CEOs Profiting from AB 32 Cap and Trade Law Want Governor Jerry Brown to Implement AB 32 As Is, Or Something

The Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, aka AB 32, is in trouble, or something, per the California Business Alliance for a Green Economy. Seems that California courts might be slowing down/delaying implementation.

Get all the deets of their recent letter to Jerry Brown, below.

How Soon Is Now for AB32?

Here’s the letter:

“May 31, 2011

The Honorable Jerry Brown
Governor of California
State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

RE: AB 32/cap and trade rule

Dear Governor Brown:

We, the undersigned California CEOs and business leaders, are dedicated to the successful implementation of the
state’s landmark law, AB 32. Like you, we believe AB 32 is benefiting our economy and environment and is crucial
to attracting additional clean technology investment to the state.

While Californians overwhelmingly rejected Proposition 23 last year and its attempt to indefinitely delay
implementation of AB 32, key provisions of the law are now facing additional challenges that also threaten to delay
implementation even further. While the cap and trade program is one of many AB 32 rules, we believe it is critical
to the success of the overall program.

First, we reject the calls from some environmental organizations for a wholesale revision of the AB 32 cap and
trade system. We take particular issue with these organizations calling for such revisions in the name of jobs and
the economy. As business leaders who are responsible for creating the jobs that have become such a popular
talking point, we can tell you that nothing will do more harm to the emerging California clean economy sector than
continued regulatory uncertainty. By far, the biggest impediment to creating real jobs is delay. The implementation
of AB 32 has proven to be a bright spot during this recession. It has attracted clean technology manufacturers,
investors, businesses and jobs to the state. Undermining this market signal with indefinite delays will jeopardize
this progress.

Second, a recent court decision based on a lawsuit filed by several organizations has effectively halted the cap and
trade rule development. As a result of this lawsuit, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is unable to do any
work related to the rulemaking. If the delay persists, we are increasingly concerned that the state will fail to meet
its deadline for the rule to go into effect in 2012. Further, we believe efforts to derail California’s cap and trade
rule will jeopardize the Western Climate Initiative (WCI) as California’s participation is crucial to the success of the
WCI. A strong regional carbon market anchored by California is important to the business sector and it will increase
the size of the market for California’s clean technology industry.

For businesses, uncertainty in the marketplace hurts investment, innovation and growth. Forcing businesses to
remain in virtual regulatory limbo will only exacerbate the problem. In order to give businesses the confidence that
California will lead the nation with the creation of a robust, economy-wide cap and trade system, it is vital the
state resolves this issue as soon as possible. We look forward to working with you and your Administration on the
implementation of AB 32 and strengthening California’s clean economy.


Signers after the jump.

Jeff Anderson
Executive Director, Clean Economy Network
John Arensmeyer
Founder and CEO, Small Business Majority
Ted Atwood
President/Founder, Polar Technology LLC
Carter Bales
Chairman, NewWorld Capital
Mark Berman
Principal, Davis Energy Group
Tom Bowman
President, Bowman Design Group
Cameron Brooks
Senior Director of Market Development, Tendril
Warren Byrne
President & CEO, Foresight Renewables
Aimee Christensen
Founder, Christensen Global
Kenneth C. Collins, Sr.
President/CEO, High Desert Region Green Jobs Initiative
Will Coleman
Partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures
Rob Day
Partner, Black Coral Capital
Riggs Eckelberry
CEO & President, OriginOil, Inc.
Luka Erceg
President & CEO, Simbol Materials
Steve Falk
President & CEO, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
Chet Farris
President & CEO, Stion
Nancy C. Floyd
Founder and Managing Director, Nth Power LLC
Russell Ford
President and CEO, ClearEdge Power
Steve Frisch
President and CEO, Sierra Business Council
Mike Garland
Chief Executive Officer, Pattern Energy
Carl Guardino
President & CEO, Silicon Valley Leadership Group
Arno Harris
CEO, Recurrent Energy
Martin L. Lagod
Managing Director, Firelake Capital Management, LLC
Gerrity Lansing
President, Equator, LLC
Mary Leslie
President, Los Angeles Business Council
Joe Madden
CEO, EOS Climate, Inc.
Jeff McDermott
Managing Partner, Greentech Capital Advisors
Dennis V. McGinn
Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy, Retired
President, American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE)
Pete Micklish
President, Tegrus Builders, Inc.
Ed Murray
President, Aztec Solar, Inc.
Janet Pomeroy
President, Green Chamber of Commerce
Marc Porat
Chairman, GreenCube LLC
Alex Rau, PhD CFA
Principal, Climate Wedge Ltd.
Dave Rosenheim
Chairman, Jambase, Inc.
Brian Sager
Founder, Nanosolar
Gia Schneider
CEO, Natel Energy, Inc.
Jason Scott
Partner, EKO Asset Management Partners
Dan Shugar
CEO, Solaria
Jon W. Slangerup
Chief Executive Officer, N.E.I. Treatment Systems
Kevin B. Smith
Chief Executive Officer, SolarReserve
Tom Soto
Founder and Managing Partner, Craton Equity Partners
David Steel
President & CEO, U.S. Green Chamber
David Vieau
CEO, A123 Systems
Dave Watson
President, EnergySource
Ion Yadigaroglu
Partner, Capricorn Investment Group
The Honorable Kamala Harris, Attorney General of California
The Honorable John A. Pérez, Speaker of the Assembly
The Honorable Darrell Steinberg, Senate President pro Tem
Mary Nichols, Chair, California Air Resources Board
James Goldstene, Executive Officer, California Air Resources Board

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2 Responses to “CEOs Profiting from AB 32 Cap and Trade Law Want Governor Jerry Brown to Implement AB 32 As Is, Or Something”

  1. Fleecers at the public trough. The carbon hoax is now well known by the public and these fleecers want to get theirs while the getting is good. But it might be wise for them to pause and contemplate what happened at Nuremburg after WWII.

    Oh, by the way, editor, that photo was taken in year what, 18xx? And is that black stuff suppose to be CO2? Makes for a good agiprop for the unwashed.

  2. BillyV says:

    “Fleecers at the public trough” is exactly what they are. Look at the list of signers and all of them have either a spoon or a giant bucket dipping from the food we will have to toss in there for naught.

    The courts and an informed public should expose the fraud this whole enterprise represents.

    The photograph expresses exactly half the “dirtiness” of implementation of AB32. We see just the smoke but mirrors are keenly hidden.

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