Captain Paul Miyamoto Kicks Off His Campaign for Sheriff of San Francisco on June 28th at City Hall

All I know about the race to become the next Sheriff of San Francisco is that the slogan “Experience, Not Politics” is aimed directly at District 5 Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi.

Otherwise, I don’t know a thing, I have nothing to offer on this topic.

Anyway, here’s the kickoff announcement for Captain Paul:



Captain Paul Miyamoto who has served San Francisco as a deputy sheriff for 15 years will be officially announcing his candidacy for San Francisco Sheriff. The kickoff for his campaign will be a family event, and attendees can expect to see the White Crane Lion Dancers, one of the most prestigious dancing companies, open the event along with other local performers present to entertain the crowd. Captain Miyamoto wishes to bring the Sheriff’s Department into a closer relationship with the community, starting with his kickoff. Helping to introduce him will be his wife LeeAnn and Chief Deputy Vicki Hennessy.

Who: Captain Paul Miyamoto, LeeAnn Miyamoto, and Chief Deputy Vicki Hennessy

When: Tuesday, June 28, 2011–4:30pm

Where: City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, San Francisco, CA 94102 at the Steps of the Polk Street entrance

Visuals: White Crane Lion Dancers and musicians

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3 Responses to “Captain Paul Miyamoto Kicks Off His Campaign for Sheriff of San Francisco on June 28th at City Hall”

  1. Parker says:

    The turnout at city hall was wonderful. Even the rain could hold back his overwelming support. He is the best candidate for the job in my opinion. Please help support Paul Miyamoto for Sheriff 2011.

  2. Larry Birch says:

    I am a retired San Francisco Police Officer. I am one of several active and retired SFPD Officers who support Captain Miyamoto for Sheriff. If Manny Rocca hasn’t retired and/or you are in touch with him, he will vouch for me.

  3. smity says:

    what i have read is all good about this guy, and i was lucky to have met him at a coff shop, real guy , he has my vote

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