Blast by Colt 45: Debut Party for Fruity Malt Liquor at 111 Minna a Huge Success Last Night

The Uptown Almanac‘s launch party for Colt 45‘s new Blast beverage was a huge success yesterday night.

Man, this stuff has so much sugar in it, you can’t taste the 12% alcohol at all. At least that was the case for Purple. Here are the tasting notes for Blue:

“Combines the sweet yet smooth taste of blueberries with the tart finish of pomegranate juice to create a unique flavor that is as bright and bold as the liquid color itself.”

OK fine. A good time was had by all, I’m sure.

The Blast by Colt 45 Ladeez were having fun:

And Snoop Doggy Dog was there in spirit, if not in actuality:

We’ll just have to wait and see if it, “Works Every Time,” as Snoop Dog claims…

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3 Responses to “Blast by Colt 45: Debut Party for Fruity Malt Liquor at 111 Minna a Huge Success Last Night”

  1. DavidC says:

    Billy Dee and Snoop on the “Cleveland Show” last night…cant bee a coincidence!

  2. Ghetto DROOL Malt Liquor.Gathered from Fifty Boozers at dawn before brushing.Sorry but this pothead just can’t warm up to this Promotion too close to the Sixth Street Corridor from hell.
    Like the Rest of the stories though and your blog actually.

  3. OK So It Isn’t That Close to Sixth Street .
    The Point is SUGARY ALCOHOL PROMOTIONS that I know damn well will be DIRECTED at the TL,Mission Sixth Street Corridor and Bayview via Ads and other promotions at neighborhood bars and Booze Stores.There is already enough sugary booze drinks like CISCO AKA Liquid Crack !
    Otherwise why would they hire such an MC as Snoop Dog
    I just can’t se this promoted to the Cow Hollow Crowd or served at a Bar near the Embarcadero Center Yuppie Zone and California Street around Tadich.Good Luck with that.