Uh, Ocean Beach Dog Walkers, the Feds Just Don’t Care How You Vote – Federal Rules Come to the 415, Oh No!

So why did we give land to the Feds for them to take care of if we don’t want them to take care of it?

What makes us special that we need an exemption from federal rules, an exemption that nobody in America outside of the bay area expects?

That’s the Question of the Day.

A snowy plover on Ocean Beach _not_ being harassed by a dog:

Now, Ocean Beach Dog, ooh, somebody over there got an off-leash ticket from the Feds a looooong time ago. (Can you guess what year by looking at the website design? Sure you can.) Oh well. Well, the Feds don’t like Ocean Beach Dog and people what behave like Ocean Beach Dog. The Feds consider us Whacko City, USA because of outfits like OBD, oh well.

Most dogs don’t bother the boids, of course. Can you see the snowy plover?

But some dogs do harass the birds. (These aren’t actually snowy plovers near Lawton and the Great Highway but the dogs don’t know or care about that.)

(Get those Ocean Beach birds, good boy!)

And here’s the sitch up in Crissy Field:

See the birds, see the unleashed dog?

Is is surprising to you that an unleashed dog could find and chase these plovers?

Oh well.

On It Goes

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5 Responses to “Uh, Ocean Beach Dog Walkers, the Feds Just Don’t Care How You Vote – Federal Rules Come to the 415, Oh No!”

  1. GG says:

    WTF? Obviously you are not a dog owner, and are missing the point. The point is that it’s imperative for a dog’s health and socialization (which is key in determining how dogs behave toward humans) that he receive sufficient off-leash exercise, and there are not currently enough off-leash dog exercise areas in SF. Closing more of them will exacerbate the problem. That’s an interest that’s more important than making sure that snowy plovers are 100% protected from annoyance by dogs. Yes, some dogs will bother some birds, and that’s just the way it is — just like some kids will. Perhaps we should require that all children be on-leash in these areas as well?

    P.S. I highly doubt that German Shepherd is “harassing” the birds in your photo — he looks like he’s just running on the beach. Most dogs aren’t that interested in birds in the first place.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    And obviously I’m not a plover owner either.

    You have your theories about dogs and socialization, fair enough.

    The Feds disagree with you about those endangered birds.

    Do kids eat plovers?

    That shepherd was totally chasing those shorebirds, over and over

  3. dr says:

    Why not just keep the off-lease dogs over where we keep the fire-pits?

    I’m also getting tired of bad owners who don’t clean up after their dogs. Watched one woman even make the effort of cleaning up in a bag and then tossing the bag on the ground. wtf? Is there a dog poop patrol I don’t know about?

  4. MT says:

    Dogs aren’t interested in birds? Are you nuts, or just trying to persuade yourself there’s no conflict?

    “Harassment” is any action which substantially reduces an animal’s breeding, rearing, feeding habits to the point where its own survival, that of its young, or its eggs, are threatened. Chasing a bird away from food or off its nest counts. I know it seems minor, when you look at one dog doing it once to one bird, but you have to add up all the dogs doing it all year long to a large number of birds in order to understand the biological impact.

    Dogs off leash affect a weak bird population’s survival (that’s not a guess … the research shows this clearly). If you’re going to let dogs run around on beaches where plovers nest, you’re choosing dog socialization over bird survival, period. Which is fine; that’s one option. But you can’t pretend there isn’t a choice being made.

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