San Francisco’s Worst NIMBYs of 2011 (So Far) Get Totally Pwned – Will They Sue Over the Booker T Washington?

So, after it’s all final, will a handful of damnable NIMBYs in the Western Addition actually sue us over the new and improved Booker T. Washington Community Service Center at 800 Presidio?

What do you have, something in your deeds from King George III about how nothing can ever change in San Francisco without your approval?

We’ll just have to wait and see how your lawsuit works out and how much it’s going to cost the City and County.

Go to Hell, NIMBYs.

Go to Hell, you fucking NIMBYs.

Here’s my crude rendering of what the new Booker T should look like:

Was having eight stories a bluff? I don’t know. We’ll never know now.

Anyway, Bon courageBooker T. Washington Community Service Center!

(And Gaia Bless You, Western Addition non-NIMBY Lauren Spurchise.)

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4 Responses to “San Francisco’s Worst NIMBYs of 2011 (So Far) Get Totally Pwned – Will They Sue Over the Booker T Washington?”

  1. Maria says:

    You are a little ridiculous. I am assuming you have never owned a home anywhere before or taken a class on property value. I really like your blog and I read it every day, but come on man, you have GOT to lay off the neighborhood associations. They make neighborhoods nice and pretty so people can rent nice and pretty places. Without the neighborhood associations, developers would be running amok in this city. I would really like to see just ONE post about how a NIMBY group did something that you approve of one day.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    All I see is the bad in these groups.

    I know it’s human nature to band together but these people have lost perspective.

    The risk of something like this happening is built into the price of the house, right?

    Also what’s built into the house is middle-class welfare, which is SF is millionaire welfare – the inflationary mortgage interest deduction.

    Who knows, maybe they will sue over one floor…

  3. uponahill says:

    I live a block up from the Booker T. and I agree with SFC it should house more people. There is just so much NIMBYs in the SFGate article comments. If someone is familiar with this neighborhood Westside Courts is much more of an eyesore than the proposed new Booker T.. I would much prefer the increase foot traffic on Presidio Ave. to guard against illegal dumping around the MUNI bus depot. I hope to see the new Booker T. and SFHA redevelops Westside Courts into the new Valencia Gardens that fits better with the surrounding neighborhood.

  4. Alai says:

    “taken a class on property value”? Yeesh. The problem is people who think that the mere potential that their houses may sell for slightly less than otherwise feel entitled to block dozens of homes from being built.

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