That Horrible Ultra Motor Ltd Company is Still Around, Still Selling Their Crummy A2B Electric Scooters

Now don’t get me wrong, I think test-driving an A2B electric scooter in Golden Gate Park can be fun, but the problem is that these rigs don’t really make sense for the vast majority of people, that’s the problem.

Anyway, this is the past weekend in GGP here…

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…and this below is from the past.

Sometimes you spend money on an idea and it doesn’t work out.

Oh well.

Well well, has it really been a half-year since an example of the ridiculous, overweight and overpriced A2B electric bike / moped thing has been spotted on the Streets of San Francisco? Yes.

Here’s the one sighted yesterday. It’s a rental of course, but actually, that’s not a bad thing. Assuming you don’t run out of juice, renting an A2B for 69 bones doesn’t appear to be a bad way to spend a day exploring the 415 . You could easily haul on over to Sausalito (remembering to pretend to pedal – the Golden Gate Bridge people actually require this) and back without breaking a sweat.


(Take care it doesn’t get stolen, though, else they’ll charge your credit card an arm and a leg.)

O.K. then.

Now I’ll tell you, most of the people who comment about the posts made about the A2B on this website actually work (or worked) for Ultra Motor.

For example, here’s a bit from Ultra Motor Co-Founder and President Jon Bowman from earlier this year:

“Wow. You really have nothing better to do than attack what appears to be a good idea and an innovative product.”

Does that make sense? He’s berating me for criticising one of his P.O.S. products from the standpoint of someone who doesn’t work for Ultra Motor, yet he works for Ultra Motor. (Reminds me of when people at the San Francisco Chronicle Newspaper would make comments on SFist claiming to work full-time for MUNI or something. They weren’t really fooling anybody…)

Anyway, a newer product Ultra Motor has is called the Excel and it’s being marketed as a $5000 electric scooter. O.K., if it makes you happy.

The big problem with all these bikes is that they don’t sell. The fact that you have to fork over $2200 plus tax, minimum, to buy one (unless you get a deal through Craigslist ) is merely the first problem. It’s not the only problem, not at all. (Now, they have this newer model, the Velocity (Velociti?) but I ain’t never seen one of those – maybe it’s closer to being an actual electric bike…)

Oh well. Even the people who like these things don’t really like these things.

If you want an electric bike, get a Trek or something else.

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14 Responses to “That Horrible Ultra Motor Ltd Company is Still Around, Still Selling Their Crummy A2B Electric Scooters”

  1. Dean says:


    Tata, love.

    Oh, I’m sorry, I should have said GOOD WORK, AWESOME. (English English and all.)


  2. sfcitizen says:

    I don’t know, what are you offering what’s new, English-dude? Are your new rides 20 pounds lighter or 500 pounds cheaper?

    Maybe what you’re trying to do was a bad idea from the start?

  3. Charles says:

    SF Citizen,

    I have been an avid follower of yours for a long time, but on this topic – you are wrong. I am a happy A2B owner for many years, and it has replaced my automobile as my main form of transportation since.

    While you believe these are “crummy”, it is actually a great idea – it has gotten me (along with plenty of other folks) out of their car and on to a bike. I have a serious and permanent leg injury which prevents me from being able to ride a standard pedal bike easily anymore, and the motor assistance makes all the difference. As a lifelong bicycle enthusiast, the A2B was the answer to my needs – a rugged commute machine that is more than just a bike, and less than a car or motorcycle.

    From my understanding, Ultra Motor is doing great – my local dealer (Mike’s Bikes) continues to sell them on a regular basis to new customers all the time, so while I appreciate your opinions, you may want to do a bit more research on the facts.

    People often criticize what they do not understand. Maybe Ultra Motor offended you personally by designing something innovative that deviates from the norm. Or maybe you just don’t like British people/companies. I always figured, the more people on bikes, the better. The problem with most snobby San Franciscan bicyclists like yourself, unfortunately, is that you will quickly attack anything that is different.

    Drop me an email – we should go for a ride sometime, and you can try my A2B. You might actually enjoy it.

  4. sfcitizen says:

    I saw one south of Market, saw one in the NoPA, saw one on Market (dude had just fallen down) saw one in GGP (rental) saw one at the Union Street fest (2009?, anyway, rental), saw one on Octavia, saw one on Central and maybe a couple other times, and maybe it’s the same people some of the time. Are sales good?

    Back in the day, you could get them $1000 cheaper through Craigslist…

    A replacement batt. is $1000? Why are the wheels so small. Isn’t it made to look “cool” rather made to be functional? What’s the point of dual suspension? Isn’t the Trek competition better cheaper lighter? How do you lock it up? How do you carry it up the stairs. How do you avoid vandalism?

    I’ve already ridden. Thought the throttle was kind of an on-off kind of affair. Thought the rear suspension was useless. Thought it was very heavy. Though it was a kind of licensing scam, the way mopeds are.

    I think they should call them electric mopeds.

    I think the company is struggling. Didn’t they have an office in SF before?

    Anyway, even if they gave me one, I wouldn’t use it… On the other hand, an electric Trek would be fine.


    Anyway, before the Ultra Motor employees posing as non-employees would email in from California and Europe, but now it’s only Europe. Don’t know happy the original investors are with the A2B bikes…

    And you know, some people like Segways. That’s fine…

  5. sfcitizen says:

    It seems as if most of the people who want to comment about Ultra Motor work for Ultra Motor.

    Somebody should send in a link to a webpage that shows their experiences – I’ll post it.

    Otherwise I think I’ve had enough with the comments…

  6. davel says:

    Why haven’t you posted lately about those A2B bikes, you know, from that company I _totally_ don’t work for? Do you like them now?

  7. sfcitizen says:

    All right, I’ll get something up. thx!

  8. JJ says:

    Have you seen the reviews?

    “I have had the A2B Bike for 5 days and find several negatives that come with it which should be considered before you purchase one. Have just had the privalege of walking my A2B 7 miles after being stranded with it. The tires on it are very cheap and cheesy. They puncture easily and after being deflated they are very soft and mushy. Walked to the bus terminal to take it home thinking I could just drop it in the rack like a normal bike rider could do but NO!! It does not fit. Tires are too fat and the bike is longer than a normal bike and does not fit, hence I was refused to load it and had to walk. Another observation is the power does not always activate when you applicate it. Was at a stop light and after it had turned green at times it had taken 4-5 tries to get it to kick in. I believe the A2B is still too much in it’s infancy to be at least dependable.”

    “I cannot recommend this mike. It does looks great and the ride is fun but you will be buying new batteries quite often at $600 a pop. I rode the bike no more that 600 miles and I needed a new battery ! Save your money, buy something else. Again, if they ever fix the battery problem and lower the price this can be an amazing bike…. but it’s not there yet”

    “I have had this bike for over a year and all it does it break down. They work great for the first few months and then everything just starts breaking. The tires are thin and cheap and i get flats every couple of weeks. Costing me about $35 each time. Also, the break pads are terrible. I have had the bike for 11 months and they have had to been replaced 3 times each already….Very costly on that. The warranty is bogus too. Do some research…Don’t buy this bike. You will end up putting hundreds into it”

    Battery does not last
    “This bike is fun to ride, looks great, feels solid but…. your money is best spent somewhere else. Even with moderate use the battery will quickly wear down and you will be out another $600. I cannot recommend this bike.”

    expenisve replacement
    “I have purchased ultra electric bike. for 1st year it ran fine. then after every year, i had to change the battery. guess what, battery cost is 30% of the cost of bike! petrol is cheaper.”

    Service problems
    “I have had my AtoB bike a little over a year and a half. In that time my bike has been replaced twice due to problems in the motor (squeaking, not accelerating). I am on my third bike. I am still having problems. When I bring it in to be serviced I am told that there is really nothing that can be done. Perhaps if I lubricate the areas that are squeaking that would help. I have done that and the problem still persists. There are only 2 places in the Bay Area that will service it. I believe that there are still many problems with this product. Maybe I have a lemon for the third time. I enjoy riding it, but I have spent more time in the service area than on the bike.”

  9. sfcitizen says:

    No, I hadn’t. Thx, “J.J!”

  10. Mike D'Addario says:

    I have two A2B Velociti’s, I think they are the best. I think the customer service from Hero is a joke, they reply, then if a really difficult question comes up they wont reply.

  11. B C says:

    wouldn`t buy one in Aus , couldn’t recommend them either ! . tyres weak in sidewall , cant take the bikes overweight frame , we replaced with Pirelli road motorcycle tyres with an excellent outcome until the bike broke down again ,high centre of gravity makes for difficult handling on small wheels batteries have short life , motor goes dead shortly after , no support from retailer as parent company in Aus reportedly Broke . so no warranty on anything , no reply from those who now have thousands of dollars for supplying scrap metal instead of an electric bike . did not last 12 months , nearly $4000 new $900 for replacement second battery after failure , $300 for 4 sets of kenda tyres before finding Pirellis .now motor gone too ?? $700- $1000 ?? no not good value .

  12. sfcitizen says:

    That’s messed up.

    Sorry to hear…

  13. Dave says:

    A2b batteries loose 50% of range after 150 charges. FRAME SNAPPED IN HALF. BUY A PRODECCO OR AN OPTIBIKE. A2b is junk!!!!

  14. Magnat28 says:

    I’m 4-th ovner my A2B Metro mostly i dont have problem with my bike sometimes its normal to set up break and fix the punch but thats i douing by my self (i’m multitask person :) ).My bike have 5 old battery whats still hold energy for 40km range. The speed is not bad around 35km/h on throtle
    and if i use turbo i will go around 40 45km/h. Im verry happy from this bike like for me just the cost battery is really painfull over 600Euro in ireland.

    The tire whats this bike have is really lovely soft like for thats street in ireland.

    I buy my Metro for 1000 euro where in shoop is cost 3,500 euro

    Aboute price in shoop: Is too high if will be around 1,500 euro then will be fine people will buy it.

    Some people cry hire because they dont understand this bike and hove to correctly recharge the battery thats why the have problem all the time. thats my qestion.

    Some race it hardly and them they have everthing lose and need to fix it all the time

    This bike is not offroad scouter is a normall community bike i use my bike normally and i’m verry happy from them

    And i’m really recomend this bike its a great bike verry comfortable and fast bike.

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