The Difference Betwixt the Old Mayor and the Current Interim Mayor is 30-50 IQ Points and the Choice of Official Staff Car

Remember the former mayor’s P.O.S. Chevy Tahoe with an engine bigger than that found in the city buses from the failed CultureBus program?

It was necessary for his safety or something. Oh, here it is, parked in a bike lane for an hour or two on a Healthy Saturday, or a Healthy Sunday, or a Healthy Holiday – mem’ry fades…

Anyway, that machine is long gone so here’s the new ride for our new “interim” Mayor – it’s a Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid.

See? Mr. Pig’s Wild Ride:

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All right, Remedial Ed:

The Chevrolet Volt is Not an Electric Car – Repeticion: El Chevy Volt No Es Un Coche Electrico

Are we on the same page now? Good.

Let’s see here, even if you keep this rig charged up and topped off with juice all the time, it’s going to burn fuel from its gas tank, right? I mean at least some of the time. (The people at Government Motors recommend a half a tank of fuel for people who intend to drive around mostly in electric mode.)

Regardless of what anybody tells you, this machine will burn gasoline – it has to, by design. It’s programmed to do so, actually.

So avert your gaze here:

“The Mountain Mode option gathers an energy reserve in the lithium-ion battery so that the car has the full power of both the gasoline engine and the electric powertrain behind it for, say, navigating a series of San Francisco inclines.”

Or I don’t know, just drain every last drop of gas from the tank and fill it up with sawdust and then see how far you and your Volt make it, I don’t care.

Or, just get a Nissan Leaf – that probably would have been the better move, considering the stated parameters.

Oh well.

Anyway, those are the differences between the old and new mayors so far – nothing else has changed.

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4 Responses to “The Difference Betwixt the Old Mayor and the Current Interim Mayor is 30-50 IQ Points and the Choice of Official Staff Car”

  1. mikesonn says:

    That is a great picture of Gav’s SUV parked in the bike lane. Ha.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    It was there for a good long time. Gav had an event inside of GGP and that’s a no-fly zone for cars on the east side on the weekends.

    They might have considered parking there more PC than driving through…

  3. mikesonn says:

    The problem with them parking, instead of driving, is that they always left the darn thing running. I can recall numerous times I’ve seen that beast parked or pulling away with a pool of condensation on the ground from the AC unit.

  4. sfcitizen says:

    Roger. They did that a lot before but then towards the end they changed policies, I think.

    Probably it was for “security,” they’d say…

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