The SFPD’s “Mobile Command Three” Might Be Small But It’s Having a Great Effect Upon Sixth Street Lately

First up, Know Your SFPD Command Posts:

San Francisco Police Mobile Command One is huge, as you can see…

Click to expand

…as is Mobile Command Two:

As for Mobile Command Three, well, not so much:

Via Bluoz

But here it is, stationed on Sixth Street , as it’s been, ’cause there’s a new sheriff in town, or something – there’s a police crackdown going on Sixth Street, the southern extension of the world-famous crime-ridden Tenderloin.

Now, let’s hear from local resident Bluoz to see what’s been going on the past couple weeks:

“It’s the 2nd week now It’s not there all the time, and now it’s mobile unit 3, but all accounts say it’s made 6th street much more civil lately, even if it is just for show.”

So it appears that the recent crackdown on the upper stretches of 6th Street, instigated by this incident one might think, continues.

For how long, who knows?

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2 Responses to “The SFPD’s “Mobile Command Three” Might Be Small But It’s Having a Great Effect Upon Sixth Street Lately”

  1. jeff says:

    I see this every day, but rarely are they dumb enough to do it right in front of my camera…this is from this morning. I’ve seen both of them dealing on 6th street…this 30 second video was taken this morning. It is in the Seneca, literally across the street from the mobile command unit and Passion cafe

    you’ll notice the woman is the same one as the first two photos in this same flickr set

    they’ve been dealing for years here at the Seneca, out in the open, in front of the staff, who are told to look the other way.. It is one of the major causes of problems on 6th street, daily and mulitple doses of crack cocaine fed to homeless and mentally ill people for years. It is the one true way to 100% keep people homeless, and keep the permanently enslaved and dependent on supportive housing

  2. jediwoody says:

    Look out they are trying to start Marshall Law – from a former resident who has lived there for over 50 years

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