“Foreign Organization” – The DMV Doesn’t Recognize Taiwan as a Country So Its Diplomats Can’t Get Diplomatic Plates

Here’s what they get instead:Foreign Organization license plates.

See? The foreign organization referenced is Taiwan. See below.

The driver using this particular plate, Foreign Organization 465, drives about as well as your stereotypical BMW driver from San Mateo County, so oh well.

When you get stuck in an intersection, it means you shouldn’t have entered the intersection, of course. This is called “blocking the box.” It might get you home 30 seconds earlier but it comes at the cost of blocking both lanes of inbound Market Street for about 30 seconds. Bad form, Taiwan, oops, I mean foreign organization:

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Someday, I’ll get a special license plate.*

“V C Section 5006.5 Foreign Organization Special License Plates

5006.5. (a) The department may issue, for a fee determined by the department to be sufficient to reimburse the department for actual costs incurred pursuant to this section, distinctive license plates for motor vehicles owned or leased by an officer or a designated employee of a foreign organization recognized by the United States pursuant to the Taiwan Relations Act (22 U.S.C. Sec. 3301 et seq.) when the department is otherwise satisfied that the issuance of the license plates is in order.

(b) The distinctive license plates shall be designed by the department and shall contain the words “Foreign Organization.”

(c) The department shall establish procedures for both of the following:

(1) To verify the eligibility of an applicant for plates issued pursuant to this section.

(2) To authorize a recognized foreign organization to apply on behalf of its officers for plates issued pursuant to this section.

Added Ch. 397, Stats. 1994. Effective January 1, 1995.”

*The one I use now is particularly banal…

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