Oh Marin, You So Crazy (OMYSC)! Saving the Non-Native, Bird-Killing Siberian House Mice of the Farallon Islands

You know, one of these days, I’ll start a half-assed non-profit, pay myself a six-figure salary, put the wife on staff, hire the kids too, put cute animal pictures on the homepage to keep the cash coming in – whew, good times.

Anyway, unrelated to that, srsly, comes now WildCare Bay Area to object to the Feds’ plans to airdrop a couple tons of poison on the Farallones (or Farallon Islands, (Spanish for pillars or “rocky outcrop,” see comments)) to kill the thousands of resident, non-native house mice what eat the eggs of endangered native birds.

Like this one. See it? Here’s the big version, via nature photographer Jenny Erbes.

Via Los Farallones

All right, enough of Marin, let’s hear from the people on the scene:

Dec 31, 2010
In general, however, it is known that owls are an opportunistic eater, feasting on the introduced house mice, but also preying upon songbirds, small seabirds (such as the ashy storm-petrel), beetles, and other terrestrial invertebrates …

May 25, 2010
While they rate very high on the cuteness quotient, overwintering Burrowing Owls are major predators of storm petrels during the spring, after abundant housemice have their seasonal population crash. Western Gulls also take many storm …
Feb 19, 2007
In 1969, south farallon was declared a national wildlife refuge. the lighthouse was automated in 1972, ending 117 years of continuous occupation. the last rabbit and cat were removed from the islands in 1974…

In closing, Marin, You So Crazy!

A relatively fog-free day in the Sunset District.


Through the tinted glass of the ginourmous windows of Yelp-rated Sava Pool


From a higher sperspective in the Twin Peaks area, on an exceptionally clear morning.


Can you see the lighthouse on the top of South East Farallon Island?


Noisy Canon 10D at 840mm, from Christmas Tree Point Road, a skosh more than 30 miles away…

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4 Responses to “Oh Marin, You So Crazy (OMYSC)! Saving the Non-Native, Bird-Killing Siberian House Mice of the Farallon Islands”

  1. cosmic_ray says:

    In Spanish, when using the word, farallón as a geological description, it means rocky outcrop.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    All right, fair enough.

    You could add that to the Wikipedia if you wanted to deal with all that hassle.

    I thought it meant “brothers” before.

    Anyway, thx!

  3. TheTens says:

    Those are really amazing shots. Can’t believe you can shoot the Farralones from Twin Peaks.

  4. sfcitizen says:

    The camera does all the work.

    300mm 2.8 plus 2x and 1.4x extenders

    Burrito Justice used a cell phone and binocs