The Great Mistake that a Lot of Toyota Prius Hybrid Drivers Make: Thinking That They are Special

That’s why a lot of them are such bad drivers, IMO, they think they’re special.

Special? You’re not so special.

Uh, the stop line is back there, honey. Oh, the floor mats? Really, or is it the gas pedal this time? Well, that _could_ explain why you’d sit blocking the crosswalk for thirty seconds. All right thank you, drive through. The West Bay awaits…

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Oh well.

“Then Abraham comes nearer to Him and asks if He will destroy the Priuseses if there are fifty innocent Prius drivers in the City, making the innocent Prius drivers die with the guilty. The LORD replies that if He finds fifty competent Prius drivers in the City of by the Bay, He will spare the all Prius drivers for their sake.”

Amen, Brother

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