The Boredest Cops in the World Have Got to be the SFPD Dudes What are Standing About Mid-Market These Days

[UPDATE: You know, I do and do and do for you people, and what thanks do I get?* You guys don’t like this post? I should have pointed out that this is a new thing, that I’ve never seen this before, you know, real SFPD cops just standing around, like they’re guarding a crime scene or something. But I guess I have seen stuff like this before, just not as much.

Things are afoot in Mid-Market, baby, and by that I mean notorious 6th and Market, not the greater Twitterloin area, which was drawn up, for some reason, by Acting District 6 Supervisor Randy Shaw / vested real estate interests.

I have no doubt that the SFPD is more than capable of pushing crime scenes one block further north into the Tenderloin proper and a couple blocks south into SoMA. The thing is that criminals, like everybody else, like a short commute, they like doing crimes near the Audi Avenue (nee Powell Street) and Civic Center BART / MUNI stations. Having cops hanging about certainly is bad for the criminal biz, making the criminals have to work just a bit harder…

* I think that’s a riff David Letterman’s mom had back in the ’60s, back in Indiana.]

Exhibit A: In front of the Blick art supply house, what replaced another art supply house* not too long back:

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Exhibit B: Right across the street, just lollygagging about, all the live-long day:

Effective policing?


Merchant pleasing? Mayor pleasing? Twitter pleasing?


*“Blick’s opening on Central Market and the weekly Arts Market at U.N. Plaza are major new milestones in our efforts to foster the growing cultural arts district in Central Market,” said Mayor Newsom. “Blick and the Arts Market will be cornerstones in attracting artists and arts entrepreneurs to the area and continue its economic and physical transformation.”


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