I Love Big Brother: SFPARK.ORG Goes Full Orwell with Slogan: “Parking Availability & Pricing” – WTFSFMTA?

All right, let’s see here, by the numbers:

1. “Parking Availability” – What this means is that the SFMTA is taking money from the Feds to put in new parking meters and raise prices on existing meters.

2. “Pricing” – What this means is that the SFMTA is taking money from the Feds to put in new parking meters and raise prices on existing meters.

Does that about cover it?

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Imagine if you will an organization called, I don’t know, how about SFFOOD.ORG? And instead of its former policy of giving away food for free for the most part but also charging a little bit of money to some people, it decided to give away a smaller amount of free food and then charge a lot of money to more people. And then imagine that if SFFOOD knew you were really hungry, then it’d charge you even more. And then imagine that its slogan would be “Food Availability & Pricing.”

And then imagine they made some bullshit website about how much happier you’ll be spending less time waiting for food you now have to pay for. (You know who values convenience over money? Rich people, that’s who.)

Do you see why your bullshit initiatives are met with deep skepticism?

Hello, SFMTA? It’s me, Margaret. The Internet called – it wants its URLs back. Don’t you already have a website, SFMTA? So why do you need a different one for every project you do? Like the CultureBus – you had a special website for that too, right? (Until you lost interest in it…)

And aren’t we going to pay back the Feds the $20,000,000 “grant” or whatever they’re loaning us to pay for the new meters (and bullshit website) from the new revenue? (That’s my understanding – disabuse me of that notion if you wish.)

Hey SFMTA, why don’t you just be straight and tell drivers that they’re just going to have to pay more for parking,  just tell them that their free ride is over? Why don’t you tell people that it’s impractical to make them put 72 quarters per hour into a meter so that’s why you want to use credit and debit cards and whatnot?

And why does every policy from the SFMTA have to be advertised as a win-win for all concerned?

Why does the worst-run agency in San Francisco have to be so Orwellian?

Oh, and here’s the kicker:

“After the SFpark pilot phase is complete in the summer of 2012, SFpark will evaluate the effectiveness of the project and prepare a proposal for expanding SFpark across the City for the SFMTA Board to consider after public outreach.”

Can you see those Godforsaken souls way out there at 46th and Kirkham feeding the kitty for them to park their cars in front of their houses?


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3 Responses to “I Love Big Brother: SFPARK.ORG Goes Full Orwell with Slogan: “Parking Availability & Pricing” – WTFSFMTA?”

  1. Alai says:

    Ok, I get it, you don’t like the idea of paying for parking…

    But Orwellian? Really?

    And I think by “Parking Availability” they mean that you can go to that website and see where there’s available parking.

    To address your food analogy, it was more like they used to give away the food for free but they would always run out way too early because everybody grabbed the free food even though they weren’t all that hungry because, hey, free food! So they decided to start charging so that the people who weren’t really hungry wouldn’t bother and when the people who were really hungry showed up there would still be some food available, even if they had to pay a couple bucks.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    You’re jumping to conclusions. I can’t recall the last time I paid for parking – perhaps at the Oakland Airport last year…

    What they mean is that when you raise the price of something, the consumers react, they move along the demand curve to a new equilibrium. OK fine.

    Maybe their motto should be “Raising prices on your parking.” That wouldn’t be Orwellian at all…

  3. SFpark Ripoff says:

    Price Fixing, market manipulation, and artificially inflating consumer prices.
    SFpark Uses the ENRON Model for Pricing….How did that work out for you last time? Find out the truth at http://www.sfpark.info

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