The Foot of Grove Street, Where It Meets Hyde, Market, and 8th, is Poorly Designed – How Can It Be Fixed?

Here’s the sitch at the foot of Grove Street these days.

See? Traffic moving inbound, west towards Market Street, backs up to Polk sometimes:

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The thing about that is that not many cars can make it through each traffic signal cycle, so it might take ten minutes to go 1.5 blocks.

There’s a bike lane in there inbound on the right, but, as you can see, it oftentimes gets blocked by double-parked cars and private bus lines like that from the CPMC.

Cyclists are rightly tempted to just take the little-used outbound lane to get to Market.

Oh well.

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3 Responses to “The Foot of Grove Street, Where It Meets Hyde, Market, and 8th, is Poorly Designed – How Can It Be Fixed?”

  1. hazyhayes says:

    Just close off Grove Street to vehicles and open up a pedestrian plaza on a side entrance to the main library. The subway entrance is on the opposite side of the library and the plaza connects the two; it can be provision to allow for bike traffic and emergency vehicle access to Market. Vehicle traffic can be routed up to Fulton or McAllister and Hyde where there are proper traffic lights, much safer for pedestrians and cars.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    that’s fine with me.

    I’ll note that some people and employers use Grove to pick up and drop off people from the BART station entrance, but the set-up they have now isn’t proper.

    Faced with this kind of backup, I’d jink over to Fulton for one block to get to Hyde, but that’s akin to driving through a parking like. Or maybe I’d take Polk to Tenth.

  3. jeff says:

    little know factoid…there used to be a supermarket at the corner of 8th and market, where trinity is now (in the photo) back in the 60’s…forgot the name of it, but there’s a couple of photos in the main library historical archives..the only supermarket mid market ever had…I’ll try to find those and post them

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