Casting Judgment on the New NX Judah Express Bus – Another SFMTA MUNI Fail Whale Already?

Pretty much.

The thing is is that if you are going to Montgomery Street as your final destination anyway, then the Nx might be for you.

Or, if you feel guilty about sitting down on an N Judah streetcar while you’re passing by those Cole Valley suckas, then the Nx might be for you.

Otherwise not so much.

Per jallenhere:

“The N judah is racing the new N judah Express and the N judah is winning. The experiment failed.”

Ooh, harsh.

Now here’s panicpandapanic:

“Tried the N-Judah Express today. Nice not having a bunch of stops but it took about the same amount of time due to the walk from Bush St.

And here’s Madge707:

“Caught sight of the n Judah express this am. It was moving fast. Too bad it ends at Montgomery :-(“

What MUNI needs to do is to get its act together.

This band-aid approach, this NX Judah Express does not constitute getting your act together, MUNI.

Just saying.

Now here’s my question for people living way out there in the West Bay – is it your patriotic duty to wait for the new Nx Judah Express instead of taking the N-Judah streetcar, you know, to free up more space for people living in the InSet, the Inner Sunset?

‘Cause if you fix on the idea of taking the bus everyday from the 48th Ave. or La Playa area, it’s going to take you longer to get to work, some of the time, anyway. Transit First

So, even though the bus line is just for you, you personally won’t benefit all that much from it. Consider taking this bus as your patriotic duty to benefit those poor devils who live in the Inner Sunset or Cole Valley and might get passed up up by a totally full N Judah streetcar.

Oh well.

In other news, the CultureBus is considered a success by the people at MUNI, still.

Oh well.

Judah Weekday Express Bus Pilot Means Extra Service
Service Starts Monday, June 13
Dear N Judah Customer:
The N Judah Line is our most popular and heavily traveled rail line. While we
operate the most service on the N Line, we know that trains can be crowded,
particularly during commute hours. We are constantly monitoring your service
and listening to you, our customers, and want to improve your N Line experience
To do just that we are launching the weekday Nx Judah Express Bus service on
Monday, June 13. This extra service will supplement your existing N Judah Line
rail service and provide you with a new way to get to your destination quickly.
About the NX Judah Express Bus Pilot Program
It will be easy to recognize the Nx Judah Express Bus with its distinctive blue
stripe around the roof line and windshield, purple beacons and the Nx Judah
Express logo featured prominently on the bus exterior. The destination signs will
 Inbound: Nx JUDAH EXP
Financial Dist
Last Stop 19th Av
 Outbound: Nx JUDAH EXP
Ocean Beach
First Stop 19th Av
Route maps showing local stops and the express-service corridor will be posted
inside each vehicle. There is no additional charge for Nx Judah Express Bus
service; regular fares and passes apply.
All Nx bus stops are accessible to customers with disabilities. At boarding-island
stops, customers with disabilities should wait on the curb until the bus arrives and
then move into the crosswalk adjacent to the island to use the lift.
Morning Service Hours

Morning inbound Nx
Judah Express Bus service will operate inbound only from
Ocean Beach starting at 6:30 a.m. weekdays, making all eleven local stops
between 48th
Avenue and Judah and Judah and 19th Avenue.

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5 Responses to “Casting Judgment on the New NX Judah Express Bus – Another SFMTA MUNI Fail Whale Already?”

  1. Paul Rose says:

    The primary goal of the Nx is not to speed up your commute, but to ease congestion on the N Judah. In fact, according to SFMTA numbers, the estimated run time on the Nx from La Playa to Mongomery is only one minute faster than the N Judah. Forty thousand people ride the N Judah everyday and the Nx is just meant to provide another option for customers.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Don’t disagree with anything you’ve said there.

    It will be interesting to see how the transit times compare over time.

    If the Nx is around in a couple of years after a few Great Streets! / Complete Streets programs, there’s no way it will be as fast….

  3. Al says:

    Seems to me that if there were competent people running the show, the N-Judah would be quicker and, more importantly, reliable, and there would be no problem. Congestion is a symptom of what happens when a train doesn’t show up, another is late, and there’s a giant crowd of people waiting to get on. This ‘solution’ is a band-aid on a sucking wound.

  4. Jon says:

    I find that the SFMTA numbers are way off for the N. There’s no way it only takes 40 minutes to get from downtown to the outer Sunset during rush hour.

    The Nx cut off 15 minutes off my commute this morning — and I expect the about the same time savings on the way home!

  5. sfcitizen says:

    The ones leaving at 4:00 PM-something appeared to be empty – looking at Next MUNI seemed to show a big diff, in times as well….

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