“Let’s Keep Not Paying Taxes – YAY!” Taiwan’s NMA-TV Takes on the Amazon v. State of CA Sales Tax Fight

NMA-TV out of Taiwan, Free Republic of China, well, they’ve got us pegged. They know all about what goes on in California and they show that with pithy animated videos.

As here, with the whole Governor Jerry Brown vs. Jeff Bezos / Amazon.com sales tax / “use tax”* issue. NMA already has a proposed slogan for the statewide initiative that’s coming our way from Amazon.


And here’s Jeff Bezos (fresh from swimming in a pool of his money) explaining things to California Governor Jerry Brown and our Official State Animal, who looks hungry for a little tax money.

It’s going to be a tough row to hoe getting people to vote for the Amazon tax next year, IMO.

Anyway, good job NMA-TV.

*The tax is on your “use” in CA of whatever you buy. It’s pretty much like a sales tax except it’s based on the tax rate of where you live (as opposed to sales tax, which is based upon where you buy something). 

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3 Responses to ““Let’s Keep Not Paying Taxes – YAY!” Taiwan’s NMA-TV Takes on the Amazon v. State of CA Sales Tax Fight”

  1. Sameer Bhansaki says:

    Curious where you fall on this issue. I’m undecided. I like buying things from Amazon and not paying any sales tax (like a 7.5% discount from buying locally), but I’d also like to buy locally for the convenience, and, in some select cases, supporting local retailers.

    However, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the “moral” issues around taxes — California taxes us all way up the wazoo, and they still can’t build or manage anything properly, so why give them more?

  2. sfcitizen says:

    I can go either way on this one.

    We’re on the honor system now, more or less. The state doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of collecting use tax for smaller purchase – its focus is upon people who bring cars and boats and airplanes into CA.

    The sales tax was implemented when people weren’t really aware of how big this out of state purchase issue would become…

  3. Alai says:

    I would definitely vote against it. I mean, I’ve made use of the “discount” too, but think of it this way:

    “Should it be the policy of the State of California to offer tax breaks to encourage people to shop outside of California, and not to patronize any businesses which locate in California or employ Californians?”

    The answer is self-evident.

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