OMG, Talking Cars! Toyota Friend = + Microsoft = Marc Benioff + Akio Toyoda

Well, the Bay Area’s Better BillionaireMarc Benioff of (No Hardware, No Software No Headaches) has just inked a deal in Japan with Toyota and Microsoft to build a social networking service called “Toyota Friend.

Live from Japan this AM, it’s Marc and Akio, the Toyota Friends!

Via Marc’s ‘Berry, apparently

Check it:

“In a demonstration at a Tokyo showroom, an owner of a plug-in Prius hybrid found out through a cell phone message from his Prius called “Pre-boy” that he should remember to recharge his car overnight. When the owner plugged in his car to recharge it, the car replied, “The charge will be completed by 2:15 a.m. Is that OK? See you tomorrow.” The exchanges can be kept private, or be shared with other “Toyota Friend” users, as well as made public on Facebook, Twitter and other services, the company said.”

Can you imagine what my ride, Mom’s Taxi (straight outta Toyota City), would say, assuming it could talk? (How about, “Michael, I’m ten years old* – replace me.”)

[Isn’t it nice to have staying in town building a campus down in Mission Bay due to that biotechnology tax exemption championed by non-dull witted political scions like pretty-boy Gavin Newsom and pretty-girl Michela Alioto-Pier? Oh, wait a second, biotech companies like to take all the corporate welfare they can get, you know, so they won’t leave town and lay off employees, and then leave town and lay off employees anyway. And SalesForce isn’t a biotech company neither. Mmmmm… Let’s see here, maybe our local pols, especially the ones who think they know everything because they’ve gossiped with some Euros in Gstaad once, can’t See The Future all that well after all?]

Anyway, this Toyota Friend stuff is new on me.

Bon Courage, SalesForce.

*Maybe someday it will start burning oil and I’ll get the chance to actually add some between changes, but we’re not at that point yet…

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One Response to “OMG, Talking Cars! Toyota Friend = + Microsoft = Marc Benioff + Akio Toyoda”

  1. john styer says:

    we have the technology, but we are all lazy to move ahead with the idea of building a real talking car like Knight Rider, and I know i would purchase the car in a heart beat if anyone did it, its rediculouse the time period we are in meaning 2011 and we are no further along in general then we where in the 1960s big deal about cars that stop or steer you into a parking spot, that does nothing for me, I want to see a difference in the way we manufacture cars, another lousy example is how we still rely on cars that use oil, I saw where a japanese man built a car that runs on total water and what happened? the oil company bought him out and destroyed the idea so no one else could use it so that we would continue to make the oil companies money. what a bunch a loosers, we all know the Oil Companies use there money to have jack off parties with their secretaries. its time to get off our lazy rears stop being cautiouse and get building sophisticated cars its time we got out of our cradle as a car manufacturer and get building and dont anyone say we dont have the tech yet cause thats a bunch of bull.