The San Francisco Fire Station with the Coolest Logo Has Got To Be Station 12, The Haight’s – A Stealie Skull!

This shot was right from the side of the truck parked right in front of the now-shutdown “Gabin” whorehouse on Fulton – anyway, it was from a while ago.

Anyway, it’s bad-ass, as you can see.

Steal Your Face” or “Stealie” skull: Perhaps the best-known Grateful Dead art icon is a red, white, and blue skull with a lightning bolt through it. The lightning bolt skull can be found on the cover of the album Steal Your Face, and the image is sometimes known by that name. It was designed by Owsley Stanley and artist Bob Thomas, and was originally used as a logo to mark the band’s equipment.


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And oh, feel free to get a tattoo with this logo, if you feel you’ve earned the right.

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