Just as Cigarettes Can Be Used as Currency in Prison, Bicycles are as Good as Money in Civic Center

A happy bicycle thief strolls past the bike racks on Grove right in front of San Francisco’s Main Public Library.

This is the locus of bike theft for Northern California.

Oh well.

Anyway, bikes function  in this area as money, meeting all the standards – medium of exchange, store of value, you name it.

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(Unless it’s a Bianchi, then it’s worth more.)

Your bike, the one that somebody has stolen or will steal, is worth $20. :(

Oh well.

The suspect said that the bike lock was so cheap and the bike was so expensive that it was beyond his control to not steal it,” Northern police Capt. Ann Mannix said during a Wednesday police meeting on crime trends.

Libraries and bikes just don’t match in the Twitterloin.

On It Goes.

And oh yes, your mid-to-late-90’s aluminum Trek is no longer worth $1000. And not even the “Bike Shepherd” can find it for you:

  • Theft description: Stolen between 8:40 – 10:15 PM April 21, 2011 Grove & Market bike racks in front of the SF Public Library Main Branch, during a performance at Kunst-Stoff Arts space across the street. Homeless man said he saw a guy with bolt cutters, but unsure of this report.
  • Make: Trek
  • Model: ZX 7000
  • Frame size:
  • Manufacture year: ’96 / ’97 / ’98?
  • Color: Green & Purple
  • Serial:
  • Value: $1,000 + ?
  • Description: Stolen between 8:40 – 10:15 PM Grove & Market bike racks in front of the SF Public Library Main Branch TREK ZX 7000 Forest green, royal purple frame Hybrid: mountain frame + road tires Black & silver Terry bike seat Upward curving silver handlebars Red & silver University of Colorado at Boulder registration tag # ending in 75 & Pinhead locks
  • Status: stolen
  • Finder’s fee: None
  • Taken from: In front of the San Francisco Public Library Main Branch
  • Last seen: 21-Apr-2011


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