Activity at 1600 Webster: Controversial Starbucks Coffee Site at Former Japantown Bowl to Become Dental Office?

Now I’ll tell you, Japantown would have been better off over the years if the Japantown Bowl had stayed the Japantown Bowl. (‘Cause bowling’s back, baby! Or something.) Anyway, what we got instead at 1600 Webster at Post was a bunch of condos up top with shuttered retail space below.

Back about six years ago, Starbucks was willing to come in and boy, man, that would have been great for Japantown. But the preservationists weren’t having it, oh no. Not at all. So what we got was about a decade of zero (0) tenants at the ground level on the northeast corner of Post and Webster. Oh well.

(I don’t drink the Starbucks myself, but S’Bucks isn’t about coffee, so the location of nearby cafes hidden up in the malls (concrete and clay and general decay and oh yes, not earthquake safe) don’t matter. You missed the point, people. It’s not Starbucks, it’s the Starbucks Effect – that’s what you needed and it’s what you still need.)

But now, the times they are a changing. Take a peak at the construction going on now and you’ll say, “Gee, it looks like it’s going to be a dentist office.”

Check it:

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Well guess what. It very well could be a dental office. This is from a couple years back but it’s the best I can do:

“22-Dec Tenant improvements for New Dental San Francisco 1600 Webster Street #C 916-772-4192 Dr. Nataly Viderman, DDS  0685-055 San Francisco 1600 Webster Street #C Office…$240,000″

No matter, whatever goes in isn’t going to make J-Town look less like a ghost town on those cold, windblown Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday nights.

How to make a Concrete Ghost Town: Redevelopment + Mindless, Doctrinaire Preservationism.

(And the funny thing is that Japanese people looooooove Starbucks – they just can’t get enough)

Is that what you want, a dentist’s office? O.K. fine.

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One Response to “Activity at 1600 Webster: Controversial Starbucks Coffee Site at Former Japantown Bowl to Become Dental Office?”

  1. One gets the feeling that a lot of these Japanese American preservationists have never actually *been* to Japan. As you say, Starbucks is pretty big in Japan, and Starbucks makes custom drinks for the Japan market (i.e. Kyoto Macha Latte.)

    I wish the Japantown preservationists were more interested in having restaurants serving decent Japanese food. Most of the Japanese restaurants in the greater Japantown area are horrible.