I Don’t Know, Is It Really So Sad That the Wasteful Space Shuttle Program Just Ended?

I don’t know, is it really sad that the Space Shuttle program ended?

Uh, not really.

And, really, there wasn’t a chance that it could have worked out – check out this prescient bit from three decades ago from college-boy Gregg Easterbrook, if you want.

And realize that each launch ended up costing $1.5 billion.

Oh well.

Adieu, Space Shuttle:

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5 Responses to “I Don’t Know, Is It Really So Sad That the Wasteful Space Shuttle Program Just Ended?”

  1. Jezebel Jones says:

    “Prescient,” not “precient”.

    Sad? Not really when you consider we spent over 20 BILLION dollars a year on air conditioning tents in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Figured there was an “s” in there but I’m still getting used to spellcheck-free WordPress 3.2.

    Are all those roads “air conditioning fuel-only roads” or something?

    People still want the shuttle to continue, of course. You don’t want that, I don’t think…

    “Anderson’s $20 billion figure, disputed by the Pentagon, includes the cost of building and maintaining roads in Afghanistan, as well as securing and maintaining security operations for those roads, which are doubtless used for more than transporting fuel for air conditioning.”

  3. Jezebel Jones says:

    To further quote Anderson:
    “See, this can be costly because the fuel that’s used to power an air conditioner in remote parts of Afghanistan must travel by convoy over “improved goat trails,” which is often a 3-week, 800 mile endeavor. And “Anderson calculates more than 1,000 troops have died in fuel convoys, which remain prime targets for attack.”

  4. sfcitizen says:

    I certainly wasn’t quoting Anderson, of course.

    Let’s hope our corrupt Central Subway project ends up costing less than $20 bil…

  5. RF_Jr says:

    This is actually incredibly sad – Space is what we should be pursuing… Not wars with each other. When looking at our planet from the perspective of space – we realize that we are all one and need to learn how to live in peace with each other so that we can explore space and other planets. The only issue is – those in power do not want this to occur they want to keep their power and they want to keep us dumb and divided.

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