Forget Judge Judy, Let’s Hear It for Judge Gloria: “We The People with Gloria Allred” to Debut This Fall on Select NBC Stations

I’m speechless.

But no matter. Shy, retiring attorney Gloria Allred will soon have her own pretend judge show syndicated on the Bay Area’s KNTV and other NBC-owned affiliates.

Can you imagine this kid’s psychotherapy sessions a couple years from now? 

“And then what did the Bad Lady do?”

All the deets, below.

Brace yourselves, Bay Area. Brace, brace…!

“We The People with Gloria Allred” a Firm ‘Go’ on NBC Owned Television Stations


LOS ANGELES, July 11, 2011 — Entertainment Studios, Inc., ( the largest independent producer and distributor of first-run syndicated television programming for broadcast television stations, and owner of seven 24-hour HD television networks, proudly announces its deal with NBC Owned Television Stations for its 28th and newest HD television program, a television court show: “We The People with Gloria Allred.”   The NBC owned stations include: New York’s WNBC, Los Angeles’ KNBC, Chicago’s WMAQ, Dallas’s KXAS, San Francisco’s KNTV, San Diego’s KNSD, and Hartford’s WVIT.

“It is unprecedented to have the biggest name in law come to television and be a part of one of its most successful genres – the television court show,” said Byron Allen, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Entertainment Studios.  “With the increasing success of our show “America’s Court with Judge Ross” we are extremely proud to have Gloria Allred join our family and further demonstrate Entertainment Studios’ unwavering commitment to be the number one provider of quality television content.”

“I’ve always been passionate about the law, and I’m very excited about this show.  I am fully committed to making ‘We The People’ a huge success, and yes, I will absolutely continue to practice law with my brilliant partners,” said Gloria Allred.

Quite often a Gloria Allred case is the lead story on the news across the nation.  Gloria Allred is the perfect judge to be on a television court show which can serve as the ultimate news lead-in,” said Byron Allen.  In addition to being a lawyer, she is a great communicator with a heart.  Viewers are drawn to her because they know she will be fearless, informative, and entertaining.  “Bringing ‘We The People with Gloria Allred’ as an opportunity to our television station, cable, and advertising clients is a very proud moment in the legacy of Entertainment Studios.”

“We The People with Gloria Allred” is produced and distributed by Entertainment Studios.

About Entertainment Studios

Entertainment Studios, Inc. owns seven 24-hour HD television networks: PETS.TVCOMEDY.TVRECIPE.TV,CARS.TVES.TVMYDESTINATION.TV, and LEGACY.TV  The company also produces, distributes, and sells advertising for 28 television programs, making it the largest independent producer/distributor of first-run syndicated television programming for broadcast television stations.  Entertainment Studios provides video content to broadcast television stations, cable television networks, mobile devices, multimedia platforms, and the World Wide Web.  Our mission is to provide excellent programming to our viewers, online users, and Fortune 500 advertising partners. Our home entertainment division, Entertainment Studios Home Entertainment (ESHE), is becoming one of the premier independent suppliers of DVD, CD and umd (TM) products. With a library of over 4,000 hours of owned content and a growing array of licensed titles, ESHE markets and distributes a collection of films, television programs, concerts, fitness, and children’s direct-to-video programming. Chairman and CEO Byron Allen founded the company in 1993. Headquartered in Los Angeles, it has offices in New York, Chicago, and Raleigh.  For more information, visit:

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35 Responses to “Forget Judge Judy, Let’s Hear It for Judge Gloria: “We The People with Gloria Allred” to Debut This Fall on Select NBC Stations”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry! NBC this is one program I won’t be watching. There are so many real judges programs in the world to watch, we really don’t need to watch MS FAKE judge. Who needs to watch the worlds biggest ambulance chaser!! :-(

  2. jane Doe says:

    Sorry! NBC this is one program I won’t be watching. There are so many real judges programs in the world to watch, we really don’t need to watch MS FAKE judge. Who needs to watch the worlds biggest ambulance chaser!! :-(

  3. Violet Lehner says:

    Awful, just plain awful. This is not “real”, it is a combination of the worst actors/actresses and horrible writers which whom I have no doubt can not obtain another job. I give it an “F” for failure and false.

  4. sue anderson says:

    What’s the point??? If she’s not a judge, how can her case conclusions be binding? this is plain nonsense. I have watched it, and the plaintiff and defendent “actors” are so dramatic and outright silly! Byron Allen, try something else…please!

  5. Joseph Adams says:

    This is REALLY bad, folks!! If Gloria Allred is a judge, then my butt is third base!! Judge Judy she ain’t!!!!!

  6. Sage Miller says:

    Absolutely the worst “court” show on television and I thought Judge Ross was bad! Both shows need to have their scripts go up in flames and byron allen needs to stop insulting our intelligence. You’d think a ceo would be smart enough to realize a big name doesn’t necessarily make for a good show especially when largely disliked and can’t act.

  7. Reaghan says:

    Oh my gosh this women does not deserve to be a Judge… She does not follow the letter of the law, instead she follows emotions and rules on the side of the wrong party constantly! Ugh… I can’t even stand to watch her…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Omg..I was thinking the same thoughts of the actors being over dramatic and fake! And no, Gloria Allred does NOT follow the structure of the law!
    Just terrible! I don’t like judge Ross either..I watch enough court tv to know these two r not thanks!
    I’ll stick with judge Judy and judge Mathis!

  9. Chuck Carlton says:

    I honestly watched her a couple times with my wife who is a judge show nut. When I disagreed with a few of her verdicts I commented, this lady is a nut, the case should not have gone that way from any sort of common sense ruling. I know law is not always based on CS but her thoughts and comments are ridiculous at times. This case with Jerry Brown sealed her fate with me. She’s not even agood lawyer much less a judge. Love to put her on a case with Judge Judy.

  10. linda siler says:

    Allred’s show is a joke just like she is, she is one stupid liberal piece of stuff and is not a judge, how fake is she a bunch

  11. Donna Gale says:

    Finally a show that sticks it to men, and no one better to do than Judge Gloria Allred. Only she can see that all men are scum and deserve the justice she hands out. You people are just jealous of a women of her intelligence .

  12. barbiedoll2 says:

    she doesn’t even sound like a judge

  13. sylvie says:

    Gloria Allred is not a Judge so why does she have a show as a “oretend” one.I wont be watching

  14. carole says:

    Ms Allred is no good on her show, she is not a real judge why is she portryed as a pretend judge. I have watched a few episodes but wont be anymore. Judge Judy is the only authentic person to have her own show.

  15. Charlotte says:

    Every time I’ve seen this show, I kept asking myself, why are the plaintiffs and the defendants yelling each time they speak, and why is that allowed? I kept saying to myself that these are either really bad actors and actresses or I’m losing my mind here. This stuff has to be fake, so I decided to look it up. I was right!

  16. Joe says:

    Gloria Allred is a man-hating bitch.
    She just ruled for a lady who said that her water well was contaminated by a car that was leaking oil on the neighbor’s property.

    The pipes were rusty in the house.

    What a moron.

    Miraculously, the water cleared up in one day once the plumber replaced the bad water tank (where the rust had collected).

    Allred knows nothing about wells or water and just because the plaintiff submitted a bill from a plumber (not a water well driller or a biological/chemical report form a water treatment facility), she awarded the plaintiff (a lying woman) $2,000 and stated that she would have awarded her more if she had sued for it.

    I can’t wait until Allred dies. What a horrible person.

  17. Susan says:

    Gloria Allred does seem to hate men and she does a disservice to the women’s movement because she ALWAYS takes the side of the woman, no matter what.

    She probably thinks the Duke lacrosse sleeze was a victim and the players were guilty.

    Her daughter is just as bad, and just as ugly.

    They both are evil, vile, emotional people who rule on emotion, rather than common sense and logic.

  18. Mike says:

    Women should not allowed to be judges or prosecutors, nor to serve on juries.

    Women rely on emotion, rather than logic.

    If a man cheated on his wife, a jury of women will convict him of murder, even if all the evidence shows that it was 100% impossible for him to have committed the crime, or had anything whatsoever to do with it.

    Women are only happy when things go 100% their way.
    Too many are prostitutes who only are interested in getting a free ride in life and for a man to 100% support them.

    It’s all about money and shopping and whining and getting that free ride; no matter how they can get it…. usually by laying on their backs and getting pregnant with a rich man’s baby.

    It’s funny how many women will stick up for prostitutes like this and think they deserve any money that they can get from a man.

    Do you think women actually love men like Hugh Heffner? Heck no. They just want his money and the lifestyle and to not have to work.

    It is the oldest profession; being a prostitute. Just because you’re not on the street corner, looking for John’s, does not mean that you’re not a wh*re.

    The truth hurts and women don’t want to hear it, and they surely won’t admit what they are.

  19. Mike says:

    Why isn’t there a “Gloria Allred Death Clock” on the internet somewhere.

    Where it counts down the time until she should be dead, based on longevity estimates for a witch her age etc.

    Put one up for her slime daughter too.

    Maybe they’ll get the point that they are low-life, evil, rotten people.

  20. HANK says:


  21. Robert says:

    Horia Allred is a bat-sh*t-crazy nut-job.

    I cannot believe the “logic” that she comes up with in some of her decisions.

    How did this person graduate from a law school?????

    She seems to believe that all women are superior to men and, at the same time, always victims of men in a man’s world.

    Women always have excuses and Horia is an enabler, feeding them with lies for them to tell so that they can get away with the crime that they committed or the alleged crime that some evil man committed against these poor little innocent women.

    Horia is the person who says that female are superior to men, but are always victims? How in the heck does this make any sense?

    Only to a man-hating woman like Horia Allred.

  22. ItsFake! says:

    Its a fake show people. They run a disclaimer at the end saying all people and events depicted are fictitious. I watched this show for the first time with my wife over the holidays and it was immediately apparent to me that the plaintiff and defendants were actors. One immediate giveaway was how well spoken many of them were, the second being how attractive some of the femail litigants were, and the third being how silly the cases were. The entire thing is scripted drama made to look like reality TV.

  23. ann says:

    Judge Judy will wiope her a** with this woman…I Love Judge Judy!

  24. Jontue says:

    This show is absolutely terrible in so many different ways. I had to take the time to google to see if it was fake because the litigates are so stupid Abd overly dramatic and they all talk exactly the same. The cases are ridiculous and not even close to being believable (like the lady who been selling her breast milk and sues the woman who’s been buying it because she finds out the woman was using it to make breast milk ice cream)….WTF? Dumb!!! Who thought of that? They must hire the dumbest script writers. The verdicts are unfair and uneducated. This is a mockery of all the real court tv shows. I will never watch this show again it attempts to insult my intelligence.

  25. Sally says:

    I was wondering how Gloria Allred could judge a case. Now I know. The show is a complete Fake! I stick with a real Judge Show like Judy.

  26. Peggy says:

    I was appalled that she did not punish the woman who’s car was illegally parked in a Handicap space and a woman who was in a wheelchair ran into here. Having Multiple Sclerosis you would be amazed at the people with no sticker and or the people that use family members stickers who illegally park in these spaces.. I cannot walk far and there is NEVER enough Handicap parking. This woman should have been fined not the woman’s wheelchair who ran into her.

  27. Scott Cowden says:

    Jeezus, what a dumb f’ing show this is and what a horrible fake “judge” she is. Totally fake. Here is part of the disclaimer: “[1] This series features actors doing re-enactments of real-life court cases, with Allred serving as judge. Most of the cases are part scripted and part improvised, with audience participation.[2] No real money is to be paid after the “judgment”. This truly is TV for idiots.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Wow Donna…Feminazi, much?

  29. Kim Eifealdt says:

    What AWFUL actors! From the get go you can tell how staged this show is. LONG LIVE JUDGE JUDY!!!!

  30. john says:

    judje judy is a control freak,
    but judge allred has no control.
    i much prefer judge milian, when
    it comes to justice!

  31. Dee says:

    What a nutcase, in the case where the plumber inspected well water? how did he do it, was he a biologist or a well driller and then she said he fixed it in one day, that’s the reason they drill so deep. by time you get surface water that deep it’s been reasonably filtered by the earth

  32. Thomas says:

    Even if it was real, I wouldn’t watch it. Gloria Allred is ridiculous. The fact that it makes it fake is even worse though. Not to mention Judge Ross and Christina Perez being fake too.

  33. Kelly says:

    Gloria Allred is a man hating cunt of the worst kind. It is now time for men to organize and change this misandric world where men have fewer rights than a dog . Men stand up for yourselves! Stop being the perfect gentlemen you were taught to be as kids! When you are insulted fight back! Hate in the media? Contact the TV network, newspaper or whatever, demand an attraction or an apology. Women degrade men in the media every day all day! Was Sharon Osbourne fired for laughing and squeeling with delight on her lame talk show “The Talk” when she was told a man’s wife cut off his penis and threw the garbage disposal? No it was a huge joke! If some woman had her clitoros cut out and thrown in the garbage disposal and a male talk show host laughed with delight and screamed “How fabulous” he would have been fired and the show yanked, not to mention vilified forever. Stand up to bitches like Allred and when they tell you to “man up” or “stop being a crybaby” tell them to go fuck themselves!!

  34. Tim S. says:

    Shows of this caliber are popular because more TV viewers today identify with stupidity. The egregious “reality” format will prevail as long as stupid people make time to watch the rot. All throughout television’s history dumb TV shows existed, but within the last 20 years or so the television industry has succumbed to offering some of the most pathetic, offensive, mind robbing tripe to corrupt the airwaves and the viewers’ minds than ever before. People need to realize that shows like Jerk-off Judge Judy and the rest of her odious ilk are merely TV shows. They’re not the real deal in terms of an authentic small claims court proceedings. It’s pure arbitrary, sensationalized crap that foolish naive viewers think is true.

  35. Anonymous says:

    The well water judgement indicates the Judge is not competent. Assuming the man did contaminate the well with oil or other contaminates, it is impossible to have the water turn clear by stopping the contaminate from entering the well. The well would have to be entirely emptied and cleaned. If any contaminate, especially hydrocarbons, entered the well it would never be clean. Try placing 1 ounce of hydrocarbons(oil, solvent, etc) in a gallon of clean water, pour out one glass of water and refill the gallon with fresh water. the contaminant is still present in the gallon of liquid. This is the same as the well because she never emptied the well.

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