OMG, Quidam from Cirque du Soleil is Off the Hook! See It Down at Daly City’s Cow Palace Before April 17th

I’ll tell you, the only reason I know that the circus is in town is because it was on SFist the other day and I was like, well gee, I didn’t the memo on this one. Maybe it’s because it’s technically in San Mateo County on the east side of Daly City, this show didn’t get even a mention in the places where you think it might.

Well, I found that memo so I saw Quidam last night down at the Cow Palace* and let me tell you, everything in the joint, with maybe one exception, is totally off the hook, IMO.

This means that, in the opinion of Robert Sokol, I’m either:

1. A child: or

2. “Uninitiated

So, I don’t know, I’m not totally uninitiated in the sense that I saw bug-themed oVo a year and a half ago. Of course that was in a tent in SoMA and the Cow Palace is the total opposite of a high-cost tent in high-cost San Francisco. But I knew that going in, right?

Now do I think think that CduS sent its B-Team? Not at all. Everybody’s great. I wasn’t really into the gal up high on the swing bit, but that was the only act, IMO, that wasn’t amazing or that didn’t have something at the end that surprised you. And the clownish invite-audience-members-on-stage-gags were very amusing, very well done as well.

Oh, so there’s no review in the Chronicle, per se, but check out Sophie Brickman’s bit about what the performers eat on the road right here.

I don’t know, this is the second Cirque I’ve seen in my life so maybe that’s why I’m not offended by the idea of a human circus at the concrete and clay and general decay venue that is Our Historic Cow Palace.

Anyway, the fun ends this Sunday.

See you there!

All the credits after the jump

*Wow, the Cow Palace. Going there is like journeying into the past, into the 1960’s. I parked Mom’s Taxi across the street on Geneva instead of paying $15 to pahk the cahr in the yarhd. Good, good for me.

Quidam – Current Artists

Andrii Lytvak – Banquine (March 2011-present)

Mixail Semenov – Banquine (March 2011 – Present)

Kata Banhegyi – Skipping Ropes (2006-present)

Konstantin Besstchetnyi – Skipping Ropes, formerly Banquine (1996-present)

Jim Bevan – Musician (2001 to present)

Andrey Bondarenko – Banquine (March 2011 – Present)

Andre “Dre” Boyd – Musician (December 2010-present)

Julie Cameron – Aerial Hoops, formerly Banquine

Josée Campeau – Musician (1996-present)

Jailton Carneiro – Spanish Webs, Skipping Ropes (2003-Present)

Guillermo Castineiras – Clown (2004-2010, 2010-present)

Anastasia Chistяkova – Banquine (March 2011 – Present)

Ardee Dionisio – Character (August 2010-present)

Alicia Enstrom – Musician (December 2010-Present)

Ekaterina Evdokimova – Banquine (March 2011 – Present)

Vladimir Fomine – Skipping Ropes, formerly Banquine

Andy Garcia – Banquine (March 2011 – Present)

Denis Gircha – Skipping Ropes, formerly Banquine (2006-present)

Nicolay Glushchenko – Skipping Ropes, formerly Banquine (2006-present)

Alessandra Gonzalez – Singer, Character (Dec 2010-Present)

Mireille Goyette – Spanish Webs, Skipping Ropes, Character (Oct 1998 – Aug 2005, March 2010-Present)

Alexey Gribtsov – Skipping Ropes, formerly Banquine

Olaf Grote – Musician (December 2010-present)

Benjamin Harrison – Musician (December 2010-present)

Anna Kachalova – Character (2009-present)

Andrey Kartashov – Banquine (March 2011 – Present)

Viktor Katona – Spanish Webs, Character, Skipping Ropes (Aug 2006-present)

Serguei Kholodkov – Skipping Ropes, formerly Banquine (June 2003 to present)

Pavel Korechkov – Skipping Ropes, formerly Banquine (2006-Present)

Iván Korshunov – Banquine (March 2011 – Present)

Dmitri Koukva – Skipping Ropes, formerly Banquine (2001-Present)

Jérôme Le Baut – Statue (2003-2008, 2010-Present)

Víctor Levoshuk – Banquine (March 2011 – Present)

Jamieson Lindenburg – Singer (Feb 2009-present)

Alexandre Maiorov – Skipping Ropes, formerly Banquine (1996-present)

Joi Marchetti – Singer, Character (Dec 2010-Present)

Patrick McGuire – Juggling, Character, formerly Manipulation (Jan 2007-Fall 2007, South American Tour (2009-present))

Tony Mevius – Spanish Webs, Skipping Ropes (Jun 2005-present)

Anna Mokhova – Skipping Ropes, formerly Banquine (?-Present)

Gracilene Oliveira De Moura – Skipping Ropes, Spanish Webs, Character (Nov 2005-present)

Viktor Ossolokov – Banquine (March 2011-present)

Anna Ostapenko – Handbalancing (2011-Present)

Shengnan Pan – Diabolos (March 2011-present)

Alexandre Pestov – Skipping Ropes, formerly Banquine (1996-2002, 2006-present)

Natalia Pestova – Spanish Webs, Skipping Ropes, formerly Character (1999-2004, 2006-present)

Alexey Rybakov – Banquine (March 2011 – Present)

Dmitro Sidorenko – Skipping Ropes, formerly Banquine (1996-present)

Lisa Skinner – Aerial Hoops (2010-Present)

Halina Starevich – Skipping Ropes, formerly Banquine (Summer 2009-Present)

Donna Maree Stevens – Cloud Swing (2003-present)

Cory Paul Sylvester – German Wheel (2006-present)

Norihisa Taguchi – Skipping Ropes (2003-present)

Carol Valim – Character, Spanish Webs

Isabelle Vaudelle – Aerial Contortion in Silk, formerly Character (1996-1998, 2002, 2003-2005, 2007-2010, 2011-Present)

Anna Vicente – Statue (2006-2009, 2010-Present)

Danila Vieira Bim – Aerial Hoops

Denise Wal – Spanish Webs, Skipping Ropes (December 2003-Present)

Mark Ward – Character (1999-present)

Meaghan Wegg – Aerial Hoops (April 2009-Present )

Xu Yaxuan – Diabolos (?, 2011-present)

Alexandre Zaitsev – Skipping Ropes, formerly Banquine (1996-Present)

Lu Zhou


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