The San Francisco Fire Station with the Coolest Logo Has Got To Be Station 12, The Haight’s – A Stealie Skull!

This shot was right from the side of the truck parked right in front of the now-shutdown “Gabin” whorehouse on Fulton – anyway, it was from a while ago.

Anyway, it’s bad-ass, as you can see.

Steal Your Face” or “Stealie” skull: Perhaps the best-known Grateful Dead art icon is a red, white, and blue skull with a lightning bolt through it. The lightning bolt skull can be found on the cover of the album¬†Steal Your Face, and the image is sometimes known by that name. It was designed by¬†Owsley Stanley and artist Bob Thomas, and was originally used as a logo to mark the band’s equipment.


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And oh, feel free to get a tattoo with this logo, if you feel you’ve earned the right.

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