVER fit and look like they should be worn by someone HALF her age and were purchased from Forever 21. The network really needs to get this broad in check. It’s one thing to ruin her own reputation, but completely another to represent a highly respected network in the way that she does. Ugh.

  150. CCJ1522 says:

    Gorgeous, Sexy and the best weather person on the west coast. Knows her stuff.

  151. Tete says:

    I was pleased to read that I am not the only one taking issue with Christina Loren at nbcbayarea. She may be bright and informed but it is uncomfortable to watch the weather broadcast when her breast appear to be up around her neck. I can’t help but think about disgusting perverts disrobing her seductive body language to say nothing about the poor female image portrayed. I change my favorite channel when it turns to the morning weather report. She’s like a robot.

    Get real, already!

  152. NBC you're screwing up everywhere says:

    I think Christina is a frustrated, wannabe actress! Like most people, I can intuitively tell when someone is being genuine, and someone is not being genuine. Christina is not being genuine. It offends my sensibilities. I innately dislike, distrust, and have a distaste for phony people. An example of a beautiful woman who comes across as genuine is Ann Curry. Christina, you are no Ann Curry! Maybe if she would take it down a notch, both in personality as well as breast line. We all give off an impression to others. She impresses me as someone who, first and foremost, needs and desires approval from men. She may know her stuff, but it will never be heard over her loud advertisement of “look at me, I’m pretty and sexy”.

  153. markie says:

    NBC today should be ashamed at how they exploit Christina Loren. I’m sure she’s a good meteorologist, but you don’t notice because her sausage casing dresses. It’s very unattractive not to say unprofessional. Whoever is in charge telling her what she should wear is disgraceful. Seriously? I’m embarrassed for her. Total exploitation. Please class her up so she’s not the family and friends

  154. brian says:

    I moved over to Mornings on 2 because this dimwit is like nails on a chalkboard. Stop with the forced laughing trying to convince us you are funny. Dress appropriately! Yiur botox swollen lips dont help either. the only thing this newscast set is missing for her is a pole so she can pole dance while she’s given the weather report. She’s the only newscaster I’ve ever seen making sure that she shows her backside every time she gets a chance. Go back to Miami please.

  155. Lana Lane says:

    Yes I am embarassed to say I got online to see if Christina Loren had a boob job. I was just watching th enews and saw her in a really cute dress and her face looks lit up and I noticed her perky boobs. I wanted to know I guess cause mine are no longer perky( hahaha). I think she is very pretty and engaging but I did note today that she did seem to be poking out her boobs or just standing straight. I do not agree with all of the very nasty negative things the majority were saying about her but decided after reading a bunch of trash that I will watch her for the rest of the week to form my own opinion. I do think today’s dress looked too sexy for the news but thought maybe she is going somewhere later that calls for a cute dress.

  156. Anonymous says:

    Her inappropriate comments like do up have a date for valentine Bryan hager the snow guy. Comments to John about sexual innuendos are inappropriate . The guy is married for crying out loud . Slut

  157. Theodore says:

    This Board. Is insane dont you ppl have a life, “jobs” “kids” etc. mind your own big deal she’s beautiful and likes to be dressed beautifully, (they are just jealous on a count of they hate being reminded they are insecure about them self. “News flash old grumpy women” you had yours I bet $1.00 when you was young you’d all wanted to be like her & just course she is what she is you want her to go & change her self… No! Never gonna happen!

  158. T-Bug says:

    What a bunch of bitter jealous women there are in the world. Christina looks nice and delivers the weather just fine. Leave her alone and go lose weight so you can feel good about yourself.

  159. Rooferdude says:

    Ms Loren does a great job. NBC only gives her a couple of minutes to do her job. If your un-attractive, you complain . We get it. Christa looks amazing every morning.

  160. grown up says:

    You people need to grow up and get a life. Leave her alone. Don’t watch her if her looks intimidate you

  161. Melanie says:

    I think her long dangling cliff hanger necklaces say volumes about her degree of desperate need for attention. “Just in case you all didn’t notice how high and jutting my boobs are, why don’t I dangle a long swinging shiny rope from them to force you to notice and marvel”.

    Hey, I have an idea! Attach a GI Joe rock climbing action figure to the bottom of the necklace for added entertainment. Lol.

  162. JMWinSF says:

    I get so very frustrated when reading some of these posts. She is a beautiful woman – I’m sure this is clear to everyone. She is also an accurate and insightful meteorologist and seems very sweet. I noticed a few people referencing their “Christian values.” That’s outrageous. I don’t see anyone fussing when an attractive man delivers news (John Kelly anyone?;-) ), so stop being jealous ladies.

  163. Truthhurts says:

    Christina obviously loves the attention because she wears such revealing clothes! However, she is bringing in negative attention to herself. She complains that people are always talking about her attire, but then she is the same person who poses practically nude in all of those bikini photos (which proves how much cosmetic surgery she has had) and poses so seductively like a porn star. C’mon, Christina! You are bringing this on to yourself! What do you expect, girlfriend? You are very knowledgeable, but it gets lost in the way you present yourself to the world. A classy woman does not have stand sideways to stick her behind out every time she is on TV–but Christina is always trying to put the emphasis on her body. Yes, girl, we get that you have great measurements–but truthfully, that is what you are more known for–and not what you should be known for, and that is, being a solid meterologist.

  164. rosebud says:

    bikini pics?? link please!

  165. Wendy says:

    My husband and I are embarrassed for her – We change the channel – She is over the top and someone needs to dress her in a way that is not so embarrassing for her.

  166. Bonniebelle says:

    I am not a prude but there is something wrong when a bright weather girl want to project this “Barbie Doll” image. Her persona becomes distracting and lacks professionalism. If the station is using this controversy for publicity it seems to cheapen women by using the sex trick in their news room. Skin tight clothing is saying one thing: “Guess what my body looks like under this dress.” Of course men defend it. They want more. Go to the beach when you can’t get your mind off of sex.

  167. Bonniebelle says:

    I bet a man hired her!!!

  168. Anonymous says:

    Appearances aside, her comments are embarrassing and inappropriate. An example from today: in reference to mothers day, she says “she carried you for nine months and then took care of you for years…”. What about adopted children, and children from surrogate mothers? It’s simply insensitive , insincere, thoughtless, and stupid.

  169. Kulas BL3 says:

    Christina is doing a great job being a meteorologist period!
    Everyone always have the option to change tv channel if you don’t like her.
    Don’t take it personal. The woman is just doing her job just like us.
    You people should start to lighten up. Life is too short!
    Is it her fault to be that physically and mentally gifted?
    Yeah… I must admit she is sexy and an eye catcher but common let’s be real that she is really good on what she’s suppose to be doing ….to provide us an accurate weather news for the day.
    Again… If you don’t like like watching her then change the tv channel.
    Nobody is stopping you! Let her do her job!

  170. Emmanuel says:

    What can I say, she makes me want to watch the news in the mornings! Is she forced?… yeah! Do I give a S**t? “Hell no”

  171. L says:

    Christina is great! I like what she wears and what she posts on FB. Almost up there with Jackie Johnson and Evelyn Taft (who used to be in the SF Bay also)….just needs shorter and mini-skirts like they prefer in SoCal. Her weather is good though.

  172. Victoria says:

    I can’t speak for all the women here, but since I’m a women, I’ll assume most of us who have negative opinions about Christina are NOT jealous of her. I can see why some or most men here see Christina and manage to sport a little wood in the morning..I mean lets face it, men can get a chubby if the wind blows just right. But myself (& probably most women here) just have better taste. Christina isn’t pretty. Giselle Buchanan (sp?) is. I wouldn’t be complaining if it were her wearing the short tight dresses and telling me an incorrect forecast every morning. I’d be applauding enthusiastically!

    Of course I understand too that Giselle is not your average woman. Christina however is. (Before the cheap enhancements) She’d be more attractive if she would just be herself. Yet she tries so hard not to believe that, and tries even harder to not let us realize that. (That = being shes not hot) Her tits are far too high and way too hard. I’ve had implants too, and they don’t choke me around the neck. Nor can I use them to dodge bullets. Just a poor taste for whomever hired her for the morning weather. And she needs NOT to shove her ass out in one direction and her right leg in the other. Like some feeble attempt to recreate Angelina Jolie’s famous stance at the Oscars or Golden Globes..reminds me of being in middle school, when that was the way all the girls would stand while in our little huddles. Her clothes have improved, some. And there are things we probably can’t change…like her voice. It’s like nails on a chalkboard.

    And please. Those who say we are jealous women… Come on, really? That’s just an easy rip back at us. I find many women beautiful and have had the pleasure of being intimate with many.

    But annoying air heads just shouldn’t be handling information that affects people in a city. I went to a wedding not too long ago that was rained on. Nothing in our morning forecast suggested it would be windy, cold and wet by early evening. There were other things on our minds that day, and relied too heavily on Tits McGee getting it right.

    Kulas: you mean klu-less! Physically and mentally gifted!? Is there a new meaning of the word “gifted?”

    Take care everyone… And smile! Even if you get rained on…

  173. xango says:

    Christina, if you’re reading this, I want you to kno you’re doing a FABULOUS job. You are intelligent, funny, witty, sweet and yes, absolutely GORGEOUS. I wish all newscasters had your winning combination of smarts, sweetness and great looks. PLEASE don’t listen to all the JEALOUS whiny, catty HATERS. Just keep doing what you’re doing. I only wish you were on on the evening news so I could watch you every day. By he way your fashion sense is fantastic. Are you related to Italian screen legend Sofia Loren? Your last name is a wonderful legacy to live up to. Congrqtulations and may you by on Bay Area airwaves for many years to come, hopefully moving to PRIME TIME soon.

  174. Marie says:

    I believe Christina has a mental illness, most likely narcissistic personality disorder. Her over the top laughing points to a discomfort within herself. I can’t image this woman will get married or have children due to excessive self preoccupation. I’m personally tired of her phoniness and can’t understand why she’s lasted this long, perhaps she’s locked into a contract. There is a part of me that feels sorry for her as its quite obvious the other anchors don’t care for her all that much either.

  175. Erik Adams says:

    don’t hate on Christina Loren.. she’s the most professional
    and the most beautiful girl that I’ve ever seen in my life how she dresses how she wants to dress and she does it well very eloquentshe’s on TV people and she doesn’t mess up when it comes to your weather I mean to the T.. the most accurate Christina Lorraine is the most beautiful most professional girl that I’ve ever seen in my life…I actually havve a serious crush on her… you know you can’t please everybody in your life when you’re on the News Channel and you have to report something it has to be accurate and I mean she does it flawlessly with super class ERIK IN MARTINEZ LOVES HER EVERY DAY

  176. It looks to me like Christina is developing a BABY BUMP.

    Does anyone else see it, or is it just me.

  177. DDD says:

    LOL@the puritan that has a problem with that “risque”white shirt.

  178. Anonymous says:

    Another annoyed female says:

    April 13, 2011 at 6:33 pm

    Ok boys lets be real! I for one am not a size 14 and do not need to be to make a comment about Christina Loren. I watch NBC in the morning and find her outfits to be awful! They are always too tight, clingy and short. There is something to be said about looking professional, she is on TV for weather not to show us what she can squeeze into. Not only that but she is trying way too hard to fit in with her lame jokes. I like both Brent and Laura, but she makes me want to change the channel. Each morning my husband and I joke about how bad her outfit is going to be, yes my husband agrees with me. I am not say she isn’t pretty and a looker, but has she ever heard of leaving something to the imagination??? I am disappointed that NBC has not had a say in her wardrobe. She can still look nice and attract that male attention she was hired to get, but in a much classier way.

  179. Kris says:

    Really..take Christina off this show..I would much rather watch the classy Laura Garcia Canon. It is not necessary to watch Christina do her side profile of her bad boob job every five minutes. Take off the false eyelashes, stop plumbing up your lips and wearing skin tight dresses that are way too short to be professional. If you really need to show off your boobs, join one of the channels that only shows after midnight. You need to act like a professional..and your fake laugh is not becoming at all.

  180. w earl says:

    I’m really surprised at some of these comments. My wife and I watch her every morning before we go to work and find her to be very cheery and a joy to listen to. We laugh at some of her funny segways, always enjoy her smile.
    She may be sexy, but why do so many think that that is a bad thing? I’m with alot of the others here in saying that people are jealous of her.
    Yes, my wife and I have had discussions about whether she had a boob job…my wife thinks it’s just the bra style she wears…but…Who the heck cares? She’s pretty, funny and think she would be fun to just hang out with as a friend.
    And ladies, trus me when I say….your husband would be proud if you looked as good as she does…they’re just not going to tell you that!

  181. little kippy says:

    There’s NO bad press! This is a rule a thumb with publicity. And, judging by all the comments, NBC knows exactly what they’re doing! I switch over to NBC bay area just to see what Christina is wearing today. Red dress today? Oh yeah!!! Thank you NBC. But Asian traffic guy Mike Inouye? Come on! Traffic? Really? Ok, kudos for trying to break the stereotype. Anyway, I noticed that there’s a strap mark indentation on Christina’s upper right leg just above the thigh. Is that a mic transmitter strap mark or something? Do you guys (NBC) ever sell those off. Ya know, the old transmitter holders? Because I’d like to get in on that! But I digress. I watch Christina’s weather report because she’s pleasing to look at and the report is concise and as accurate as any of the others. During the controversy over Howard Stern when he was in the limelight, when asked by his supporters, why they listened to his show, they responded, “I want to hear what he’s going to say next”. When the same survey asked Howard Stern haters why they listened to the show, the response was exactly the same. Which is exactly what’s happening here. You love her! You hate her! But you’re still watching!!!

  182. little kippy says:

    All these haters are cows. Big stanky cows! Put the fork down and do the same workout regiment that Christina does. You still wouldn’t look as good. When I watch tv i want to see perfect people. Good looking people. I mean have you ever looked around at people standing in line at the DMV? It’s a friggin lepper colony. What percentage of humanity is dateable? Gotta be less than 1%, Who wants to see that on tv? Not me!
    What’s our alternative after all, Steve Paulson (KTVU), he’s good for the old ladies but that’s about it. No one is mentioning Leigh Glaser’s recent wardrobe upgradeon KRON, or the other weather girl’s tight dresses on KRON. The dark skinned girl. No one talks about them! Why? Because they’re not as hot? Ridiculous! Women are catty, jealous, insecure, hateful, and pathetic. GET OVER IT ALREADY! Quit trying to use sexual exploitation as a convenient tool. You’re just trying to satisfy your own hurtful pathetic needs. Make yourself a better person! Look inward and try to find some kind of happiness within yourself. Instead of pointing your finger at someone else, and saying, that’s the problem.” That’s why women are held back!” BS!!! Christina is not held back! She’s hard working, aggressive, vibrant and yes, beautiful! LIVE WITH IT!!!

  183. little kippy says:

    Hey Smartass! Pics? :)

  184. marjorie moore says:

    I’m shocked at the negative press regarding Christina Loren. Not only does she appear to be very smart but she has a fantastic personality. She’s an absolute delight and one of the reasons I watch Today on the Bay. Perhaps there’s some jealousy from the women out there as far as Christina goes – she seems to have it all!!!!!

    I only wonder what has happened to two other delightful folks, John Kelly and Marla Tellez. They disappeared with the same secrecy as Brent Cannon who was also good at his anchor job along with his wife and the rest of the crew. It’s a mystery what goes on over there, and disappointing at the turnover.

  185. Mary says:

    I miss Nick O’Kelly!!!!

    He was the best weather man ever!

  186. Sherri says:

    Get rid of Christina love the am news hate her. She is a dummy can pronounce city names correctly, dresses like a bimbo talks too loud makes dumb jokes have to chage to channel 7 when she is on

  187. Richard says:

    Maybe if you “haters” focused on your own behavior flaws, you might not hate so much. Most of what passes as “amusing repartee” on the morning news is lame and most of the news anchors are dummies. Concentrate on self-improvement if you want to make the world a better place.

  188. Fran says:

    I think she hasn’t a brain, wears her clothes way too tight and insults our intelligence. Her push up bras, worked on lips make her seem like a hooker. She isn’t amusing at all just stupid. The station is loosing viewers.

  189. I am not jealous of her. I just don’t like her approach… She talks to the audience in patronizing tones. When she does speak like a professional woman, then I like her just fine. Hopefully, she will calm down and not try so hard. Until then, I will be watching flipping the channel.

  190. Don says:

    I’m a big fan. I like her reporting and I love her wardrobe and style. I’ve been watching her for years and I cannot say for certain but I don’t think she ever wears the same dress twice. She always looks fabulous. To any woman who objects to my comment, I say go buy yourself a man’s suit. She is awesome.

  191. Django says:

    I don’t understand what the controversy is regarding Christina’s dress, she’s dressing like a regular fashionable professional woman. Are you prudes expecting a weather lady to dress like a nun?

  192. Jill says:

    What I object to is why this weather person needs to walk back and forth with her back arched when the weather can be delivered like the wonderful
    straight-shooter, Steve Paulson. The weather takes center stage which is what I prefer. Ms. Loren should go to Vegas where her bod could take center stage.

  193. Robert says:

    I just love to see the female jealous comments. It is a great! Still proves that men want what they want and only a few causation women can pass it off. Sorry girls!

  194. Joe 1956 says:

    I’ve seen Christina doing location shootings at San Francisco AT&T park. When I ask to have a photo taken with her, she always cheerfully agrees. She could very easily have told me to get lost. I have become her biggest fan and will defend her against jealous housewives everywhere.
    If you want to watch boring, plain meteorologists, change the channel .

  195. Weather or not says:

    She makes the weather fun and a bit more informative than usual. She’s beautiful and cheerful. What in the world is the problem haters! Her only fault is … she’s like a warm breeze on a cold day…Oh ya that’s not a real problem people!

  196. Brad Carter says:

    Sounds like a bunch of haters who are out shape and jelouse.She does a great job on the weather and I enjoy seeing her.You wish you looked that good.

  197. pat says:

    christina is like a ray of sunshine. she is smart does a great job and looks very happy. keep it up

  198. Linda Pavia says:

    What is with Christina Loren? She is the MOST obnoxious weather “girl” in the area. She is the MOST unprofessional person on TV. She is so into herself that it is repulsive. Her clothes are too tight, she laughs doing the weather which is not appropriate and thinks she just SO cute!!! I do not watch NBC news in the morning anymore because of her. Mike Nicco on ABC is so much more professional. When I watch the Today Show and she comes on during breaks, I mute the TV because I just can’t stand her. She should change her ways, change her clothing or fire her!!! As a woman, these are NOT jealous comments. I’ve read the majority of the posts and I am certainly not alone in my impressions of her. PLEASE get her off the TV!!! Totally obnoxious woman.

  199. Anonymous says:

    Hello Kitty. She will never be taken as a professional. Kitty just trying to report the weather leading by her boobs.

  200. C says:

    Oh. My. Lord.

    I am home with a cold and flipped on the news this morning. All was fine until the weather person, Christina Loren appeared. For a few moments I thought it was a parody and that the real weather reporter would be coming on soon. Where did this weather person come from? The constant flipping of the hair was unwatchable. The the odd, stiff, boobs-in-the-air pose… I’ve never seen anyone appear so uncomfortable while delivering a weather report. She so reminded me of when my sister and I played dress-up as kids and pretended to be “grown up ladies” with socks stuck under our shirts. I am neither out of shape or jealous. I do however have a brain and can distinguish between a classy, professional weather anchor and some idiotic twit.

  201. Anonymous says:

    At 6 AM, I just want to see what the weather will be this day. I DONT want to see Christina Loren prancing back and forth in front of the screen blocking the 5-day forecast.

  202. holly says:

    I am done with NBC morning news. I can’t see the weather report when Christina Loren is prancing back and forth across the screen. When I wake up, I just want to SEE what the weather will be….not Kitty prancing. I’m now watching CBS San Francisco News with Michelle Griego and team. Much more professional.

  203. holly says:

    I’m done with the NBC morning channel. Love the team on CBS with Michelle Griego and team.

  204. zeke says:

    I just want to see the weather. Not Christina prancing back and forth across the screen blocking the weather in my area.

  205. Julie says:

    I find this woman (Christina Loren) so annoying that I was motivated to find a platform for my voice to be heard. So thank you for letting me get this off my 100% real chest. No I am not jealous of her over sized fake boob job. On my way to this site I just Googled her name and clicked on images. There you will see her earlier in her career where she has natural boobs to fit her size frame. I think it’s very sad that she feels or was encouraged to alter her body to be more…sexy to report on the weather? Even if she was in porn that is not sexy!

    She is clearly motivated to have all eyes on her and works very hard to stick out her chest as much as she can. She has this really awkward flirty exchange with all her coworkers. SHE IS SO WEIRD she must be stopped! I think her personality and fake boobs would fit in quite well at a brothel. If she wants to fit in as a newsman follow Laura Cannon’s lead she is a professional class act that just happens to be beautiful.

  206. Jealous Females says:

    Christina Loren does a great job and deserves a raise. Stop criticizing and harassing because of jealousy. Try watching the weather on some of the other networks.

  207. WhatGoesAroundComesAround says:

    The same person keeps posting under new names on this site and that is obvious. Even worse is the suspicion that it is someone from Laura Garcia Cannon’s family or Laura herself and it would not be hard to find out for sure. It’s truly unfortunate that you have to come to the same site over and over and post negative comments. Your life will not get better this way.

  208. Jim Puetz says:

    The people on here are tards…Christina does a great job and yes she is attractive, if you don’t like her change the channel to KTVU 2…. I have met her and she is genuine and I was at a charity event…. people need to grow up and move on…. Why don’t you complain about sitcoms too..geez.

  209. Wm Pitt says:

    I watch a lot of weather and yes, I do compare predictions etc. When I watch Christina Loren’s broadcast all I know is I end up feeling better than before! Yeah, sometimes I remember (when I was feeling crappy) she annoyed me for a second hahaa, I mean really people?!!! How can this person be so happy!!! Huh what’s up?!!! Anyway, all I know is I ended up watching just to get a bump up hahaa. Works out great for me, I get a decent weather report AND a friggin’ attitude check as well!!! Keep it up Christina, As for the “haters”, I know you love them anyway and send your blessings to them. You certainly have been a blessing in our house. Thanks Christina Bella Loren you have an awesome attitude for all!!!

  210. Francesca says:

    This is seriously the lamest bunch of comments I have ever heard! I happen to think Christina Loren’s bubbly personality is great to watch so early in thee morning!! Especially when half the world is still in their grumpy zone! Yes, she is a beautiful woman and has a great figure! Is there Really something wrong with a Woman Dressing like a woman!!!! If any of you haters had half the body she does you’d want to wear more feminine type clothes also. I could just imagine what you wear to work!!
    I actually think that some of her clothes could be tailored to fit her better!!
    I read a reference to her looking like a hooker! LoL a hooker Really?! There’s a Huuuge difference between the two!!
    And weather porn? You obviously are to prudish to watch a real porn! You should try it sometime maybe you’d listen up a bit!

  211. Francesca says:

    Correction……”maybe you’d loosen up a bit”!!

  212. Shirl says:

    I am so surprised at this TV station. I record every morning show even though I do not leave the house til 6:30 a.m. and up at 3:30 a.m. Christina IS a bright light in these hours to me, a “Happy” reason to get in a good mood and feel positive before stepping out the door to deal with the people I have to in my office! She deserved a whole lot better than what she received by being let go, because she was a positive minded person? Cause she was happy so early in the morning? When was the last time anyone one of you turned on the TV at 4:30 a.m. and truly saw the person on the screen who loved the it job??? I can’t believe she is gone because of her performance or even her attire….if anyone at the station had issues about anything, didn’t she deserve a chance to know what the issues where and to work on them? This totally sounds sexist to me…I want to hear the weather….I want a positive minded person… and a happy person telling it to me at that hour in the morning!!!!!!!!!!! Bring her back where she brought happy in the morning for me facing misery in people that I have to spend 8 hrs with!!!

  213. Lou Hernandez says:

    The only reason I watched this drone of a news station was because of Miss. Lauren’s positive attitude towards anything she reported on.
    She is a real person in a Sea of cookie cutter reporters and I choke on calling them reporters. I guess I’ll have to find another station.
    As for you people who have a problem with her looks …it must suck to be you!
    She is a beautiful person with a positive out look on life good luck Miss. Lauren

  214. T says:

    Here’s a vote for Ms. Loren.

    She was a bright spot in the morning. I actually think she dressed pretty modestly. I never saw any cleavage such as I’ve seen on other stations, and especially on SoCal news shows. My wife and I wondered what color will Christina wear this morning. She also clearly knows what she is talking about. I looked into her background and she “completed a year of Graduate work in the field of Operational Meteorology. In 2009, Loren finished a three year program at Mississippi State University , achieving official Meteorological Certification.”
    I’m sorry that she is gone from NBC Bay Area. Other channels will get more of my viewership now.

  215. A Man says:

    Seems like most of the women hate her and most of the men like to see her do the weather. I liked her, I’ll be watching another morning show now that Ms. Loren is gone. Hopefully another local news program will hire her.

  216. Judy McCormick says:

    Unfortunately you do not get the “real” person by watching TV. We met her at an event last year, talked to her for quite a while, and found her to be a wonderful young woman. She was very personable and down to earth and very caring. I am sorry she is gone from NBC. We will miss her. We send her love and best wishes after her surgery.

  217. Mike says:

    Time to look for a new morning station, Christina is gone, I’m gone,wake up early every morning just for NBC Weather and the happiness of Christina

  218. kathryn says:

    Look in the mirror and then look at Christina, I rest my case. Pure jealously and prejudice. I won’t watch this news station .

  219. Judy says:

    Can’t believe they let Christina go, she brought so much intelligence and fast wittedness to a weather station, enjoyed her presentation. In fact, will look into other news channels now.

  220. Carol says:

    I’ve been wondering where Christina is – She is a professional weather reporter – I hope she finds much success and happiness in her next venture. I loved watching her and listening to her and even enjoyed her clothes. I thought her delivery was great…if was fun to watch, her jokes were enjoyable. I had no clue everyone seems so upset with all aspects of her part of NBC Weather. GO CHRISTINA!! You’re the best and I will miss you here in San Jose, CA.

  221. Carol says:

    I’ve been wondering where Christina is – She is a professional weather reporter – I hope she finds much success and happiness in her next venture. I loved watching her and listening to her and always enjoyed her clothes. I thought her delivery was great…if was fun to watch, her jokes were enjoyable. I had no clue everyone seems so upset with all aspects of her part of NBC Weather. GO CHRISTINA!! You’re the best and I will miss you here in San Jose, CA.

  222. Lee Wilson says:

    What? Fired? I think I will watch KPIX morning News from now on.
    These execs sre a joke and out of touch with reality!

  223. miss christina. . . . . says:

    what happened. . . . .i miss christina. . . .i miss christina. . . .
    where o where is she? ? ? ?
    why is she gone? ? ? ?
    Soo sad. . . .now look at old movies. . . .

  224. tj jones says:

    We love Christina. As a household filled with girly girls we miss her confident and femine style

  225. L Young says:

    Sorry to see her gone. I never felt she was too anything. I felt she was cheerful and gave my morning sunshine. I truly hope you find your place. Not sure why ppl need to be so hateful.

  226. Jimmy the Blade says:

    Wow Katrina! Somebody (you) sounds a little jealous and probably in serious need of a boob job. Tsk, tsk, tsk, what is wrong with “live and let live” and “if you don’t have something good to say, keep your mouth shut”.

  227. Paula says:

    I believe all you women are jealous because your men are looking at her. She is not an air head, she is well educated. I see nothing wrong with the way she dresses. Grow-up all of you haters! Christian wear what you want girl, and I am sorry there are ignorant people out there that can’t see that your just doing your job.

  228. k val says:

    Who hired her men? Who pays for her clothes BANBC that. Clothes had to be oked by some one maybe they should be let go. I actucally was getting use to her since some of her calming down the wrap around dresses. All about money I suppose

  229. Diane says:

    People who talk about other people, are because they wish it could be them, if anyone has something to say, talk to the beer company and the cars manufactures, trying to sell their product by a girls in bikinis,and half way missing clothings.

  230. Sharon says:

    I am a woman and atually loved Christina. I will admit that her clothes were a little sexy, but I did not find her slutty…not by a long shot. She was actually very smart and very knowledgeable. I think the women who complained have self-esteem issues and are more than a little envious of Christina. Having said that, I do wish she had tuned it down a little so that people focused on what she said and not what she wore.

  231. Stephan says:

    At “Katrina from yesterday” – You misspelled “seams”. Get it right, before criticizing others for being “clueless”.

    ““Christina Loren is really disturbing to watch. Today her white shirt is busting (pardon the pun) at the seems.”

  232. Greg says:

    Christina is great…..now we have a girl to replace her that has really tight clothes as well….only for a different reason. Her bmi index is really high.
    I miss Loren… she was bright and fun, not dull and chubby…. The new girl is okay….I like her….I’d rather have Loren back…

  233. Stacia Peterson says:

    Best of luck to Christina Loren’s replacement . I loved Christina on the show . I wish her the best ! If she ends up on another show I would watch . Christina you will be and are missed by many. Take care .

  234. Cheif Johnny Haar says:

    We are all missing the best weather girl that ever blessed our morning newscasts. Not only the most accurate, intelligent and confident weather personality in bay area am news- her wardrobe, smile and charming personality – uplifted my spirit every morning. I was able to catch her all to brief weather report. If all these haters paid attention to the content of her weather reporting and quit jealously fixating on what they were, what they want, what they never were or what they will never have- then we all would still be blessed with a little more sunshine every morning. I despise all you negative hens with nothing better to do with your missrable lives but to hate on (with intent to ruin) something thats wonderful to most of the viewing audience! To all you negative jealous women who quoted your husbands as feeling the same and who support your opinions…..is most likely bullshit, so keep telling yourself that as you continue to peck him into his place- one of you is lying.
    By the way, NBC has been deleted from my favorites.

  235. Maria says:

    Wow! I know Christina Loren has been gone awhile. This is the 1st time I’ve seen these comments about her! I’m really disgusted with some of the negative comments you have to say especially you other women, shame on you! Jealous much? We thought she was a great Meteorologist we didn’t put to much attention on what the heck she was wearing. She was knowledgeable of her job and had a very friendly disposition which I guess you women found annoying. All you mean insecure women need to grow some confidence you sound ridiculous.

  236. Chsya says:

    Regarding negative comments about Christina Loren:

    Get a life you ugly Bay Area bitches.

  237. Anonymous says:

    now that christina is gone I don,t feel the desire to watch her lame x co-workers do the fuckin news those frailed ego motherfuckers

  238. Anonymous says:

    Christina is a beautiful meteorologist who delivers the days weather report in a bright mind awakening manner. She is absolutely great!! What is it with these Jealous, envious, spiteful people who would rather see a woman wearing a “prison outfit” giving weather report of the day. Her outfits are colorful, bright, and enlightening just as her wonderful personality. She was great for the BayArea and many, many of us really enjoyed her. I saw nothing in her attire, as you HATERS may have seen, that would take away from her presentation of a weather report. I would love to see what you jealous haters look like, Christina was wonderful!!! Some other great City is Enjoying Her

  239. LOL says:

    Unbelievable this is my ex and I hate her more than most…but the comments made are ridiculous! She has studied her entire life to be the best and even graduated early…typical hot blonde I know!…Anyways the industry is what it is. However I feel Christina is more than qualified to tell your lazy couch ridden asses what the weather most likely shall be. So please don’t leave your couch to respond on something of which you know nothing. By the way I feel she is average at most! My current girlfriend is much more attractive…but please don’t ask her what the weather will be:)

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